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  1. Thoughts and prayers to you, my friend.
  2. Trump kicks off the 3/19 presser by lambasting the media and referring to Covid-19 as "the Chinese virus."
  3. Just came from (the area, not for actual testing) one of the Clinic's testing sites. Was pretty calm and the police had a pretty good set up for guiding vehicles in, screening, and then passing them onto the actual drive-thru portion. My fiancee was in the area yesterday and said it was chaos with tons of traffic. Not sure if today's more calm situation is from the lack of availability mentioned above, the opening of more testing sites, or people just realizing what the current norm is. I will say (and obviously this is anecdotal, not scientific), having been around both Cincinnati and Cleveland in the last few days: people seem to be looking out for each other/being more courteous... holding doors, saying "good morning" on the street, etc.
  4. The big bad globalists can somehow arrange this whole Covid-19 conspiracy and control the worldwide media, yet they can’t silence Loose Change edgelords such as @aderwent?
  5. Yes, but he also spoke with McDonalds and Wendys and they're tremendous. Spicy nuggets will get us through this.
  6. Spare me with your assumptions about political leanings. The largest issue is that there is still not widespread testing, our nation is behind, and we did not go on the offensive with testing in the ways that South Korea did. I have no issue with partnership with the private sector, but it doesn't change the reality of our current situation. At least these CEOs are good corporate citizens, though, right? By the way, the link you posted doesn't mention "results within minutes," but it does praise how these various corporations stand to gain and promote their individual health brands. Good for them. I've got two friends hunkered down in Daegu who have been able to get tested and have had masks, gloves, and other supplies made readily available due to the government working with the private sector. Despite being in one of the hardest hit outbreak areas, they're feeling rather confident and hopeful. Here in the US at the fed level... at least the Target CEO got to mention his brand from the Rose Garden. Thankfully, Ohio has been further ahead than most in taking proactive steps. Edit: Just heard from friends who have been waiting in line at the Cleveland Clinic since this morning. To summarize, I appreciate and will be grateful when drive-thru testing is available in more places and widespread. However, we're still behind and have a nation that's growing ever more anxious no matter how many CEOs approach the podium and tell us about their "little clinic" brands.
  7. Yes. How nice of them to donate part of their parking lots for drive-thru testing that a vast majority of the nation still doesn’t have.
  8. Weird that Trump's own pick would praise him. That's what happens when you hire yes men.
  9. What agenda is that? Getting people to wash their hands so all the big soap companies can profit? Thanks for revealing that, Ken M!
  10. ...he said while coughing in line to once again vote for an administration that gutted the CDC and doesn't trust scientists.
  11. Some of the words in the below article may be a little big for you, @eastvillagedon, and I'm sure you're busy thinking up thoughtful, intelligent rebuttals to all the times you've been asked questions on these boards, but you should probably read this: https://www.snopes.com/news/2017/09/05/were-nazis-socialists/
  12. This may be a naive question and ultimately politically fraught within the DNC, but what are the chances... let's say Joe keeps up the momentum while Bernie remains close behind and eventually they combine on a ticket? Strategic move to unite two wings of the party with two popular candidates? Bad idea to let the two old guys team up? Would their political differences be a problem or could they find common ground to serve as an example for uniting a common cause?
  13. You know this is satire, right. I mean, you saw who tweeted it?
  14. For your information, South Bend has three Chipotles.
  15. Spot on, for all their talk about "freedom," we know they only mean it for select individuals—not all men and women.
  16. In the eyes of cultists like @eastvillagedon, only one group should get their speech protected. It's amazing how quick he and other party members were so willingly able to throwout the "snowflake" label, yet can't take it when speech is thrown back at them. Meanwhile, his side has actually undertaken real violence:
  17. They probably have a shred of integrity and don't engage in stunts like the one "gun girl" pulled. I don't think you understand what a fascist is. If you did, you'd probably be alarmed by all the moves the Trump admin has performed which fall right in line with authoritarianism. But for some reason, you ignore those and don't discuss them then run here to play the victim. It's amusing that half of the conspiracy crap your lot claimed Obama would do actually gets done by Trump and not a peep. We all know what the real reason is, though. What "gun girl" pulls off is pure trolling and looking for attention. Not unlike your posts. You want to talk about political harassment and violence? Maybe you need a reminder of what the "Gun girl" aligned Alt-right did: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charlottesville_car_attack Or this one: https://www.cnn.com/2017/08/27/us/man-arrested-gun-charlottesville-rally/index.html
  18. This is rich coming from the guy who repeatedly ignores the conversation and tries to play the victim, promoted birther-ism, and is now linking to a holocaust denying "outlet."
  19. To be fair, I don't think that's what they're trying to accomplish. Rather, it seems like it's a revenue opportunity to help offset the RTC's operating costs. I.E. They have the space... may as well offer downtown parking spots whether those people use the bus or not.
  20. Yes, the suburban park and rides are free. I would imagine this would not be, though, as it's not similar to a suburban park & ride. If anything, it's comparable to/is a Downtown parking garage. A good idea would be making the circulator/parking shuttle included with paid parking. Streetcar too.
  21. I'm curious how they intend to physically structure the parking, but this is probably a great revenue idea for them. If they market Metro*Plus as an easy to way to get between uptown/downtown—could be really cool.
  22. You mean a newspaper with trained, educated journalists? You'd do well to recall two WaPo employees who investigated this. I know you're old enough to remember it.
  23. lol, get real https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/2019/04/09/report-washington-examiner-was-used-undermine-dhs-boss-kirstjen-nielsen/
  24. Care to discuss the numerous discussions at hand or any of the other questions addressed to you across the pages? Or are you just gonna drop Stephen Miller fed headlines and hope Ram shows up?
  25. EVD, right on time with the off-topic propaganda drop!
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