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  1. 100% agree with all of this. But I would also add: - Institute a difficult but clear path to recalling a sitting Mayor. It's been a while since I read the charter, but one section either refers to recall of a mayor or to what happens after the recall of a mayor, but no mechanism is actually specified for how/why/when a recall would even be possible. Recall should be a very difficult, but realistic scenario, to keep people like Cranley from acting like they own the place whenever it's not an election year.
  2. I agree with most of what you’ve said in this post, but many of us in Covington and Newport already feel like we’re Cincinnatians AND Kentuckians... at least until anyone mentions NKY on this board and the ugly parochialism comes out. Most of us work in Cincinnati, we walk from our houses to Reds games, Bengals games, and The Banks, we visit bars and restaurants on both sides of the river, and we are pushing for a streetcar extension to connect all 3 cities. Now that I'm typing this, the people actually living in Covington and Newport may be the most regionally-minded people in the area. The NKY suburbs are a different story.
  3. Probably, but it's not FCC's problem to solve. The state of Kentucky needs to implement a better/safer solution if more riverfront development occurs. I don't want to get too far off topic, but the current ramp was a "temporary ramp" when 471 was built and it's still in service 30-40 years later. It contains 3 traffic entry points from outside of 471 and it has a cross walk in the middle. It's just barely functional in its current state.
  4. I'm not talking about convenience for people going to the game. Getting TO the stadium isn't the problem. Keeping exiting traffic from backing up onto the Big Mac Bridge is the real issue. That ramp already backs up every afternoon and weekend evening to the curve in the ramp. When traffic on that exit does stack up onto the bridge itself, that often causes an accident and it typically creates issues on FWW as well, which isn't as far away as it feels. Any time you have traffic unexpectedly stop, that creates a safety issue.
  5. I hope they don’t try to widen and put a highway connector through second or third street. Those look like nice streets with historic homes and good urbanism. Yeah, it would be a tragedy if did that. It wouldn't be necessary, but you just never know what's going to happen behind the scenes. There was a plan about 10 years ago to alter the ramp significantly. It would have continued straight along 471S and then turned east under 471 then branched to a traffic signal on Riviera Drive and the current traffic signal with northbound traffic. That would have been ideal because it would have dumped traffic bound for Newport and Bellevue near the fast food, gas stations, and shopping centers. The current ramp would be closed and just become Park Avenue again, so it would have been a huge win for the neighborhood. Unfortunately, that never happened, probably due to funding, but that plan could just be dusted off if traffic ever increased dramatically. In that scenario, some traffic would route around NOTL on 3rd or 4th as it does now, and some would take 6th street.
  6. ^The only real problem with the Newport location is highway access. The ramp for the exit closest to the river needs to be redesigned if a stadium plus additional development happens at the Ovation site.
  7. Well, according to Amanda Seitz's twitter, CPS did reject the offer and FCC passed on the purchase of property in the West End. So... Newport?
  8. There were some VERY vocal fans against locating in Newport, simply because it's KY. They may not want to do anything that is going to upset their fans at this stage since most of the story they tell is based on having so many fervent supporters after only 2 years of existence. The internet is an ugly place, and our region as a whole needs to improve regarding collaboration and viewing all of us on the same team. Our pathetic transit system with multiple entities is evidence enough of that. Interesting point. But if they're really that concerned about it, MLS could just sidestep that by insisting on Newport and that everything involving FCC be based in KY except for the team name.
  9. The point is a valid one to make because it's the opinion the owners of the team have. They will not put the stadium in NKY unless it's their last and only option. Unless they’re getting a sweetheart deal in Newport and this whole delay is just theater to make the anti-KY FCC fans think that they might lose their chance at MLS so that they’ll acquiesce instead of pitching a fit when the team jumps over the river.
  10. KY commuters from Florence, Villa Hills, and Crescent Springs would probably use it daily, since the cut in the hill backs up daily. This would also make Ludlow a more attractive river city, since it’s relatively isolated currently.
  11. ^I’ve never been able to figure out why no one is clamoring for this, or seemingly even aware of the problem.
  12. ^^That's REALLY far away from a lot of the neighborhoods being discussed though, and it's expressway traffic. There is a much greater distance between bridges on the OH side than the KY side, because of how the river bends. A local bridge somewhere between Delhi and Saylor Park would be quite useful. EDIT: thebillshark made pretty much the same point while I was typing. Jinx.
  13. ^The smartest thing that Macy could do is to become a Nordstrom clone. Higher quality, cleaner stores, fewer stores, with a nice in-store restaurant/cafe, and very personable associates that help you shop plus offering personal shoppers. Many people dread trying on clothes due to body type issues or ignorance regarding style, fit, etc. so having an expert make suggestions is a huge relief for those people. Nordstrom is being successful by being the best version of what department stores were prior to the 1970s. They offer an experience, not just the cheapest possible price for product X. Amazon can't do that. Also department stores don't really drive eachother out of business that often; they complement each other anchoring malls and shopping districts together. So if they just became a Nordstrom clone, there's plenty of room for that.
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