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  1. New parking lot. Several new restaurants/bars in the area have created issues with parking. At one point Dave's had a security guard monitoring and towing cars that started to overflow into its lot.
  2. http://realestate.cleveland.com/realestate-news/2017/08/amazon_commits_to_north_randal.html#incart_m-rpt-1
  3. Perotti LLC wins zoning variances on controversial project in Little Italy http://www.cleveland.com/architecture/index.ssf/2017/05/perotti_llc_wins_zoning_varian.html#incart_river_home
  4. Maybe a silly question....but here goes anyway. Will the concrete panels weather and change color over time to be similar to the surrounding buildings...or will they remain bright ? Just curious.
  5. Will do. I will be back in this part of town next week and will take a few shots.
  6. Drove by this building today and noticed what looked like a construction trailer in front of the main entrance. Does anyone have any updates/info on the status of this? I will take a picture the next time I drive by....
  7. Thank you to everyone that has offered advice and information in our search. We are a growing high tech company that has been in business for 30 years. We believe the in the future of this area and want to be a part of Cleveland's rightful place as a great place to work and live. I will keep everyone posted on our progress. Thanks again!
  8. I am considering moving my business to the city to Cleveland from Mentor to be closer home in Cleveland Heights. We need 5000-10000 sq ft of office space and 1000+ office space. Have some funds available for rehab, but the building must have good bones. We would prefer to be in an area that is stable or on the rise. Near east or west side preferred. Does anyone know of any vacant property or parcel of land that might meet these requirements? This is a wholesale operation, so visibiliy/foot traffic is not needed. I know that a commercial realtor could help, but getting advice from someone without a financial interest in pushing a property would be nice.
  9. Does anyone know the address of the brick building(s) in the above picture and if they are vacant? I am the owner of a company in Mentor who is considering a move into Cleveland. I would love to rehab an old brick building with good "bones" in a Cleveland neighborhood that is on the rise.
  10. Nothing like a nice lap dance after a long day on the trail. :evil:
  11. Why can't this happen even sooner that 10-20 years? Does the new port site really need rely only on river dredgings to create the new land? Can concrete from road reconstruction or some other stable material be used as infill? There must be a way to speed this process. Any ideas?
  12. See the PD article below. This opens up more class A office space in the "Key" building that may compete with FEB and Stark.... Key moving 1,000 workers to Higbee building Posted by Plain Dealer staff February 06, 2008 10:48AM Categories: Breaking News James A. Ross/Plain Dealer file Dillard's department store occupied the Higbee building on Public Square in 1998.KeyCorp and Forest City Enterprises Inc. said this morning that Key has signed a 15-year lease agreement that will relocate about 1,000 Key employees to the Higbee building on Public Square from the nearby May Co. building. The lease, for about 221,000 square feet of office space, is one of the largest agreements signed in the city, the companies said in a written statement. The lease starts in January 2010, but Key expects to begin outfitting the space in June 2009 and anticipates it will begin moving staff at the end of 2009. More at cleveland.com http://www.cleveland.com
  13. The combination of the fish distributor and the strip club district could produce quite a smell!!!
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