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  1. Trump's biggest percentage wasn't in the wealthy suburbs, but in Cuyahoga Heights.. While tiny, it's the one place in the county where white blue collar voters are concentrated in a definable way. There's a huge industrial tax base, so they have low taxes and great schools. Homes are sold within families and rarely show up on the open market.
  2. That's the Constitutionalist faction.
  3. I'm thinking a lot of that 5.4% came from northern Summit County, which is a rather libertarian sort of place. It would be interesting to see the breakdown.
  4. Trump had the populist faction, the corporatist and Constitutionalist factions were badly divided. This built him an early base he could work with.
  5. Clinton did far more to elect Trump than Bernie ever dreamed of. Bernie was the populist in the Democratic nomination campaign. Trump was the populist in the Republican. The idea that the two could not find common ground was one of many massive strategic errors made by the Clinton campaign.
  6. E Rocc

    Toxic Masculinity

    That's an unfortunate trend these days, to use various tactics to prevent certain topics from being discussed, or certain opinions from being voiced. IMO, it's dangerous. If you want to convince people of something, you need to know where they are coming from. Attempts to "shame" Trump supporters almost certainly backfired in 2016, possibly enough to elect him.
  7. Page is very much worth a follow.
  8. Bernie was "allowed" to run because he wasn't seen as able to win. He did as well as he did because he was the only real alternative. When he gained ground, the dirty tricks on him began. Plus he was seen as unable to beat any Republican (true, Trump would have demolished him through condescension and mockery). What they didn't get is they were vulnerable themselves. They took the "left populist" vote for granted, even crossing the line to condescension themselves. They ironically forgot Bill's line about "it's the economy, stupid". Meanwhile the "right populist" candidate was reaching out to those voters, and they decided they would rather go with the candidate who acted like he cared about them (even when deep down they suspected he was full of poop) than the one who ignored them and whose supporters insulted them.
  9. I would extend that to the Maduro regime at this point. Enough is enough. Any defense of it has reached the point of inexcusable. Chavez may have been Daniel Ortega, but Maduro is Tomas Borge.
  10. E Rocc

    Toxic Masculinity

    One thing to consider: Kareem Hunt did not get in any real trouble at all for hitting two guys. He shoved (once) and kicked at a woman who had been physically and verbally aggressive with him and he got in severe trouble. Double standard? Yes. Justified one? Debatable, but probably. I would say yes, but I'm firmly of the view that most of what is called "toxic masculinity" isn't toxic at all. Does dramatically changing the definition of masculinity threaten this double standard.
  11. E Rocc

    Toxic Masculinity

    It's called "white knighting" and it is almost always a (rather weak) ploy to gain female attention.
  12. There was a comment that at least implied the idea of "too much" was a dumb concept in a city. I was disagreeing with that.
  13. I’m not too familiar with Euclid, but in Collinwood there’s north and south of the Shoreway, with Lakeshore Blvd being a secondary boundary. North of Lakeshore between the water treatment plant and Euclid Beach/Wildwood Parks you have some condos and a trailer park south of Wildwood, the towers at the old amusement park site, and a few small neighborhoods such as mine. They are technically private, indeed people have been “moved on” from Beulah Park when they don’t live along it and Shore Acres is even more assertive . All dead end streets for an obvious geographical reason, so no through traffic. In this section the shore moves northeast, so the prevailing winds are harsher. This is probably why it hasn’t gone high end. Between Lakeshore and the Shoreway is typical urban, but not really blighted. You don’t see a lot of ruins and vacant lots like you do in South Collinwood. The industries flank the highway to the south, providing an additional buffer.
  14. I’m reminded of an episode on the West Wing when the Jimmy Smits character provided an extreme example to an abortion defender to point out that everyone supports some limits, the question is where. Of course there is such a thing as “too dense”, especially in an American city and double especially in a noncoastal one. The question is where that line is practically drawn, and there’s no single solution.
  15. Something I found: Drop Dies and Forgings (now Wyman Gordon/PCC) and Champion Machine (now Presrite) not only are still in business, albeit under different names, I interviewed at both.
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