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  1. ^I doubt that EC would bring the population back above 400,000 by itself... but there's the chance that Cleveland may be drawing in residents on its own at this point. I know it's a different world than back then, but the region's employment numbers are at about the 2002 (post-recession) levels right now, when Cleveland had 467,000 people within it's boarders. The difference between then and now is that half of the east-side has been hallowed out, and much remains to be done to clean up the mess leftover. I don't know how many new-construction building or even renovations have been done this year, but I do know that there have been 675 demolition permits pulled so far, which includes some duplexes, multi-unit apartments, and commercial structures.
  2. ^Yep- thats the way things should go. The problem is that the Cuyahoga County Land Bank does not accept buildings the size of the former Alhambra; they limit the size of the buildings to two or three suiters due to the cost of upkeep and potential demo. The cost for demo of a typical house in Cleveland is about $10,000. Except for a pass-through to another beneficial owner with the financial wherewithal to fix the building, the County would never accept it. The City Land Bank on the other hand only takes vacant lots. Thats where state forfeiture kicks in, which creates its own nightmares for folks living around vacant structures. Oftentimes the structure is picked up by someone with no idea what they're getting themselves into, thinking they can fix a multi-suite building for cheap. A building like the Alhambra could easily cost over a million just to bring back up to code.
  3. Boarded or not- if a building is vacant and a person really wants to get in, they'll get in. I've seen it happen too many times to count. However there are ways to board a building which makes it harder to enter than just nailing up plywood. I'll have to disagree with the thought of a building not being a nuisance... You would have to have seen the Alhambra while it was standing, vacant and open to entry after years and years of neglect. Again, I'll have to dig for pics which I'll post but the folks who lived off Wade Park wanted it down for good reason. Every entry on the back of the building was open and anyone could just walk in (the building could have been used in a movie depicting a post-war apocalypse- which is a shame in itself). Yes that falls on the owner- but the building itself became a magnet for crime. If the building was boarded- the boards were removed quickly. If new windows were installed (and they were on this building at one point), they would quickly be broken out. It came to a point that after years and years of it sitting, it eventually attracted things which nobody wants in their neighborhood. From a neighborhood and human standpoint, it had to come down. The section of Wade Park where the building sat has yet to see much reinvestment come in.
  4. I have photos of the Alhambra that I'll have to dig for- it was definitely an architectural loss for the neighborhood. Many residents who lived close by about 10 years ago wanted it torn down as it was open vacant for so long that it was often used for cover by drug users and prostitutes. That's the flip side to some of these beautiful old buildings in the neighborhood.
  5. Haven't heard of 75 Chester yet- will this end up being apartments or maybe something mixed-use instead of the single-family uses on this stretch?
  6. Please let me know I'm not the only one who gets a bit irritated when I see this... is it just me or does seeing spray paint on the roads bother anyone else? This stuff takes a looooong time to come up on its own. Brand new road-graffiti up and down E. 6th between Lakeside and St. Clair today:
  7. ^I wonder if that same 40% would care if it was Obama that committed these crimes- remember when they just couldn't get over the tan suit?
  8. A quick take looking at the numbers as they show the overall economy grew by only 0.9% for the month of October... 1) Our Manufacturing sector looks to be in recession, showing six months of negative growth. This will impact our employment numbers at one point or another unless other sectors take up the slack. Speaking of which... 2) Our Education and Health sector is employing close to 100,000 more people than our manufacturing sector. I know we love to push the "Blue-Collar-Work-Ethic"... but when does the word get out about this officially being an Eds and Meds town? 3) The Information sector has been in decline since 2002 and shows no signs of slowing. The sector now only employs roughly 13,000, down from 20,000 in 2002. This is another drag on the local economy which is being overlooked. 4) Our Professional and Business Services sector now employs close to 50,000 more than our Manufacturing sector, and has grown by 30,000 jobs since the 2002 recession. 5) There are roughly 4,000 less people employed in our Trade, Transportation, and Utilities sector than at this point just last year, though the numbers look to be a bit more volatile than other sectors. Pluses and minuses, but overall growth (to be taken with a grain of salt with the BLS... I'll never get over the revision they did when we were showing 2% growth overall for the year which was revised to 0.9%).
  9. Lunchtime downtown? I'm there! And at least one Diet Coke for @KJP on me!
  10. When the project is officially announced UO should have a celebration- and I will be personally buying KJP a beer!
  11. Kinda looks like things are still in play and this is a bit of poker being played by SW, Bedrock, and the Westin/Jacobs site.
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