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  1. The bulk of the 1,000 jobs that were at the Brecksville site are now in the city of Cleveland, at Wade Park.
  2. Is it "erase after ten attempts" these days? The version I have disables it for one minute, with increasing periods of time after each attempt. I pretty much guarantee a "super password" leaks. Or an app is developed that erases sensitive stuff when it is used.
  3. Damned Republ.....oh, yeah. Seriously, just as free speech includes the internet, free religion includes devout Islam and the Flying Spaghetti Monster, and the RKBA includes AR-15s, this is a clear Fourth and Fifth Amendment violation. The good news is it's like anti-physics legislation.
  4. Been there LOL, and I'm still banned on their actual forum for suggesting a story on their Portland affiliate should have been labeled "sponsor content".
  5. Are you good with "jury nullification"?
  6. Some of them planned to, as supporters of the Second. One would think that those who mistrust the government don't want it to have a monopoly on guns.
  7. Despite all sorts of speculation, the Richmond rally was nothing like Charlottesville, it was more like one of the Tea Party rallies. Stayed on message, non-traditional allies welcomed (and often featured in the PR), and attendees even cleaned up after themselves (I was kind of hoping they would think of that). Very well done, on a Gilets Jaunes level, it still seemed to make its point.
  8. They look pretty "secure" to me LOL. I don't expect much of anything unscheduled to happen. This isn't Charlottesville, or one of the "Occupy" rallies. The mainstream and near mainstream right is better at wacko control than the left, we have to be since the mainstream media leans left.
  9. If it becomes their parking garage, maybe not. Or they make it a riverside park, like some 'burbs do when they don't really want to need to dig.
  10. Depends on their mindset. Keeping the mid level execs from simply "dropping in" might be seen as a positive to the actual researchers.
  11. Roldo passed into "Get off my lawn, you damned kids!" territory a long time ago. He has very rigid ideas of how cities should be laid out that no longer approach reality.
  12. Even my sprawl-indifferent self has suggested that would be a great option. It might not be ready in time, though.
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