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  1. darn michiganders making duplicate threads.....
  2. the pope

    Off Topic

    girls can be douchbags too, nearly every girl on that website is a douche also.
  3. Never heard of it. Small chain, primarily in Cincy. There's one on Lee Road, I highly recommend giving it a try.
  4. you're losing focus gotribe, the real question is what kinda of pizza jebus would eat.
  5. a good ol' fashioned rob travel diary, I like it. Can't wait for the whole set(s)!
  6. Yeah, they really need something to "engage" future students. (sorry, couldn't resist)
  7. I haven't run across the rebar guy in a few months. But I did run into a similar story over the spring, I told him you ripped this line off of the other guy. How about the guy, usually sitting in front of Public Square, beard, always sitting, and every five seconds says "a little help please" in an increasingly high pitched tone and sounds like a lost puppy?
  8. and I still have no idea who oley speaks is.
  9. wow, a neat little arcade there. Was one of your shots of the exterior?
  10. can I buy myself a christain at the christain outlet?
  11. what's that building in the first shot? (from your most recent post)
  12. Kinda a mixed bag of judgment I suppose. Title: Should at least contain the city, the business or what's invovled. When in doubt, go with the newspaper column title. As for where the thread goes, that's up in the air. I'm inclined to put it over in Ohio Business and Economy since its about a Akron business and their plant. If you want we could have an Akron General and Business Moves thread where a lot of these little announcement will end up. Those types of threads are good for announcements like these. Or alternatively there could be an A. Schulman thread if the company generates enough news on their own. The other option would be dumping thins into the Akron-Canton Developments Thread, since this news does invovle expansion of a business and potentially construction. City Discussions generally is about social, demographic, crime, and other issues across cities and metros. Its not a Science, its more of an art.
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