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  1. That was me, and several have shown up in my group since. He confirmed just before he went into the Rock Hall that he indeed was Maple '63 and his Wikipedia bio age updated as well. There was this, that just found its way to WTAM's Twitter.
  2. A little bit of luck at my backup QB position to make up for a certain rather late retirement, I got him in my dynasty league.
  3. I wanted him if the Browns didn't go QB in the first round. I suspect he'll be very good. Dammit.
  4. Damn, he went to Maple and Case. Double fellow alumnus. Thanks.,
  5. I think we’ve talked about this on here before, Ric’s pre-Cars biography has always been kind of obscure. When they were big, Valley Forge got a major status boost in local circles because Ben went there. But no one at Maple Heights save a few older alumni (who mostly covered for him) knew that he had graduated from there in 1963. Those who saw “Richard Otcasek” all over the yearbook typically thought it was a coincidence of names, because his official biography said he was born in 1949. We started talking about this on my Maple Heights nostalgia FB group. I asked John Gorman, he started talking about age being meaningless to rock and roll. Thought he was avoiding the question, as it was it was a very relevant answer. Jeff Kinsbach said people around the biz in the area knew he was from Maple, he didn’t elaborate on why this wasn’t trumpeted like Orr, Adler, Cartellone, etc. were. I never did get ahold of Matt the Cat, another erstwhile Mustang. Things added up when one of his HS buddies filled me in. Apparently, early in the band’s career some of the suits decided they would be more marketable if he was under 30, so they simply knocked five years off his “official” age. Which of course meant he had to be vague about his musical past, and certainly couldn’t say he graduated from high school at age 14. I would imagine one of the best perks of being a rock star would be returning to one’s home town and old high school as a Really Big Deal. He didn’t get to do that. It could have been like in “Eddie and the Cruisers”, where they play a show at the drummer’s old college and Eddie doesn’t include him in the band intros. It’s common knowledge he was sensitive about his age, he could have been about Cleveland as well. He finally corrected the record on a low key basis just before the Rock Hall induction, but even the New York Times obit was still confused about his age.
  6. E Rocc


    I said from the beginning with the Ford case that knowing the HS/college culture of the 80s, they could both believe their story. He demurred as soon as she made it clear that's what she wanted. She, in retrospect, wished she had done so quicker. The Swetling story also rang perfectly true....if her intentions were very different. Of course, there is no proof he was there. Meanwhile, CBS may be doing to the NYT what much of the media did to CBS in 2004.
  7. The Columbus Dispatch reported 35-40% of each major candidate's voters were mainly voting against the other. Hillary lost not only because she was the wrong candidate for Ohio but her campaign was horribly mismanaged. Which when seeking an executive position, is on her. Irony: she may have lost Ohio the day Jimmy Dimora was arrested.
  8. I like to tell people I am to the right of Trump. It's probably true as IMO he doesn't have any firm principles. It's all expediency. Seriously, she's right for the wrong reasons. Trump made things worse, by adopting the tactics of the strident left and making them more universal. He is at is worst when he is trying to drown out serious discussion with emotionalism and mockery, but that's what the SJW left has been doing for a generation.
  9. It will be a lot tougher to get them to leave Trump than you might think. They'd subconsciously see that as admitting a mistake, even though they held their nose when they voted for him to begin with. Trump proved that dragging the party to the populist right was more effective than the Dems dragging the party to the "progressive" left. If for no other reason than significant chunks of the populist left turned out to be more populist than left. Biden's the only current candidate who might be able to do it, but he has other weaknesses.
  10. This is precisely how Trump won, as "hillbilly" has a rather broad definition on the "progressive" left.
  11. Cuyahoga Heights went for Obama the first time. It went harder for Trump than any other burb including Hunting Valley. It and Parma are still the best defined concentrations of the voters the Dems need. Parma's Democratic mayor has openly said Hillary apparently didn't find them important. In so many words.
  12. Whoa that's the old Record Rendezvous building at 300. Aren't they connected?
  13. Barring external events like a severe recession, none of these people is likely to beat Trump, no matter what the current polls say. So he hopes you're right.
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