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  1. I'm not so sure, but for a legitimate reason. The people who support de facto "open borders" come from two diametrically opposite directions. The more insidious are the corporatists from either party, who simply want cheap labor. The other is the "Progressives". Mexico (and other central American nations, I understand) is a place where relative status is very important. People are used to being told what to do and deferring to those above them on the perceived hierarchy. That's not a good match with individualist Americanism, but is quite compatible with "progressivism".
  2. Define "racism" then? Does it include disapproval of cultural problems? Based on your previous posts, I doubt you think so. Does it include incorrect assumptions that an individual fits certain stereotypes? I would say it absolutely does.
  3. It wasn't, technically. Culturalist, maybe xenophobic, ill thought out. What that tweet was was dumb and egotistical. The Dems used their official Twitter account to put AOC's Svengali on full blast, and while the rest of us were getting the popcorn he couldn't leave well enough alone.
  4. https://www.census.gov/programs-surveys/acs
  5. He probably deserves some credit for helicoptering in at that time, his predecessors had no apparent qualms about motorcading across town during rush hour.
  6. The thing is, the Census can ask how many bathrooms there are in a house, but not about citizenship? Doesn't make sense.
  7. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2019/07/11/area-51-raid-facebook-event-see-them-aliens/1711343001/ Do these people really think that if aliens existed there, Trump would be able to keep that secret????
  8. It could be that it was equal or better than most. Local bus ran about every half hour during the day, stopping within a couple blocks of 90% of the houses in Maple. Connected to downtown via Turney and Broadway, proceeded to Southgate, Randall Mall (both doing well at the time) and eventually the Shaker Rapid. The RTA was a very downtowncentric, rush hour oriented entity. Ironically with respect to the latter, it lost a lot of commuters when Cleveland decided to put high school kids going crosstown on it. (I rode the Red Line a lot at the time, this is not speculation). The merger was the worst thing to happen to public transportation at the time. It eliminated competition and replaced transportation priorities with political.
  9. To be fair, we're talking about an urbanist group here. About a decade ago we were seeing and hearing the same things. I had a lot of contacts among what could be called "early millenials" from work and through Holly, and thanks mostly to Facebook have kept up with a number of them. Quite a few lived in the city or the denser burbs while single or childless. I would estimate 90% moved out to the "sprawl" once they had kids, and this includes the single moms. This was a politically undefined group, I'd say the people on this forum are going to fall within that 10%, and it may be 20-25% by now. But dense surroundings are still not generally seen as an ideal place to raise kids.
  10. The big issue for industrial property in the city and inner ring remains CERCLA. Much of the cleared land is around the Opportunity Corridor, which was rather ingeniously planned to clean up a lot of problem areas.
  11. If this is indeed the case (since it's Angie, I suspect the supporting data was very carefully cherry picked to support a pre-reached conclusion), it's self correcting. But I suspect it's not the case, and the reason is shown. Children. MIllenials are having them later. (Yes, I know I'm one to talk LOL). What cities would need to do would be quite politically unpopular with current residents. They vote, potential residents do not.
  12. I try to pick out better stuff there, so that works for me.
  13. The writing makes it clear the author is not fluent in written English. Maybe he misread the news releases?
  14. It's not going to be a major criteria but it could be a minor one. The purpose of the hubs is to accomodate people who don't trust home or office delivery of packages. I can certainly see this being an issue, some places.
  15. I don't think he did. I suspect I would have noticed that, because I didn't, and made that clear. But it should be noted that one major poll indicated that 40% of his Ohio voters were mainly voting against Hillary.
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