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  1. Keep in mind that HIPAA means we don't know the background of these famous cases. Other medical conditions or even smoking might be a factor.
  2. Yeah, we need the testing. In addition, there are likely people who were exposed and had no illness, perhaps minor cold symptoms. I have a former co worker who got severe pneumonia. Mid 40s woman, works as a bartender, smokes like a chimney. This was late February. A HS classmate who is an RN in Houston thinks she had it in late December. My 9 year old daughter had a serious cough, a slight sporadic fever, and x-ray detected pneumonia in mid February. No serious breathing problems, but it took 3 weeks to clear up. No one in her family (including me) or AFAIK at her school, has been symptomatic. Never tested, too early. All three. Now we have the hydroxycloroquine thing. It clearly alleviates the symptoms, test after test has shown this. I may not be a medical expert but I have a science background and a very strong feel for statistics, and I'm feeling this is a game changer. To the point of making it no longer a crisis. Why the delays? I also don't think this is nearly as contagious when latent than when strong, and it is weakening as it spreads. These would explain a lot of things.
  3. I'd say 50-50 when they come up with an antibodies test you will have them.
  4. Good call. The voice phone is probably the least capable method of business communication there is. The private sector has figured this out, maybe it's the public sector's turn.
  5. This. I have a feeling this latest batch may end up being rolled back by the courts, not willingly by him.
  6. Semi-anecdotal evidence suggests two to three months. Antibodies tests may bear that out.
  7. They are specifically defined in the declaration.
  8. Some of you "know" what you want to "know". It started with TARP and that was a Bush thing.
  9. Oh I'm working, we meet "essential" in two separate categories with a third in the works. Just a hypothetical.
  10. I'd say vice versa, because he is precisely correct. We've been through this. As far as I know, there's one person active on these boards who was at all involved in the early days of the original Tea Party, and that's me. The original groups specifically rejected taking sides on any social or cultural issues. The point was that government was too big, too expensive, and too intrusive. Period. The success of this message led to copycat groups that could call themselves "Tea Party" because the name could not be copyrighted. These ranged from thinly disguised leftists to dominionists.
  11. On the other hand, the higher power may have brought it here because we are the best innovators and problem solvers the world has ever seen. Others come close, but it's due to our influence.
  12. IMO it was written very loosely on purpose because the order itself is of dubious legality. My company meets the definition in at least two particulars with a third big one pending.
  13. Corrugated. Never say "cardboard" in that industry.
  14. Cleanliness? Both personal and the train interiors?
  15. Closet? I've always been a free trader. Who criticized the Trump tariffs on metal harder than me here? We ship a lot of parts to Mexico for assembly, many of which end up in US cars.
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