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  1. It is such a shame that they slapped the stone facade onto the pillars at the base. If they simply continued the dark brick through to the base of the building it would look good.
  2. ^ I have been travelling to downtown Columbus multiple times per month for over ten years, and I don't really agree with your observation that it is developing faster. The Columbus downtown is pretty dead compared to Cincy and seems to be improving at a slower pace than downtown Cincy. Just my observation.
  3. I am not a fan of the stacked stone columns that are skinny at the bottom and get fatter as they rise. Its a really a lame aesthetic. The brick color of the rest of the building is nice.
  4. I don't think so. They couldn't do anything, regardless of Cranley's meddling, until Paragon Salon relocated which only happened recently.
  5. I live a few blocks from the Wasson Way path and I just want something to happen with it soon. I would love light rail, but that's a pipe dream right now. A bike path will be awesome too. When is this going to happen? It seems like this is taking way too long for a relatively simple project.
  6. The tower is awesome in real life and it looks silly in the rendering. So I bet the whole project looks better in real life than the rendering.
  7. Can you remind me? What is the spec tower? Is it likely to break ground in the next year?
  8. Does anyone know if there will be redbike terminals along WW? Probably too early in the process to know for sure, but I would love to see redbike expand into the eastern part of the city. Question #2: What is the plan for the trail crossing Madison and Edwards? That is a busy/scary intersection. It would be great if there was a bridge that would lift riders/walkers above the mess.
  9. Exactly. The railroad tracks are an overgrown eyesore and there is no current plan to develop light rail in the area. It certainly won't happen while lil'Napoleon is in office. WW will be awesome. I live a couple of blocks away and it can't be built soon enough.
  10. So to be clear, the rumor is that they are going to demo the current Anthem site and build residential from scratch?
  11. What are they going to do with the old Brent Spence when the new bridge is built?
  12. The shipping container look is cool. It allows them to strategically bump some sections out beyond the bridge's profile and it is also a reference to its history as railroad bridge.
  13. That rendering is pretty awesome. It would give Cincy a unique and interesting landmark that will really standout. Please build this now!! Newport should get behind this project. It would compliment the increased density in the Levee.
  14. Yep. City saves a little bit of money and a great project is replaced by an underwhelming project. This hurts the City in the long term. Cranley is such a disaster.
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