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  1. They would just shift to someone else.
  2. Hey, catch the hearings today? Who was holding up military assistance Ukraine?
  3. Right after they learn about how we've always been at war with Eurasia?
  4. It's almost as if the Chairman, who's holding a hearing about an inquiry into the President's activities, should be notified that the President is attempting to intimidate and discredit a witness in real time. And speaking of Twitter while working. When's the President gonna put his phone down and do some work? But, ok boomer, keep on with the deflection.
  5. Focusing on the topic at hand, I see—sharing the RTs of Trump. Did you catch anything else on his Twitter feed? You know, like how he commented about the person testifying in real-time? It's interesting how we have all this evidence, all these convicted people, and all of this history unfolding in real time—but certain trolls are still obsessed with unfounded Obama/Clinton/Biden conspiracies.
  6. Interesting question about the trees. This is a circa 2009 photo (and it's super low resolution and doesn't show much detail), but if you look at the circle—those boxes hold the soil for the planters/trees along that stretch of road at The Banks. I imagine, since The Banks actually sit above a massive garage, that this kind of construction limits the tree's growth/lifespan. I would think FWW decks would be similar? I agree, the spaces above need to be usable and I worry that if they were to install park space or green space—would someone be opposed the second that someone wants to build on them? Which begs the question: would anyone want to build on these decks? I.E. Is there enough potential in open downtown surface lots, redevelopment space, and the rest of The Banks that more space isn't even needed at this time?
  7. In what way? Are you referring to the Oakley Station Development? It's not great, but it's still better than Surrey Square simply from offering more mixed uses than just fast food and a grocery store. If you're talking about Oakley as a whole including Okaley Square, I fail to see how Norwood "business district" is better.
  8. This would be awesome. Right now it takes about 50 minutes to reach Surrey Square via bus from Downtown (compared to 15 minutes with driving, 20-25 minutes if you don't drive on the highway). Having used Metro+ to Norwood (and Kenwood) a handful of times, it's... rough... unless you've got time.
  9. Let's just review your list real quick.... Larosas (Uptown has one, Downtown closest is Queensgate) Frisch's (Uptown closest is Central Parkway, Downtown has one) Skyline (Several around Downtown and Uptown) Taco Bell (Located in Downtown & Uptown) McDonalds (Located Uptown, Downtown closest is Covington) KFC (One uptown, also the closest one to Downtown) Arby's (Closest is Bellevue, KY) White Castle (Located uptown, closest to Downtown is Queensgate, Covington, or uptown) Wendy's (Not uptown, formerly downtown, closest is Queensgate) Chipotle (Both uptown and downtown) Subway (Both uptown and downtown) Jimmy John's (Both uptown and downtown) Lee's Fried Chicken (closest is in Bellevue, KY) So yeah, on top of all the other options in uptown and downtown (the one's that are local, quality, and not the usual sub par fast food fare), I'd say Downtown and Uptown are doing just fine when it comes to "getting" a collection of this amazing cuisine. Although those neighborhoods really do lack the surface parking lot charm of Surrey Square. A good fast food/suburban development district is also always just a quick Southbank Shuttle ride away over to Covington.
  10. Again, per the definition that you (and others before you quoted), this is not what’s happening nor is it an applicable term. It’s inappropriate and wrong in both the historical and literal sense. Take the “L.”
  11. Speaking of "moderate intelligence," here's the definition of "lynching:" https://www.dictionary.com/browse/lynching?s=t Trump is not being "put to death," let alone "especially by hanging," nor is there "mob action" or action without "legal authority." Not to mention, the House of Representatives is well within their rights to hold an impeachment inquiry and if it so feels the need: can issue articles of impeachment. By your own logic, it's not. So, I'll just ask you to take your own advice and "stop trying to change the definition of words."
  12. Couldn't agree more. It's astounding just how many stops each route has. When I was a regular 11 rider, it felt like the bus was stopping at almost every block between Downtown, WH, and Oakley. On days where I'd ride my bike (from WH towards Oakley, mostly downhill), I could easily compete with the bus (at rush hours, not at off-peak times).
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