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  1. Somebody correct me if I'm wrong- but didn't Forest City clean the land back in the 80s? I seem to remember reading that somewhere... Anyways, the City should definitely do everything they can to come up with the money and clean the land. It's not like the money wouldn't be recouped through taxes, and it's not like the City could just let 1,000 jobs walk.
  2. This has to be recent- within this week. I drove by on Wednesday and didn’t see any demo activity. Nice catch!
  3. Looks like it fills in the gap pretty nicely. I like how it looks when next to the historic Euclid architecture along the street. It stands out and gives the stretch an added mix of modernism.
  4. I can’t see the city not exploring options to help traffic into and out of Scranton. The bridge would be a no-brainer for the city to replace, given that Scranton is poised to have a great deal of development soon. Cleveland’s on a roll!
  5. @KJP Congrats and thanks for all of your hard work! Your blog is catching some steam on FB
  6. And voila- all attention has been taken off of the emails recently released, showing more proof of wrongdoing by Trump himself. How timely. Still trying to process how this assassination benefits our soldiers in the Middle East along with our allies.
  7. And the ongoing destruction of the once great Cleveland Browns continues under the Haslams, who have to be some of the worst owners of a professional sports franchise in America. How many times have we been through this? Is this time around supposed to give us a different result? I’ll bet a six pack that within the next two years we’ll be doing this same weak, old, tired dance all over again, no matter who they hire as the new coach and GM as long as the Haslams own the team
  8. Browns down 20 to 7 in the 2nd against the Bengals with 10 min to go. If Freddie isn’t out of the building by 6pm tonite...
  9. "Truth"? Whose truth?
  10. He can't handle the role at this point, and it's unfair to all of us fans who have rooted for this team through thick and thin for him to stick around as head coach for another year. There's way too much talent on the team right now for them to be 6-8, with multiple losses against rookie and 3rd string quarterbacks.
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