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  1. True- I think the developer is taking a risk- however, if the project is successful, then spin-off development could easily occur. There are enough vacant lots and abandoned houses around Ansel/Wade Park/ Hough Ave. for another development of this size to be built on.
  2. I'm surprised the money was found to take this building down. I wonder if there are plans for the site...this building has sat in this condition for a looooong time.
  3. Right. I would LOVE for you to explain this one away. The cop just got 20 years in jail, while he deserved many more than that.
  4. Cuyahoga County’s high taxes prompt discussion about consolidation By Peter Krouse, cleveland.com CLEVELAND, Ohio – A study commissioned by the Greater Cleveland Partnership shows the tax burden is significantly higher per capita in Cuyahoga County than in 10 other urban counties competing for some of the same businesses. The new research also suggests that our overall taxes will grow even more burdensome, and the region will become even less competitive, in part because of the redundancies of a Balkanized political landscape. Based on those findings, the GCP, one of the nation’s largest chambers of commerce with more than 11,000 members, is calling for a region-wide discussion of how to make our future more prosperous. More at: https://www.cleveland.com/news/2019/04/cuyahoga-countys-high-taxes-prompt-discussion-about-consolidation.html
  5. I don't know how much faith anyone can have in the BLS numbers for Cleveland anymore since last year's revision... however, the March numbers are out. Best March since '02, at least for now.
  6. Don't mind me, but what's a re-let? Great to hear there is this much interest in the office component of the development.
  7. I can't help but be reminded of The Edge downtown by the design of this development.
  8. With the east-side still in free-fall, I doubt the census estimates are off by that much. The way the region saves itself is through job retention and creation, and the proper training of the public for those jobs. That's it.
  9. Can someone explain this to me- if the international community views the Golan Heights as not being under Israel's control, would the US recognizing it as such mean anything to the rest of the world, if the rest of the world viewed it as the opposite? Would the rest of the world would be saying, "So what"?
  10. ^I think many fans feel that way, regardless of how much the Dolans have spent the last two years.
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