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  1. I would argue that Kings Island is still a flagship park, but their focuses are different. Cedar Point is very much a destination for vacations and travelers in addition to a season pass base. Kings Island is primarily a season pass base. And while it does have some drawing power, the overwhelming majority of its guests are regional passholders who Cedar Fair hopes visit often (and then spends money when they do visit). As for innovation, you could make the same argument for Six Flags, but it's important to note that these chains didn't just do that to be the first or best—Paramount often took a risk on "new" rides because it was cheaper. I.E. Premier was very anxious to get their LIM coasters into market. Paramount Parks was a way to do that. Same story for HUSS, Vekoma, etc. The downside was these rides didn't always work out operationally. The key with Cedar Fair's additions to Kings Island (Diamondback 2009, Banshee 2014, Mystic Timbers 2017, Orion 2020) is that they're adding rides that have high capacity/quick lines and are reliable. They want the experience to be good. No more waiting 2 hours for Tomb Raider when it is working, 4 hours when it's having fits. It's a smart move. To be fair to Paramount, there were several other additions in there too over the years. Delirium, multiple kids area revamps that won (and continue to win) industry awards, shows, experiences. The quality just wasn't consistent depending on what conglomerate oversaw Paramount Parks. Under PP, the chain was smaller and KI truly the top property so it got massive investment every single season. Paramount also failed to realize just how good Canada's Wonderland can be (and to an extent, Great America). Cedar Fair seems to be taking full advantage of those parks now. Carwoinds is also seeing major focus due to the projected growth of Charlotte. This was traditionally a park viewed as "yeah, it's there" by Paramount. Every regional/seasonal park that was upgraded or built ground up in the 70s wanted to be a Disney-style full experience resort. I don't think KI so much wanted to compete with Disney (Disney as a corp even consulted in KI's construction), rather, they wanted to offer that experience closer to home in an era where traveling wasn't as economical and the massive parks weren't as huge a draw. Eventually, almost all of the regional/season parks figured out that the "resort" doesn't work long term when you A) Don't have iconic properties to draw on financially and from a marketing standpoint and B) Can't truly offer a year-round experience.
  2. I love it too. The real theme isn't "adventure," it's "skirting copyright laws."
  3. Only if the digital boards outside just constantly scroll through with the latest posts in the Trump thread.
  4. Sorry, to double post, but here's some old school "Crown" stuff... Also, if you're like me and barely remember what the arena looked like before the 1996/1997 renovations, this website has some GREAT photos. EDIT: one more cool thing I just found. Original concept art for the arena from Clark Engineering based out of South Dakota and Minneapolis.
  5. That's not true, another Adventure Express (with working theming) would be exciting.
  6. I could see Gold Star arena, but the building does currently serve Skyline... In all reality, I'd bet money on "WYLER DOT COM ARENA" Also, you can't rename this dump The Gardens, that's an insult to Cincinnati's fallen, true, historical, and wonderful arena. How dare you! If anything just to make the old highway signs relevant again. Remember the short lived radio jingle? "Down at the Crown (Down at the Crown) DOWNTOWN AT THE CROWN!"
  7. Technically, that was the name. As I understand it, The Coliseum was a different entity. When Doug K. bought the arena in 97 or so, it became The Crown for about ten minutes. Then Firstar Bank bought the rights. Then US Bank bought Firstar. Then the Reds never needed the arena space for the ballpark. Then the arena remained in a state of obsolete purgatory.
  8. It’ll be curious to see who sticks their name on that dump.
  9. I mean, I'm personally a fan of the European/International style naming convention. Soccer is set apart from the other major American sports in many ways (especially with how the fans support, celebrate, and rally around their respective clubs). If the name can pay homage to where that sporting culture comes from and give people pause/recognition as a soccer club (as opposed to sounding like a AA baseball club), I'm all for it.
  10. You joke, but those types of naming conventions have been super popular the last few years. Cleveland should go with Burning River SC or Balloonfest 1986 FC.
  11. Ohhh, I like that play on Star Wars. I've noticed Homage sells a Force retro t-shirt.... could be very cool.
  12. Thanks for the insight! Looks like it was a "Maintenance Operations Outpost" per this city PDF: https://www.columbus.gov/uploadedfiles\Public_Service\Home\PSD business function T O.pdf Interesting that you mention it still being Downtown (and to be fair, that photograph was made with a wide-angle lens that makes the distance seem more dramatic), because the "downtown" feel certainly carries to the ballpark. Once that's all extended down to here, I'm sure the feeling will continue. It really is a great site. Will it have any transit connections? Thank goodness they didn't waste that site on a casino.
  13. For awhile now there's been a lot of back and forth over revitalizing "historic soccer brands," mimicking European/International naming formats, and using purely "American" names (City name, team name). The internet seems rife with soccer fans who have turned against the European mimic style, but it must be working since so many teams continue to find success with it. The Kansas City Wiz(ards) underwent a re-brand into Sporting Kansas City that helped change the perception of their team (alongside a brand new stadium). Often, revitalizing the older names works too: Portland Timbers, Seattle Sounders, San Jose Earthquakes, etc—but those names/franchises still existed in some form past their 70s NASL glory days. I'm curious if The Cleveland Force name would do well from a marketing standpoint since... 1) The Force were an indoor team, not an outdoor team associated with the heydey of NASL 1.0. 2) The name seemed to go dormant when the team did, not continuing in other leagues ala Timbers, Sounders, Cosmos, etc. 3) While it's remembered by some, is that fondness/history on the minds of a new generations of potential ticket holders/attendees? 4) While "retro" and "history" have become marketable commodities within civic identity/a resurgence of civic pride—does the Force name illicit a positive reaction? For example, I think FC Cincinnati would've immediately had people scratching their head/viewing it as a total minor league endeavor if they had revived the names "Silverbacks," "Cheetahs," "Riverhawks," "Comets," etc. Just curious how much weight the Force name still holds in Cleveland.
  14. Any Crew fans/Columbus locals mind adding some insight for a few tourists? @ryanlammi and I attended Hell is Real Part 1 at Mapfre this past Saturday (soft penalty, that was Cincy's match ). On our way out of town on Sunday, we swung by to check out the new stadium site/Arena District developments. Couple of observations: 1) Arena District has aged really, really well. Been a Jackets fan since the first days and love how that arena still looks great—inside and out. 2) Ballpark also holding up well and looking great. The brick in the district is fantastic. Jesus, what The Banks could've been. 3) That municipal light building.... wow. 4) Assuming we were at the right spot, the new Crew stadium location will be awesome. If my understanding is right, the new Crew stadium will be just beyond the pole in this photo, correct? While checking out the area, we happened upon what I think was the former "Dept. of Human Services" offices? At least that's what a sign said. I don't think I've seen it mentioned in previous articles, but the sight seems to have been abandoned since 2016 or so. Can anyone share what these structures were/are... Google street view link: https://www.google.com/maps/@39.9690913,-83.0208955,3a,75y,102.26h,89.21t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1sPnV85EEakEdKq8eA8e-SjA!2e0!5s20180801T000000!7i13312!8i6656
  15. Since we're sharing headlines from the NY POST: https://nypost.com/2019/08/04/the-post-says-ban-assault-weapons-now/
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