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  1. You answered your own question. Yes, testimony... which is exactly what that quoted tweet references, not removal. NPR, and other outlets, have made this quite clear. They're specifically covering who may cross for testimony, because that is where the current events are at this point in time. Ah, there we go. But "muh media" and "muh Bidens." Just like with the GOP constantly bringing up Obama yesterday... he's not on trial. Whether you like/liked him or not, that's not the matter at hand. And even still, the GOP held significant power both when Obama was president, Biden was VP, Hillary was Secretary of State, etc. Yet, they did... nothing? Hell, how many times have we heard rants about "muh Benghazi!" Yet, they never went after their sworn enemy, Hillary Clinton?
  2. I don't like to bog down this thread with linked tweets, but if there's any reporter who's been doing an A+ job throughout all of this, it's Mary Louise Kelly. With some interesting news coming this afternoon:
  3. Agreed on the Central Parkway alignment. If you're in the CBD and heading towards all the stuff on Main St, taking the streetcar is a great option. But if you're heading back... you have to go way out of your way to catch a Southbound car. Then you have to hope that car is going to show up in a reasonable amount of time.
  4. I mean—I get it (and you know I respect you), but quite simply that's not the way the world is going. It's not an obsession with "apps" so much as it's convenience. I'd rather buy 10 day passes and have them ready at will without having to carry tickets, cards, or cash. This is the way every other system works. The issue is that the app, while it works, isn't great or easy to understand/use. Especially if you're downloading it for the first time and have arrived at a station where ticket machine isn't working. Speaking of which... another reason why cash is moot in this case: our ticket vending machines are awful, always have been, and apparently will continue to be. Ok, boomer. This is my favorite post.
  5. Tried using the Streetcar on New Year's Eve. Per a days old tweet, it was going to stop running at "normal time" (which when you dig through the City's awful website, you can find out that the normal time for a weekday is midnight). So it allegedly stopped running at Midnight. On New Year's Eve. We skipped some plans since we couldn't rely on it, had no response from their Twitter account, and an Uber was going to be too ridiculously priced (nor could we get a decent bus route at the time we were going to need). Found out the next day that apparently the Streetcar was still taking on passengers after midnight. It's New Year's Eve for crying out loud. Why not have the thing run and have signage at every stop? Also, the integration with the Transit app. While it's nice to have ever service in one app: the payment process is slow and cumbersome. It was way easier to store your CC info and quickly buy tickets on the previous app. Transit does offer real-time tracking, but it's still inconsistent and the signs at stations are still bad. And the payment machines are still terrible. Look, we all knew the city was going to poorly manage this thing after the "divorce," but the streetcar has never been properly managed since its opening by any oversight group. Is anyone going to do something soon? It's like a bad joke to have seen this opportunity wasted for what will be four years in September while Kansas City and all these other cities have success. Cincinnati is so milquetoast these days.
  6. Thank you for that post. Agreed with every sentence.
  7. If the US “runs it like the 1990 Gulf War,” they’d be pushing ill-equipped Iranian forces with poorly maintained Soviet Technology out of a neighboring country and back to their border (until Don Jr. goes for round 2). So yeah, this is a poor take. The situations are not at all similar aside from the fact that both Iran and Iraq happen to be in the Middle East. The current military forces of Iran, while not equipped on the scale of the US Military, are far better trained and armed than the Iraqi Army of 1990 or 2003. A prolonged ground conflict is not going to be pretty, nor would it be something that could be “run” like Gulf War 1. Not to mention, then comes the “nation building.” And on top of that, the American military is being managed by a Republican administration that’s proven to have far more missteps than the last Republican administration that picked a Mideast fight. So maybe let’s take a step back on the overly simple “it will be over quickly” takes. That’s the kind of thinking that politicians sold people on the last time. Don’t let that dust covering your “Mission Accomplished” banner cloud your vision from the thousands of dead American soldiers who died in the last Iraq War. Sure glad we got them WMDs, tho!
  8. Did you watch the video, @eastvillagedon? You might want to take Gervais' advice. Especially regarding that line involving Thunberg.
  9. Have you ever tried linking to something credible?
  10. And that, by far, is the biggest issue. No one's arguing that Soleimani was a saint or even that he wasn't an enemy combatant. The issue is that the current administration has been found over and over again to be less the credible, forthright, and even effective. Imagine our resident boomer's minds exploding if HIllary or Obama had ordered this strike. Remember, loose birther conspiracies are ok in their minds and retweets by their favorite reality star are pure facts.
  11. Well said. Everyone thinks that Obama inherited two middle eastern wars started by a Republican administration, they forget that Obama lied about weapons of mass destruction and put us in Iraq!
  12. If this isn't the biggest case of projection, I don't know what is.
  13. And here, once again, we have the typical Cincinnati attitude. The powerful know best, we can't do anything above and beyond (or even on the level of our peer cities), and we must railroad through 1980s style projects at the behest of our wonderful old-money benefactors.
  14. Just a quick search here, but parroting "birther conspiracies" on October 28, 2008:
  15. @eastvillagedon on October 28, 2008:
  16. The amount of brain power it takes for you to come up with constant excuses and "whataboutism" is staggering. This thread is truly going to serve as an excellent time capsule for the days when your ilk has faded back into obscurity or aged out. The blatant ignoring of facts, "I know better (despite what science says)," Obama's from Kenya, Hillary kills people, white males" have it bad," Clint Eastwood-fantasy type attitude is the perfect encapsulation of the "Ok, boomer" mentality. It's not just about an age, it's the fledging defense of poor behavior coming from certain members of a generation who caused problems and want to blame everyone else. Thanks for being a perfect example of all that.
  17. Here's the President of The United States tweeting an insult about a 16 year-old-girl:
  18. I love Turley's opinion that people are just "being mad" along with his whining about "but-muh-both sides" and whataboutism. The Republicans, since 2008 have devolved into a cult of conspiracy. Whether it was a birth certificate, Benghazi or Hunter Biden, they've only gotten worse with time as they replace facts with their own inherent bias and baby-boomer-style "my generation" logic. It's time to stop indulging the right's "good faith" act, including from trolls who come here not to discuss, converse, or engage—but to just re-post inflammatory rhetoric they learned from Facebook.
  19. Skirting the rules of the Constitution, ignoring science, and playing the victim. "Ok, boomer."
  20. Turner Field bums me out more than any of them. That stadium was truly great and had some great character/history (not to mention, since it was originally built to hold 100,000 people, all the concourses and areas were wide and never too crowded). Such a shame and sham that the Braves left. Thankfully, Turner still has life. Globe Life Park... I still can't believe that. And the original stadium is staying for the XFL team (until that league folds).
  21. No doubt, but that doesn't change the fact that the entity known as The Bengals view it as "mid-life" and could be looking to leave soon, before the entire development was seen through. Just for the record, I think there's better use for the land. Normally I'd agree—look at the diverse range of politicians who supported (and opposed) FCC's new stadium—but I don't know if The Bengals could buy the kind of good will they had during their last stadium campaign (even with how bad the team was then). FCC was seen as a few things: a chance to embrace a sport on the rise, something with overwhelming fan support, re-affirmation that Cincinnati was/is a "major league" city, etc. The Reds are beloved, have a history tied to the city that goes well beyond sports, and they're generally good community partners. The Bengals...well...even once they got their new stadium, they've been bad on the field and continually seem to lack any awareness of community relations. It only gets worse ever year. I truly believe that if The Bengals threatened a movie, there'd be some people wanting to keep them, but I don't think they'd be embraced by a majority.
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