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  1. chipotle is moving forward. relax. believe it or not things usually don't get built 1 week after being announced.
  2. chipotle is going in the former bang and clatter. there is a new gumbo place going in the space next to jimmy johns. It will not be 2 stories, above that space is part of the WT Grant apartment complex.
  3. I am pretty sure the upper floors were last used by continental office. Which was a commercial office products dealer.
  4. r.e.l.a.x. this is not that uncommon, especially in this lending environment. In cases such as this there may be 10+ lending sources invoved. It is incredibly complex and takes a long time to nail down. There are a LOT of people at the table on this one. They will get there, but it will take time. In many cases the public never knows about this time because they often don't find out about developments until they are ready to move forward. In redevelopment sometimes these things are more obvious because they have to "start" and do a lot of work just to get to a point they can start trying to cobble together the financing. FWIW I heard they are close to closing. But its not a done deal till the doors open.
  5. by the way... and I don't want to take this any further off topic than necessary... but over and over and over again I see complaints against zoning. As someone who works with the Cleveland zoning code almost every day. I just want to say.... it is really not a very big deal. Is our zoning code ridiculous in many areas? Sure. But you either have zoning or you don't. Having zoning is just a way to keep a check and balance system on making sure you know what is happening and that bad stuff doesn't happen. And it is a pretty easy process. Submit your plans, they get reviewed. The city rejects for whatever reasons and they schedule your hearing. And if as noted above it is a worthwhile project... it passes. It is about a 2-3 week delay which in the overall timeline of developments (which are substantially longer than when people find out about them) its a really insignificant roadbump, and most always often accounted for from the start. Carry on. :)
  6. Everything is an if until its built. Especially in today's lending environment.
  7. Footprints of the sites are very different. They are even calling it mid to low rise... My guess is you'll see something that varies btw 4-8 stories
  8. retail parking requirements are pretty minimal. 1 space per 250 sqare feet of retail. Those storefronts aren't that big.
  9. its not a street issue. i believe it stems from the hydrant which is used often.
  10. Not 100% certain, though my guess is protest. Still looking for a news article about it. It's not news. Whenever there are construction projects that do not utilize union labor forces there will typically be union protesters in front of it. What many people may not know is that often (not all the time, but often) these are not union employees but rather people the union hires to protest. I wonder if they pay these individuals union rates...
  11. In a vaccum that number has to be closer to $3 psf to justify costs of construction on its own (with a hefty jump in base rents for commercial tenants from what we typically see as well... especially in the local retail segment - i'm talking $25-35 psf as opposed to $10-15). But combined with the right financial tools (New markets, TIF, and especially conversion of historic properties and tax credits)... $2 psf residential could make it real interesting.
  12. Exactly... 27,000 SF of offices would equate to roughly 100 employees between all those firms.
  13. The Garfield Building and Guardian Building (also sometimes called the New England Building) are connected, but separate buildings. HIE is in the Guardian Building.And yes... the Garfield Building is named after the President... it was developed by his family.
  14. B...bb...b.bb..b..b...ut what will the commuters do without the surface parking lot?
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