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  1. Trump is scheduled to appear on Fox today, and has appeared on shows since the debate. I agree Trump isn't going away, although I am not sure his core support is necessarily "right-wing" voters. At the end of the day, Washington is a train wreck and people are fed up with politicians feeding you lines as if you're talking to an automated help desk computer. Trump is, as you put it, going scorched Earth and I think a lot of people feel scorched Earth is necessary in Washington as the general public kind of looks at it like Washington has gone scorched Earth to us. It's almost more like revenge...this is what you've done to us? Well, here's Donald Trump for you. Deal with it.
  2. We need more of Trump in today's politician. He's right, to an extent. I'm sick of political correctness and at this point, I feel insulted by rhetoric and talking points. On pure issues, I probably side most with Rubio but he just comes off as a seasoned politician. That's the last thing I want in Washington. I don't know that a singular President can change the culture of of the government, but I don't want PC answers, I don't want carefully thought out responses, I want to hear what you actually think. And then I can respect you if even if I disagree with you.
  3. shs96


    When I was a teenager, I was profiled all the time. Why? Because that's what I was - a teenager who might potentially do stupid things. It's not always right to judge a book by its cover, but it's not always wrong either.
  4. Chris Rock - How to avoid getting your ass kicked by the police http://youtu.be/QUs-kZGpJiQ I'm particularly fond of "obey the law"and "shut the f*ck up".
  5. Interesting. Have a hard time seeing how they would convert 2020 Center St to apartments given the layout. Would have liked to see how a well run business would have fared in that space.
  6. I'm with goozer. The other point I haven't seen mentioned here: Let's say the sin tax is not renewed. And the $0.05 fee per beer or pack of smokes or whatever the exact amount is is no longer being accrued to the city as a reveunue source. Well there's 0% chance the $3.00 beer you buy at a bar is now going to cost $2.95. Or the $8.99 six pack is now going to cost $8.69. You'll still be paying the same amount for your beer or your pack of cigarettes and now you'll also be paying fees somewhere else - either in ticker prices, sales tax on other goods, or whatever the "alternative funding" ends up being. Furthermore, let's assume you are somehow clever enough to force "billionaire owners" to pay for maintenance on a building they don't own, they will most certainly find ways to recoup those costs from the consumer in some way shape or fashion. Visit a stadium where the public doesn't fund maintenence (go visit the once grand Skydome as an example) and you'll quickly realize not supporting this yields a result you probably don't want.
  7. That's basically the entire project. More advertising space which they sold to the city as a way to improve "fan experience" Not liking the project doesn't mean you have to pretend that there are no real improvements. Scoreboard, PA, escalators, better internet, and revamped food stands are all involved in the upgrade. Those do enhance fan experience ....and thousands of s.f. of advertising signage Whats the problem with the ads on display in the renderings? The existing scoreboard is littered with advertising signage. Each gate into the stadium and is branded, i.e., "The PNC Gate". Ads are pretty much everywhere inside today. Improvements are being made. Maybe if I am spending less time waiting in lines to go to the upper level or getting concessions I won't be staring at the ads as much.
  8. Yes, that sounds about right. UAL did not connect many people thru CLE. That's one reason that I think that contributed to the closure. Some of the connections thru CLE required long connecting times between flight making it undesireable from a pax standpoint. I was always looking for frequency increases and they never came. UAL was right to say that enough people weren't connecting thru CLE to make the hub viable, but at the same time I don't think UAL attempted to increase those numbers with good connections. A hub is expensive so you try to push as many flights as possible in order to maximized your investment. It's a huge fixed cost. The costs are similar whether you have 200 flts or 500. Two hundred flights per day just din't create the economy of scale needed. Here's what I don't understand. When UAL cliams "there wasn't the demand to connect throught CLE" doesn't UAL control all of that? If the flight schedule you create provides a higher cost, long connection time at CLE vs a lower cost, shorter connection time at ORD, of course people will choose to connect through ORD. But ORD is a disaster. I doubt people would choose to connect through ORD vs. pretty much anywhere all things being equal. I just connected through ORD on UAL and it screamed to me why UAL should have been routing more traffic through CLE. Air traffic volume was so high our landing was delayed, connecting gates were extremely far apart (terminal B to F), and I basically had to jog through the terminals to make my connection. At CLE, you're not going to have the air traffic volume concerns, connecting gates should be closer (even C to D is closer that what I did B to F at ORD), and it's generally less crowded. From a passenger perspective, less mobs to deal with, better on-time performance, easier travel between connecting gates, more likely to be able to grab something quick from a vendor...this is all better. I won't ever have visibility to their financials, but from a customer service standpoint I would think using CLE to offset tremendous ORD traffic would work...and even some traffic from EWR. I think given a fair choice, people would prefer to avoid those places if possible.
  9. At least he didn't run over a pedestrian?
  10. Wolstein doesn't have ice making capabilities. So huge expense to facilitate that move. Agree with your other points however. And more importantly, I think Gilbert owns part of the Monsters
  11. I have a hard time believing culture has anything to do with it. At least it doesn't apply to the Browns. The reality is this isn't really a baseball town. The best example of this is 2007 when all 3 pro franchises were good. The Indians went to the ALCS. They had the eventual Cy Young winner and plenty of stars on offense - Hafer, Sizemore, Martinez. But they didn't sell out games down the stretch as they were clinching the division. The attendence was better that year than it is this year, but the last home game only sold 28,000. Playoff tickets were still available a couple days before the game. The Browns - who will always be #1 - were good and the Cavs were the toast of the NBA with LeBron and all of those games were sold out. The Indians had the better season, yet attendence was still down, relatively speaking. From 1994-2001, it was a perfect storm. We had a new stadium, the team was great, the Browns were gone for much of it, and the Cavs sucked. 2005 and 2007 when the team was pretty good, they did not sell out many games, and most were under 30,000. I was even able to get playoff tickets in 2007 a couple days before the game. In years since 2007, people always complain about ownership not spending, yada yada. Well, now they have no excuses. Ownership spent a lot of money in the off season and the team is right there down the stretch. Any BS about the economy or not believing in the team is a bunch of garabage. The Browns give us no reason to believe ever yet they sell out and the Cavs had no problem selling out during the HEART of the financial crisis when LeBron was choking his way out of the playoffs. This isn't a Cavs town either, but LeBron was a once in a lifetime player and was also a novelty like the 90's Indians so there's extra appeal.
  12. shs96

    Gun Rights

    Let's not get carried away justifying why people remain in a certain area. The reality is the majority of people living in these neighborhoods simply don't want to leave their neighborhood b/c, as bad as it may be, they are comfortable there. I know it took my Grandma having her house broken into for the second time before she agreed to move out of her old neighborhood. My other Grandparents coverted their garage into a master instead of moving when they were no longer able to go up and down stairs. Old habits die hard. Probably even harder for people with limited means b/c their exposure to life outside of their community is minimal.
  13. I'll be interested to see what happens once GY moves out of the building. It's the only office building I've ever been in where I looked around and thought "I can tell people used to smoke in here". I have to imagine the rehab will be more extensive than projected.
  14. shs96

    Gun Rights

    Ha, that was funny. Have to hand it to Piers, he remained calm. However, I saw him be equally as passionate arguing the other side during a town hall he hosted a day or 2 after the Sandy Hook shooting. And my all time favorite was from many years ago when Rosie O'Donnel and Tom Selleck went at it on her talk show about this same issue. So I would say passion exists equally on both sides.
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