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  1. The current office holders are not the biggest block to a city/county merger. Not by a long shot. The biggest block would be the suburban voters. I'm not sure if you all realize how strong the antipathy towards Cleveland city government is in the suburbs, and the more "needed" the suburb to make this work, the stronger the antipathy. Though it's strong enough even in the inner ring. I would bet that only in East Cleveland there is even 33% support for the idea. Then, if it becomes seen as a threat, the state legislature gets involved. Republicans are going to side with the suburbs for multiple reasons. Democrats will find themselves in a bind because they need those suburban voters. If they go against them, on an issue they feel this strongly about, they become a permanent minority party. In fact, they might just lash out at the originators of the idea for putting them in this position. When it's all said and done, the idea of a city county merger is a complete non starter. In fact, it's so toxic an idea to so many people that it quite literally poisons discussion of more reasonable resource sharing proposals.
  2. From that first dip on it that can be explained by gas prices and the 'net. People started looking for things and even buying them online. Less going out because they were bored, certainly less driving around just to see what was going on (remember what the Metroparks looked like during summers in the 80s?) , Around 201 destinations began to figure out how to use it to bring people out.
  3. Good point, but if that works anywhere new it's going to work around the E. 105th station. Or by Murray Hill. Not to the west.
  4. Looks like it's paywalled. Where are they building and for that matter what? An outdoor version of Randall Park Mall?
  5. I do think that's how his campaign started, along with (I still suspect this) an effort to help out his old friends the Clintons by weakening the GOP effort. So while I think that's still a part of it, the "period" may no longer be the case. It's mostly about his ego, and fortunately this means hiring in some competent people to keep things from getting out of control.
  6. That's kind of why I've always said it's best to grow the hot neighborhoods block by block. Out, not in. Clevelanders are city people, but they are still midwesterners and not too many are going to want coastal levels of density, just as coastal people wouldn't want Asian levels. If you can nucleate a new area, great....but it's a lot tougher than growing an existing one. Growing out also absorbs some of the more questionable areas around the hot ones. If you can grow two of them into each other like UC and CC did, so much the better. Does it perhaps qualify as "gentrification"? Yeah, but in a city like Cleveland the options are that, or more sprawl. And as you say, we don't lack prairies or near-prairies here.
  7. Just looked this one up. That had to have gotten a "bit" acrimonious. I can just imagine Cleveland schools trying to take over Shaker Square during that time, and the reaction of the residents.
  8. Ya think? Let's keep in mind that T. J. Dow got elected to council. "What's in it for us?" is a winning platform, and that's not a knock on the current urban population of any race, and it's not even anything that "identity politics" has done more than perhaps exacerbate. Some wishfully thinking minority "activists" and more naive white people think there's some sort of solidarity among non-white minorities. But there isn't and never has been.
  9. There's no way the Supreme Court declares it unconstitutional, as long as it's done state by state. That said, there's no way to make it binding on any state. But more to the point, the traditionally Republican states aren't going to support it, the smaller states aren't going to support it, and the swing states would be insane to support it. Even, perhaps especially, the Democrats in same. Ohio in general, and Cuyahoga County in particular, are extremely important places for the national Dems, as Hillary found out a couple of years ago. For Ohio to agree to this would be the political equivalent of letting the south and southwest divert as much Great Lakes water as they wish. Let them earn our votes. Here.
  10. This, and it frustrates the hell out of me that a lot of the "conservatives" don't get this either. That's all I'll say on this thread.
  11. I don't see SCOTUS striking it down as long as it's a state decision. But the swing states aren't going to fall for it. Why should Ohio give up its clout? Make them earn our votes. Here.
  12. I would disagree that there is a general benefit to income diversity in a neighborhood. It's "politically incorrect" to say it around here, but it's my job to say those sorts of things so I'll proceed. There are cultural things that are common in lower income neighborhoods, particular dense ones, that higher income people are not going to be comfortable with. They aren't necessarily illegal, or even inherently wrong. Noise late at night, congregating on street corners, storefronts, or other potential choke points (particularly at night), calling out to passerby (known or not). These things are not wrong in themselves. But the people who don't want to be around them are going to find other options, and if they can't find them in the city they will find them in the suburbs. People won't choose to live where they are uncomfortable. Many won't admit it but that doesn't make it less true.
  13. No, it really isn't There may or may not be a correlation. But they are not the same thing. Especially since everyone has a different definition of what that means.
  14. It could be worse, you could be agreeing with me. (Even my daughter's mom hated to speak those words, and she was no liberal).
  15. 82 "high quality" journals, think there might be some cherry picking going on here?
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