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  1. Which people buy because they can't get bigger cars due to CAFE.
  2. It was built that way nearly from the ground up. It grew up in the era of cars and personal mobility. Like Washington DC the growth was mainly people coming from somewhere else, unlike DC they formed their own tribes. Many came from rural and small town America, where density was not seen as a positive. Any American city with year round warm weather is going to have a homeless problem unless it takes active measures to make them uncomfortable.
  3. E Rocc


    I went very early and went up Lakeshore/Vine, not too much s*** all the way out to Mentor.
  4. Bills fans respect the city and the fan base, they even hosted Browns fans days during the hiatus. Stoolers fans don't, even (especially) the ones that live around here. Watch the Browns page, I have a meme I have to find you may appreciate.
  5. Plus they don't have to save as much for Christmas because their family and significant others are the same people.
  6. They filled 2-4 bars, one of which (Southern Tier) has Buffalo roots. If GLBC had a bar in Buffalo and the Browns played there, it would be brown and orange the night before the game. Someone tweeted a picture and the Bills fans, who have almost as strong a Twitter presence as the Browns, spread it.
  7. If it isn't, then payment is effectively not mandatory. "Anyone who doesn't like it is always free to use one of the several roughly parallel services. " Or drive.
  8. She's a step backwards. I agree with her on POP, I'm not sure if those who are used to it realize how much that sounds like "papers, please" to those who are not. But it sounds like she is openly de-emphasizing rail and has wildly inconsistent views regarding privatization.
  9. This. It falls under my old saying "It always sounds doable to those who don't have to do it". It's hardly uncommon for a building to be in a condition where repairing it would cost more than its repaired value. Especially if black mold and/or asbestos are involved.
  10. And Ohio. The people needed in all those states, plus Ohio, have a lot in common with the people in Kentucky and West Virginia. To paraphrase the Clinton that won, “It’s the economy. Don’t be stupid.”. Focus on that, lay off the out there “progressive” cultural stuff. Scale back the “outrage mobs”, because they play right into the hands of Trump and his minions. Don’t even mention guns. Keep an eye on the polls in Kentucky and even West Virginia. Some of them will talk to the pollsters. The people up here who think like them won’t, and they are the key.
  11. ^ 1981 was near the beginning of a period where the different sides could get along, on a personal/individual level. Even discussing politics.
  12. On the other hand, in some areas "expert" opinions are quite open to debate. I'm speaking more of tone, not content though. Condescension. Besides, an election is all about marketing, not education. Edit: this is topical because if the Dems come up with more of the same, they are almost certain to lose again.
  13. The thing is, when people don't believe any of the choices are good for the latter, they reach for the former. Trump spoke to a constituency that felt that way. One that the other side either took for granted, condescended to, or even lectured. He spoke to them in their language, and even though most probably figured he was full of modell, they preferred it to what I just listed above. He's not the root cause, though. "Outrage culture" is. He just adopted their tactics, and offered laughter as an alternative to anger. In retrospect, that was bound to work.
  14. So I am currently reading the Guy Snodgrass (no relation) book on General Mattis’s run as defense secretary. I’ve reached the part where Bolton is involved (the author was actually quite impressed with him when he did not expect to be), and supposedly the Ambassador made some suggestions that Mattis was “pretty much a Democrat”. What if he ran for the nomination? The Dems are currently at least as fractured as the GOP was in 2016, he could grab the “is there anyone else?” faction pretty quickly. Bring over some Never Trump Republicans and a phenomenon could build similar to “MAGA”, only on behalf of someone worthy. (#MadDog2020 maybe? ) A Tim Ryan type economic agenda could fit with what we know about his views. Hell, make TR his running mate. If he got the nomination, the election would likely be easier.
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