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  1. Found out today is J Gumbo's (next to Chipotle downtown) last day in business. They were struggling within the last few months and it was evident- but was one of my favorite places to go during lunch. Sucks.
  2. ^I would be in favor; Lakeside remains the most underutilized street downtown east of E. 9th St. with the most potential.
  3. New project for Glenville- E. 120th/Ashbury Townhomes. Nice to see momentum coming from University Circle north along E. 105th.
  4. Outstanding- one less vacant downtown block after this phase is completed
  5. The Pelicans are where the Cavs were a couple years ago with the #1 and #4 in the same draft (then giving us Kyrie and Tristan). That's the beginning of a strong rebuild for them- and they definitely made out very well with this trade deal. Sports Illustrated's mock draft has us taking De'Andre Hunter- 15.2 points, 5.1 rebounds, 2.0 assists, 52% FG. Could be a solid pick-up, if we don't trade down.
  6. ^Give me this project multiplied by 1000 across the city.
  7. I can't believe I'm a week late on seeing the renderings for Shoreline Phase II. Here's something that hasn't happened before (or in a long time)- there's more development going on right now in Cleveland than we can keep up with!
  8. ^That lot footprint os small- my guess is its at least 14 stories, probably more.
  9. ^Thanks KJP for your insight- Ive been refreshing thos thread on my phone waiting for your blog to drop!
  10. ^Right. I remember when President Obama retweeted an edited video of John Boehner which was slowed down purposely to make it seem like his speech was slurred. I also remember Republicans screaming it was all left-wing propoganda and were bashing Obama on Fox News and at various Tea Party rallies. Don't you?
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