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  1. I think you summed it up quite nicely, @JYP. I'm a fan and supporter of this team, but I will admit that the stadium saga has been a bit of a disappointment (reaching all the way back to the opposition of Newport). I'm no architect or urban planner, my "taste" in design is based solely on what I like, but I don't find the stadium too terribly off-putting for its environment. That being said, it's incredibly disappointing that no one seems to be learning the lessons of the past (in regards to both the West End and "urban renewal" as a whole). It's incredibly easy to say: "oh, it's just X buildings," but why should Cincinnati settle as it always does? Why not build a stadium better suited to the area? Why not integrate historical structures, etc. into surrounding development? These buildings and structures have stood the test of time. Liberty Center, Newport on the Levee, Kenwood, etc. wont. In the end, the development will probably be a win, but Newport on the Levee and The Banks should be some hard lessons to look at. Because the people everyone thought would go to those spaces aren't there, they're in the neighborhood across the street from the new stadium. Also, @jmecklenborg, speak for yourself on Fuddruckers! It may be a chain, but that's a chain I will gladly welcome back to this market. Don't piss on my hamburger hopes.
  2. ^And CNN is "fake news," Note that delusional don (hey, both of them) still can't engage in any substantial conversation!
  3. Can't take a joke and can't respond to any critical discussion in this thread. But trolls gonna troll. Although, I think @eastvillagedon is entirely serious—which is good. It'll be helpful to look back in a few years when this mess is over and have a thorough record of the baby boomer delusion that brought our nation to this precarious point.
  4. Apparently there are only two vehicles on the track today. Tried to transfer from a bus at Government Square this morning and had a "Next train 21 minutes" sign. Opted for a scooter. Perfectly timed a vehicle from OTR to Downtown at lunchtime, but just missed one when leaving lunch. The next closest streetcar to 8/Main was still waiting to turn off Central Parkway and head back towards Downtown. Would've done the scooter again, but there was rain. Got a decent amount of steps in. The lack of reliable frequency is becoming such a bad joke now. Free rides with a Reds ticket are nice, but where's the traffic study? Where are the better timed lights? Where's the council committee?
  5. So since we're not getting any NHL or NBA team for the foreseeable future (not at all happening), looks like we've got three major league sports teams. The Bengals play at Paul Brown Stadium. The Reds play at Great American Ballpark. FC Cincinnati will play in Newport Oakley the West End. Not holding my breath, but I hope by the time this place opens—the city and County realize how great the multimodal connections are here. A properly built Central Parkway bike lane could be great for cyclists as well as Red Bike users. Metro has several routes from the West Side, Clifton, Northside, and Downtown that all connect here. And of course: the streetcar. Make Elm's right most lane transit only on match days and let the buses/streetcars ferry people in. Would love to see shots on ESPN of orange and blue clad fans departing a streetcar at Washington Park with Music Hall in the background.
  6. I'd actually flip that, but I agree. Neither the NBA or NHL are going to come here, even with a new arena. Not as long as Columbus, Cleveland, and Indy exist with teams while other markets are more lucrative and appealing.
  7. I use a similar storage facility out in Springdale with the little house and all. The guy who manages the place was telling me that before him (and before the facility was under Life Storage), the facility manager used to actually live in the house, on site. Nowadays, the guy running the place is just there at normal business hours and the first floor is an office, but I wonder what's going on with this one. Will someone live on site in that random house?
  8. You can find it here: And the folks at KICentral have pretty intense discussion going on here (but it is fascinating to see all the theories, work, and ideas being put forth): https://kicentral.com/forums/index.php?/topic/34621-decoding-2020/page/81/&tab=comments#comment-819892 I really hope it's not small/short in comparison to similar models at other parks. If this is going to be a marquee coaster, I hope they pull out all the stops.
  9. I actually love this. "The Columbus Pavilion."
  10. That sums it up so well. And it really started coming out right after Obama's election with the birth certificate whackos and people who spout off like Don.
  11. Hey, who do you trust more? Trump's event planner or 700 bipartisan federal prosecutors?
  12. Given the talking points repeated here by you and your ilk.... I'm going to say: a lot. Couldn't agree more. Let me know when the GOP has theirs. I've been waiting for the adults to step up on that side of the aisle since I left the party in 2009.
  13. Whether anyone feels Donald was "exonerated" or not is irrelevant at this current moment. What is clear: the Russians—in an effort to destabilize and diminish the standing of the United States of America—interfered in an election to sway support towards Donald Trump because they felt that would benefit them most. It wasn't enough to sow discord, they (in some ways brilliantly) played up talking points (many of them adopted by the campaign) that they knew would drive blind followers wild. And in the end, they even came out ahead. The idiot won and is doing exactly what they want. Donald Trump, was and is, the preferred candidate of an American adversary.
  14. It's a lot of "what comes first, the chicken or the egg," right? If you make it free, boarding is easier (but then the system still isn't reliable/frequent). If you make it reliable/frequent (then you don't have to worry about getting delayed buying a ticket because another one comes soon/you might be invited or inclined to try it or rely on it). Ideally, the City/local transit authority would do both. Free fares will come with some issues, though–it'll need a big PR push/sell to the public, will become easy talk radio fodder, and it will be an easy attacking point for opponents. Presently, any local politician who would speak for it probably isn't a great spokesperson/the most popular individual right now. And the SORTA Board - well, yeah. They've shown little to no interest in improving the system. But yeah, I totally get what you're saying @taestell and the afternoon after I made that post - I went to board a train at Washington Park/12th. A family was able to buy tickets, was able to navigate how to purchase multiples (the machines don't make this clear and are not quick about it), and they were still delayed because it took forever for the machine to print multiple tickets. They would've missed that streetcar had the operator not waited a full light cycle and a half for them. I tried to explain the app to them for future use, but they weren't too interested and even demonstrating that app is like pulling teeth. It's easy enough, but it's not intuitive. So yeah, make the damn thing free/easy.
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