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  1. Does this mean this project is DOA or can the ways & means committee pick this up in January?
  2. This is a nice read about Clevelanf SC. Has anybody had any info from Greg Abrams on his bid for a Cleveland USL team and stadium.
  3. KJP: What will the final outcome of HB469 be after 4 hearings. I am hoping for a positive turn of events.
  4. At the time of our last rush for Downtown Hotel Development ( RNC Convention ) Hilton, Drury, Westin, Schofield There was talk of 5 possible future Hotel Developments: 1) Rock & Roll Boutique 2). 925 Building 3). John Hartness Brown 4). Nucleus 5) Nautica West Bank. Since that time there has been 3 more rumors/rumblings: 1) Hotel on W. St Clair 2) Ohio Bell Building 3) Fidelity Building With ONLY the JOHN HARTNESS building dropping out. How many of these 7 to you think gets built/developed?
  5. Could the other project be the City Club Apartments or is it mayb the Nucleus Office Tower
  6. Shake Shack is also coming to the airport. https://fox8.com/2018/12/12/coming-in-2019-shake-shack-to-open-in-downtown-cleveland/
  7. Good to hear that the AT &T building got credits for their hotel conversion. Does anyone know of any downtown projects that DID NOT get credits?
  8. I was totally unaware of anything happening at the fidelity building. I think it was for sale at one point. Who is the ownership behind this project. Nice to see another hotel as i never heard any rumblings about a hotel in that building
  9. So who will repace Shake Shack at Nucleus?
  10. simplythis

    Cleveland Cavs Discussion

    Does anyone know why Zizic isn't playing at all the last few games. There is a couple of guys on two-way contracts that play more than he does.
  11. Church & State News. http://www.cleveland19.com/2018/12/10/ohio-citys-newest-m-massive-apartment-project-breaks-ground-photos/
  12. According to this reporter Dice Pace is to break ground next June on 1500 units. However, according to zbaris upthread Pace is to start conversion of warehouses in June. Somehow, I believe zbaris.
  13. Isn't there a session scheduled for 12/6/18. So if it got referred that hearing is today?
  14. Will the Amended HB469 have to go thru 3 hearings or will it be referred to the the floor for a vote?
  15. simplythis

    Cleveland: Blockland

    Blockchain News. https://www.cleveland.com/news/2018/12/case-western-reserve-university-will-be-home-to-cleveland-blockchain-and-digital-futures-hub.html