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  1. This is really bad news. BTW how is SB39 doing? it passed on the one of the levels. I don't know about the other.
  2. In the original Zaremba plans there was to be a structure north of the existing building on E. 12 & East of it on St. Clair. Your article only mentions E. 12 St. Is there any plans for adding a structure east on St. Clair?
  3. I am aware of 55Erieview. Sure would be nice if they could get 310 Prospect. I would feel comfortable that they could salvage this bulding
  4. I would love for the Alto Partners ( Euclid Grand Developers ) also known as the John Hartness Brown Building to buy and rehab this building. I wish there was a way to get Stark & Alto in the same room.
  5. Maybe someone can find the article in the Cleveland Press or Plain Dealer archives at the Cleveland Public Library.
  6. Thanks for the update. Is the Condo Tower by Progressive field still on?
  7. Hopefully, we will have some renderings soon. I am happy that Geis is the developer for Avenue Tower 2. Unlike Wolstein or Stark i feel very positive that if he announces a development then I feel comfortable that he will come through. I also hope that this does not affect his plans for the condo tower across Progressive field.
  8. Sadly, if a recession is around the corner I cannot see any of these projects started - Nucleus, City Club, FEB3, Geis, SHW. We Need to get these Projects Started before the recession hits. If the recession starts they are not happening. We have been there over & over. Let us remember that this is Cleveland. Every Recession that we have hits us harder than almost all the other cities in the country & it takes us longer to recover & come out of a recession than almost all cities. WE Need to get as many of these projects as possible started.
  9. According to a June post Beacon was 60% pre-leased. This contradicts todays post that it is 20% leased.
  10. So if that is the case - why haven't the abram Bros just come out and say that the deal is dead. Supposedly they were close in april.
  11. All fun aside - Does anyone have any update WHATSOVER on the land acquisition, Stadium , joining USL ? Anything ?
  12. Rising Rents article. https://www.news5cleveland.com/news/originals/vibrant-downtown-cleveland-neighborhoods-draw-new-development-and-rising-rents-pricing-many-people-out
  13. At the very moment What are the 4 - Lumen, Church & State, Metrohealth( soon ) and ??
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