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  1. E Rocc

    Urban Food Deserts

    I recall driving back from Chicago in 2001 or so and Forbes was on TAM talking about the corner stores and their prices. I was driving or else I would have called and suggested that he could invest, and use his clout to get others to, and still make money if they were so out of line. They weren't. Their expenses were very high. Distributors wouldn't deliver to them or would charge a premium because they had to put a guard on the truck. And yes, this was necessary. They dealt with lots of "shrinkage" and had to pay for security and security systems. Usually no insurance, or it was very expensive. The Dollar stores, which also get robbed a lot, are an improvement. Mostly because they are a big chain and have clout. But they can't really afford to stock much perishables.
  2. E Rocc

    Political Correctness

    Let's be real, those terms are commonly used by teenage boys to smack talk their friends and acquaintances and will be for at least another generation. It is what it is. From what I understand, the f-word in particular is even used disparagingly by some in the gay community to describe particularly effeminate men who don't seem to understand that most gay men are more attracted to masculinity. It's as much a reference to submissiveness as anything else. This is virtue signalling and outrage mobbing at its lowest.
  3. E Rocc

    Cleveland: Historic Photos

    Hell I was old enough to drink (I turned 20 the next day) so no it is not history. As I posted on the tweet the blonde is two years ahead of the mainstream club fashion curve.
  4. E Rocc

    Elon Musk

    Depends on if "in the ocean" means on a ship or splashdown. Salt water immersion tends to be bad for metals and electronics.
  5. They ended up 12-1, losing to Hoban in the regional finals. Both playoff wins were by 30. One thing that's telling with Maple's recent past is how much difference a coach makes. Todd Filtz's last season they were 9-2, 15-0 and state champs the year before. Delvin Culliver's first (2012) and last (2017) seasons they were 4-6. Shaq Washington's first season: 12-1.
  6. E Rocc

    In The World: France

    This is getting very massive very quickly. https://www.france24.com/en/20181203-yellow-vest-protests-french-economy-business-retail-peugeot-citroen-le-maire Some of it seems quite non-ideological, violence for it's own sake. Sort of like antifa and the proud boys joining up to break things rather than beat up each other. But by no means all.
  7. E Rocc

    The Trump Presidency

    These are people who apparently didn't even realize Their Hero had Jewish grandchildren. For this reason alone, there should never have been any doubt he was going to throw them under the bus as soon as they quit being convenient, which was sometime during November, 2016.
  8. They are still talking about "homeowners who didn't want to move". Were any ever found? There may be some, but I would bet the ratio of homeowners overjoyed to sell versus such is at least ten to one.
  9. E Rocc

    Cleveland: Crime & Safety Discussion

    To a large degree this is scaremongering. When city leaders talk about the homicide rate, they talk a lot about the locations of the crimes and the race, age, and gender of the victims. The topic they avoid is the the criminal record of the victims. It seems like a large percentage, perhaps a majority, have recent felony charges and/or convictions. Typically for trafficking and other offenses commonly associated with gangs and the drug trade. I just noted I posted this upthread, but it really can't be mentioned enough. Since some don't seem to wish to.
  10. The bridge takes a beating and probably needed it. 271 is repairing previous design errors. I'm not sure what (or if) they were thinking when they didn't continue the express lanes down to 480E.
  11. Go past the AMCLO dock and look at the wall beyond it. You will see old paint saying "electroplating specialties". From the moment CERCLA passed this site was unredevelopable, except by a government entity. Way too much pre-existing contamination liability risk for any developer or lender to remotely consider. This was probably routed through here on purpose.
  12. Our annual point of agreement?
  13. E Rocc

    Cleveland: Historic Photos

    Why were they protesting? And why did they win if the voters had already okayed it?
  14. E Rocc

    The Trump Presidency

    I don't know. He's egotistical, but also unfocused and sometimes lazy. He's not a good manager, his business were poorly run until Dagny got old enough to get involved. Ex-President, who left on his own terms, suits him perfectly. "Elder statesman" (gag) of sorts, getting as much or as little involved as he pleases. Plus Melania hated the idea of being First Lady, but has grown into the role and done a way better job than him, or for that matter her predecessor. Former First Lady would suit her much better.
  15. They are smaller because of CAFE, and only if you do not consider SUVs and vans to be cars.