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  1. He already responded to that question on tues 12/7 in the cleve: general Business & economic news thread AND the answer to that question was - NO
  2. Is that 2 stories or 1 story. In the rendering is the 6th floor a current floor or is it an add-on.
  3. So Basically last years bill came along Mid-Session. This years bill will unfortunately drag on for another year, unless you know something otherwise.
  4. Doesn't this have to be approved BOTH by the House & Senate by 12/31
  5. Does anyone know if the Economic & Workforce Development Committee met regarding SB 39 today? They are running out of time.
  6. Dirt Bike Study Approved. https://www.news5cleveland.com/news/local-news/cleveland-metro/cleveland-moves-forward-with-dirt-bike-track-study
  7. I am sure his parents are extremely proud of this guy's accomplishments.
  8. According to the updated article an announcement is due on Tuesday 12/10/19
  9. I'm sorry for not following in detail the earlier posts regarding Broome Court Vacation Plat. Where & what exactly is this?
  10. This should be moved to the 75 Public Square thread.
  11. But the Shaia has no experience in building a property, just in parking lots. I think they would have to partner up with someone.
  12. How many units will the Lumen have? And how fast do they have to absorb these units before they consider Lumen II
  13. No. But the talked about Downtown ODOT site was not ruled out.
  14. A poster in the big Soccer thread posted that his source said things are still ongoing as far as the stadium is concerned.
  15. That would be 3 straight weeks of no meetings. Do we have enough time to get this passed this year or they trying to find a way to run out of time
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