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  1. Just a couple more from this weekend off of my phone...
  2. A few phone pics from the last couple days...
  3. So even after the Kasich years, when the state cut millions of dollars which used to go directly to cities- causing many to raise their taxes to cover the difference... Ohio is still NOT in a position to cover unemployment for an extended period of time?
  4. .02% for Cleveland YOY for January 2020 over January 2019.
  5. So the numbers should be interesting coming up, to say the least. The numbers for the year look to have been adjusted- some months showing much less growth than last year's adjustment. January preliminary numbers came out yesterday- and most sectors were in negative growth for that month. That includes the Education and Health sector, though 1) the numbers are preliminary and 2) the number for the month was ONLY down -0.2%. The sectors which saw growth were mining/logging/construction, trade/transportation/utilities, leisure/hospitality, and other services not grouped together. Every other sector took a loss. We may have already been headed towards a recession beginning in January. The overall growth in the job market yoy in January was 0.2%. Here's the data... https://www.bls.gov/eag/eag.oh_cleveland_msa.htm
  6. ^The labor force numbers for Cleveland that are produced by the BLS have been a gripe of mine for years. I've come to the conclusion that they will always be inaccurate. The numbers to pay attention to IMO are the Non-Farm Wage and Salary Employment numbers. The Total Non Farm numbers show consistent growth over the last decade.
  7. Does anyone know if the garage has the ability to act as a base for a tower such a 515 Euclid? I guess it would be kind of weird being directly behind 200 PS but still...
  8. ^Ashbury is one street north of the historical part of Wade Park; the Councilman lives on Ashbury himself. I don't have a crime report in front of me but I don't know if Ashbury is that unsafe- that may be perception, which would be understandable.
  9. ^What KJP explained was Eminent Domain. I don't know if the current administration would use Eminent Domain as a tool for the Scranton Peninsula- the last time it was used was for the Flats East Bank.
  10. Thanks @KJP for your work on this. Even if the City doesn't get a tower out of them staying, there's still plenty to be happy about with the official announcement. I officially owe you a Coke. @MayDay- when's the next meet up date?
  11. https://www.sherwin-williams.com/buildingourfuture/ Minimum of $600M at both facilities- 1M Sqft downtown, 500,000 Sqft in Brecksville. A win for the City and the Region- but damn, the owners over on the Scranton Peninsula could not have f#^$ed up any worse than they did. Pretty aggravated right now by them. What a huge win that would have been!
  12. ^Central Middle School- yeah that could be torn down and there wouldn't be too many who would miss it. But even that location would still be away from downtown, however. Driving from downtown would be maybe 15 min; the Euclid bus from downtown to that location would be over a half an hour, including the stop at Windemere.
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