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  1. I think the growing potential for the redevelopment of the neighborhood is great If and when new development and redevelopment potential continues to creep north of Hough Ave. (past "Hough Heights", what some folks in the neighborhood call the area between Hough and Chester ), we'll know that interest in the neighborhood is growing at an even quicker rate. The redevelopment of 8128 Linwood is a good sign- though some of the surrounding streets need some help. It's the same thing that happens in other neighborhoods in the city; the older folks who lived in the houses leave it to their children, who later abandon the homes. If the region had a growing population, this would be less of an issue; however, that's for another thread.
  2. The bar is so low for this President at this point, that no one is going to care. But her emails... and Obama.
  3. I know those- they’ve been vacant for over ten years. Good to see the interest in the neighborhood
  4. ^Have you contacted Brancatelli to voice this viewpoint? His office number is 216-664-4233... his email is abrancatelli@clevelandcitycouncil.org. Edit: I wholeheartedly agree on your views! Let him know!!
  5. The riot that happened downtown today may actually deserve its own thread. There’s a lot of physical damage which has happened. Pics are all over Facebook and other social media. https://m.facebook.com/1444471335/posts/10216757709242133/?d=n
  6. There is a huge empty lot fronting Lakeshore in Euclid that remains undeveloped in between some of the high rises that were built in the 70s. Hoping that gets developed someday with another high rise. That’s probably the only location outside of Cleveland I’m rooting for at this point. If every project in @KJP’s list is built in downtown and Ohio City, I could only imagine what the core of the region would look like.
  7. If they leave, it’s officially bye-bye East Cleveland. The state will definitely have to step in; this couldn’t have happened at a worse time.
  8. Went camping close to Mt. Vernon in Knox County this past weekend. No one was wearing a mask who were out at the restaurant/bar outside of the campground except for the servers and bartenders. I don't know if enough people take this seriously; I'm married to an RN so we both do and regularly wear masks. At this point I could care less about the looks people give for either myself or my wife wearing a mask if we have to go out. They can just drink a nice big cup of disinfectant and they should be better if they catch it.
  9. I doubt the city's population has increased by over 50,000 since the last census. Even with the growth in the typical neighborhoods we all know of, much of the east-side has been in free fall for decades. That decline has only gotten worse over the past 10 years. There are fields now where neighborhoods once stood in places like Kinsman/E. 55th. There are empty fields now lining St. Clair in Glenville and Collinwood. There's empty lot after empty lot along many residential streets on the East-Side where your typical Cleveland Double once stood. The density is gone and much of it will need to be replaced in more than just the inner West-Side and Little Italy. My hope is that the gains in the few neighborhoods where growth is apparent will offset the losses experienced in the east, and that the city might actually see a small amount of growth for this census. This has been going on for the last 70 years now; but I think the local economy has finally restructured itself out of the over reliance on manufacturing, just based on the numbers (at or below 12% of the total economy for the metro; compared to over 30% in the 80s). With the economy growing in health and education there will come more jobs and more people. That's what's happening now, but it will take time.
  10. ^If on the square, at that angle a tower would definitely fill in the gap.
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