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  1. Just curious why there can t be more than 7 teams West of the Rockies in all your scenarios?
  2. I will try and scan later if I can, but I received a notice in the mail about the potential development and introduction of something called Western Reserve Distillers at 14221 Madison. It must involve some sort of code variance or the approval of nearby residents prior to developing. http://www.loopnet.com/Listing/17545326/14221-Madison-Ave-Lakewood-OH/ http://www.westernreservedistillers.com/
  3. Forgive me, but is a salary cap actually involved in MLB? I know the other leagues have them and pay fees for exceeding it, but I always thought MLB was much more free-wheeling, with teams free to absurdly spend however they saw fit, a la Yankees. What does it mean when you say the Tribe has $85M in cap space? Are these simply profits that Dolan and company are sitting on?
  4. At least the refs started calling GS on the moving screen that they do on every offensive play. As soon as the refs started calling it in the second half and GS stopped, they couldn't hit a shot. The incident where they mistakenly called Kyrie out of bounds was one of the worst calls I've seen take place in an NBA game. It wasn't even close.
  5. Similar to SW & Valspar, I wonder what the acquisition of First Niagara will do to Key's ranking?
  6. We are complaining about the cinder blocks meanwhile forgetting the most egregious eyesore - the human gerbil tube right below it Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Yeah at least then we could say it was an homage to Parma
  8. I openly admit to not being any sort of fine art expert - but seriously? Can the featured animals at least be species indigenous to NEO?
  9. Looks like a skateboarders paradise Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. I believe PS is one of the few areas downtown where the DCA ambassadors do not have jurisdiction.
  11. Why is that middle portion of Lakewood so oddly void of millennial college grads?
  12. Time to change the above poll to reflect next season and win expectations. Let me be the first to cast my vote of "0".
  13. How do so-called sin taxes skirt this punitive labeling? They are for sure targeting only certain tax payers. E.g. Smokers, drinkers, etc
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