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  1. Also, the suburbs are "in play". Neither party can take most of them for granted.
  2. The most important reform both parties can make is to eliminate "caucuses" and replace them with secret ballot primaries. After all, that's what the general election is. It is a staple of our system that no one must reveal, or be "accountable" for, how they voted or intended to vote. This absolutely killed the Clinton campaign as they did not seem to have the slightest idea how many people they needed to convince.
  3. If you think a GOP EPA is bad for the lakes, imagine the massive diversion the south and west might vote for. And the inevitable sabotage that would ensue. Pandering politicians and a low information electorate make checks and balances crucial.
  4. I'm the opposite. The current system is a check on the excesses of "democracy", which can be just as arbitrary and intrusive as any other form of government. Checks and balances work, and the elcectorate certainly seems to agree. They consistently vote for "gridlock".
  5. Hmmmm.....if you include places (like Subway)that do not always have drive thrus, does that change up the mix?
  6. Forgot about him, he's having a great spring. I may try to reach for him in my "half dynasty" league (keep 14, draft 11), even though I already have a very solid OF.
  7. Damn, we got a whole bunch of erstwhile Mustangs here. I've noted that irony myself. My old street (Corkhill) doesn''t look all that much different on the surface, nor does the rest of "Maple Hills" (south of Turney). But neither did that Brunswick-Reddington section the last time I was over there. The east side is a different matter at times.
  8. Was this person really thinking when she went after Hillary Clinton's pregnant daughter?
  9. He didn't really create it. Identity politics on the left did. He's adopted their tactics, and being a skilled salesman he is better at them. Comments here are nothing compared to what one sees elsewhere. Pretty much everyone gets it and the mods step in when they don't. Has Trump exacerbated the impact of their tactics? Probably.
  10. While his views on Muslims are one of the main reasons I refused to support him, to be fair he has changed his views dramatically on the topic. Odds are good that was Sebastian Gorka's doing. He may be abrasive and his views regarding the governing of his ancestral Hungary may be extreme, but his approach to Islam and Jihad is dead on accurate.
  11. Watch Oscar Mercado, he has the potential to break out big, along with Greg Allen.
  12. One of the earliest and most popular pieces of electronic media manipulation was the duet between Nat King Cole and Natalie Cole. The concept creeped a lot of people out, but this was so unforgettable it made the idea much easier to accept.
  13. Paper, ink, and the movement of same cost lots of money. Electrons move at lightspeed, they allow more instant and timely coverage of the news. It used to cost lots of money to distribute them. Not any more. High speed electronic communications have been the biggest shift in our culture since the internal combustion engine. In part for the same reason: decentralization and independence from the schedules of others. The same thing has happened to books, movies, and music. Moreso to news, because it is more immediate. The main thing slowing these trends down is habit among consumers. As people get out of these habits, the trends accelerate.
  14. https://fox8.com/2019/03/16/3-shot-2-killed-in-maple-heights-shooting/?fbclid=IwAR2qJcLhWV8-1EIr84aZJRv_102FTqcQKDI8DLNfXMue5f3h8Qw2KFOFFjA Recent murder about three blocks away, a kid opened the door when someone knocked and they shot him. This was almost certainly gang stuff, but it's also close to where the mailman got killed a few years back. It used to be one of the most peaceful and quiet sections of Maple.
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