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  1. If those pics from Nice, France make you sick, these will make you weep. I was is Israel last year and this was the scene. In the video notice the tram goes by with NO BARRIERS whatsoever! And it all works...bikes, pedestrians, trains...and it's busy day and night. I asked and at least the few people I talked too said they knew of no accidents or incidents. VID_20180203_213456943.mp4
  2. Wow!! I never knew this is what the original Central Market looked like. I remember coming to this market with my grandma in the 80's before it was demolished. That was no gem...but this...what a gorgeous market!
  3. Icelandair purchases WOW. I'm sure this deal played a role in the decisions both airlines made in their route reconfiguration for 2019. This sale might be good news for CLE maintaining this transatlantic option. Icelandair to buy budget rival WOW BEN MUTZABAUGH | USA TODAY Updated 2:40 p.m. EST Nov. 5, 2018 WOW Air, the Icelandic budget airline that shook up the U.S. market with Europe fares as low as $99 one way, will be acquired by rival Icelandair in a deal that could make the company a strong force in the trans-Atlantic market. The acquisition must still be approved by Icelandair shareholders and by regulators. Icelandair says the brands will continue to operate independently, but the tie-up could bring restraint to competition that has flooded the U.S. market with new capacity on the two Icelandic carriers. WOW Air has opened more than a dozen new routes to North America since 2015, with Icelandair often matching its rival’s plans. That’s led to a sudden surge in some markets where nonstop flights to Iceland proliferated practically overnight. In Cleveland, for example, the midsized U.S. market went from having no nonstop flights to Europe to suddenly having two to the Icelandic capital of Reykjavik after WOW and Icelandair announced flights only about 24 hours apart. https://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/flights/todayinthesky/2018/11/05/airline-deak-icelandair-buy-budget-rival-wow/1891622002/
  4. Great stuff going on! Thanks for the update bcrice03!
  5. ^Not sure if it's a bad deal. Here's the question...in other instances where Pitt gave an incentive, what happened when the the incentive period ran out? Did the flight continue because the market was proven, or where flights reduced or eliminated? If the flights stuck around the incentives are a good idea, if not, they were a bad investment.
  6. ^From many angles (especially coming from the innerbelt and 77) PHS tower will also bridge the gap between the core of downtown's highrises and Rhodes Tower at CSU, which often seems like it's off on its own.
  7. Can't help with the ceiling/building question, but I'm glad you shared this photo. What a cool piece of family and Cleveland history!
  8. I just don't get the Ikea hype and the hand ringing over not having one. If they come, great, let's keep the local tax dollars and maybe bring some nearby money in, but I'm not losing sleep over being the last city in Ohio / in the USA / on earth or whatever to get an Ikea. At this point I'm more interested in the Amazon distribution centers being built in Randall and Euclid replacing dead malls. More jobs than Ikea and connects to the future of retail and not the big box model that's trying to find ways to adjust to the Amazon's of the world anyway.
  9. I can't read the articles, just the headlines. Does anyone know why these officials in these cities were targeted?
  10. Is Cleveland a model for med-tech success in Rochester? MPR News Business Catharine Richert Cleveland Nov 9, 2017 Hungry to launch his medical technology firm, Jake Orville first needed a city with the research brainpower he'd require and the workers and workspace he could afford. Cleveland was not the sexy answer a decade ago, but it turned out to be the right one. At Cleveland Clinic, the city's world-class health and medical facility, Orville found the diagnostic technology he wanted to commercialize and sell. In 2009, it grew into Cleveland HeartLab, a 200-person company developing biomarkers to help doctors predict cardiovascular risk. "I was just blown away at the ecosystem that was here to take people like me, start companies like Cleveland HeartLab, attract investors, get incubation space and then go," Orville said of the city. Cleveland Clinic is the gravitational force in a medical-technology universe that's now pulling businesses, investor money and millennials into the city. It's a success story that Mayo Clinic and Rochester leaders aim to write in Minnesota. https://www.mprnews.org/story/2017/11/09/is-cleveland-a-model-for-medtech-success-in-rochester
  11. What ever happened to the idea of the west side transit center? Incorporating such a facility into a larger development on the PS lot, and connecting it underground to the TC rail station would provide transit riders an indoor waiting area for connecting buses rather than outside on the square (very cold in the winter) and would deal with the perception issues YABO713 outlines. A benefit for all without labeling people one way or another. The only problem is it takes money and vision.
  12. I really think moving the shroeway in the manner depicted here makes sense. Gordon Park was once the beautiful lakefront head to Rockefeller Park but was destroyed by the freeway. But this is a once in 100 year opportunity to correct that mistake, if we begin planning for it now before other interest start making decisions that cannot be undone.
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