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  1. Went to 3 games this weekend here in NY... this team is just not good... the bullpen is horrid, they get some good starts and of course the pen blows it.
  2. A total GD embarrassment... cut all the BS, get rid of the complicated handshakes, get rid of the chalk clap, get rid of all that shit... play some hardnosed playoff basketball... Game 6, Rando drives the lane, knock him on his f'n ass. Perkins mouthes off, throw an elbow. I'm sick of this wussy play and being a joke. Jordan certainly did not win every playoff game, in fact, many of his series went to 6/7 games, but he sure as hell didn't let his team get embarrassed like this twice in a series. If they didn't get lucky in game 1, this series would be over. Boston has outplayed us in every game but game 3, and apparently, the Cavs didn't realize this again tonight...
  3. Perfect example of what I was saying. By the way....Did anyone see this? Utterly disgusting. Never seen such a place that has this kind of sense of entitlement! Today's Daily News was just as bad... it had a cut out of Lebron in a Knicks jersey and is promoting people taking it around NYC and snapping pics with it then uploading to their website.
  4. Have a couple of friends who work for them, it's a good company. Gotta love stealing away a company from the suburbs.
  5. So glad I bought a slingbox and can watch them choke nightly... At least I can watch local talk about the Browns and Cavs.
  6. ^ I'd rather everyone think LeBron isn't 100%, because you know regardless of how he feels, he's gonna go out there and win you a series.
  7. I'll have to do some research, but I remember it as they were looking to being the talks in hopes of luring an expansion MLS franchise, not that the MLS was actively pursuing the NEO market.
  8. I don't think banking on an MLS team in Cleveland anytime soon to share with CSU football is wise... do you think the MLS would put a team that close to Columbus? Cleveland, a midwest market that already has 3 professional sports teams?
  9. ^ Was at both games at MSG, have pictures I'll try to post soon.
  10. Gonna be a long season folks...
  11. Skyline or Gold Star? Go to UC if you want that crap excuse for chili.
  12. Haven't been around in awhile, a lot going on... but here are my thoughts on the Tribe: #1 - The signing of Russell Branyan is a futures play, they signed him with the hope of him playing well enough to get something in return by the trade deadline, because if he plays poorly, he'll be riding the pine. #2 - Opening Day, regardless of how shitty the team will be this year, is still exciting, every year it is. It's a sign that the winter is in the rear view mirror. #3 - I bought the MLB package for my cable here in NYC last year, I will not make that same $170 mistake again this year.
  13. Not living in Cleveland anymore but reading Cleveland.com everyday, it would seem that this is going to pass quite easily.
  14. Manny Acta... let me run to the teamshop and buy more merchandise!
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