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  1. Weren't we talking just recently either upthread or in another thread that the convention center recognizes a need to expand to stay competetive in the near future
  2. K KJP: Great news with the land bridge and multi-modal transportation system. Is there room in there for the convention center expansion going north?
  3. How Many units are in the Milton. Were those for sale or For lease. And is there a second phase to the Milton?
  4. How are those other units doing there. I am not talking about Zaremba BUT i believe they were called MILTON.
  5. What is the building on the next street (St. Clair ) with the Rally Together sign.
  6. KJP: Do you have any progress pictures of the Athlon? You did a good job of giving us updates on the other projects.
  7. Is this the garage that is rising or is this the Apartment Tower that is rising?
  8. It is only prime real estate if they could actually build on it. Jacob's Downtown Lot & Weston Super Block are on PRIME REAL ESTATE, but they have not been able to build anything on it in over 30 years. So What is so prime about it?
  9. I know there was a lot of people that was very disappointed when they scaled down from the original version, but these units turned out real nice.
  10. Does anyone know if they have started the exterior panels? No One has posted on this thread for over 3 weeks.
  11. Isn't the channel in the location where zbaris87 posted in november about the warehouses being converted this summer.
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