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  1. You should move back home - We need all the people that left Cleveland for Greener Pastures to come back home. ( Texas, Florida, Carolinas, California, Denver, Seattle, Columbus , ETC ETC ETC. Man we probably could substantially increase our population if we brought back everyone.
  2. Does anyone have any current pictures of this add-on that was recently started.
  3. What ever happened to the Ohio Bell Building on Huron. It was supposed to file in July and become a Curio Collection Hotel.
  4. It is time to relive this thread. Work has started on FEB Phase 3A and on the E.12 Avenue District Condo, So what is next - Harbor Bay ( possibly march ) and what is after that ? City club Apts or What?
  5. Every month there is more & more vacancies at FEB. Renters are not renewing there. What is going on there?
  6. How many acres is their current complex? Are they planning on putting JC, jail all on one campus. A 40 Story tower would not look good at this site. Is the Cleveland Force Stadium negotiations still ongoing?
  7. Not being totally familiar with the site down there by the Breen Technology Center, If they decide to expand down there and put their new R & D center there , Will this take away land for a possible future Juctice Center?
  8. What is the massing for the FEB & North Coast Harbor? Are those potential R & D sites
  9. I remember a few years back when there wer drawings of adding a few floors to the top of the building. It is probably here upthread somewhere. I wish they would do that.
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