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  1. I used to always compare it to the Flatiron building, but it seems to be five years older.
  2. It's been said that the IQ of a mob is that of the person in it with the lowest, divided by the number of people in it.
  3. In manufacturing, if you can afford a lot of space more often than not you can find a use for it. It gives you a lot of flexibility.
  4. Did Ohio have policies to control the spread in same? I know we weren't like New York actively contaminating them with the virus, but were any preventive measures taken at all? Because this should have been obvious well in advance if we weren't trying to act like everyone was at more or less equal risk.
  5. Note that bottom line, "expanded case definition". ICU and vent are steady
  6. This has been a discussion in my right-libertarian circles for a couple months now.
  7. The places I've been in the borderlands (Nordonia-Twinsburg to be specific), it's about 70-30 not wearing them, among customers. But staying 6 feet apart is de rigeur.
  8. Temperature checks have been the biggest example of security theater. Even a significant percentage of symptomatic CS patients have little to no fever.
  9. Note the trend in daily hospitalizations in Ohio. This suggests that new cases are not leading to hospitalizations at the same rate as before. Logic would say either the disease has weakened or more weak/asymptomatic cases are turning up in testing.
  10. E Rocc

    DC Statehood

    There is text in the Constitution that appears to preclude DC being a state or part of one.
  11. E Rocc

    DC Statehood

    A possible compromise may be letting eastern Washington and Oregon break off from their western sections, maybe adding some of the furthest north of California. This has already been proposed. I believe it would require a Constitutional amendment to make DC a state.
  12. E Rocc

    DC Statehood

    Marcia Fudge and David Joyce?
  13. Stop saying supported doubts are "misinformation". See how that works? Or don't. I don't care. Debate is about questioning everything
  14. It's Ohio. We not only aren't "obedient" many of us consider that an insult. It suggests that they may not make much of a difference after all. We have been good about keeping our distance and not lingering close to the same people.
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