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  1. Thanks for eliminating the guessing games. I never would have thought of The Metroparks. .
  2. A lot of this proposal reminds me of the Slabtown neighborhood in Portland, OR. That's a very good thing.
  3. So these are really attractive and functional "devil strips" as Akronites would say. Sounds fantastic.
  4. ^Probably my favorite project ever in Akron. I’ve been waiting years for this to happen.
  5. ^I've gotten off at that exit many times when I've had to go to the Valley for one reason or another. I think that building above ground would be much faster. "Faster", of course, being a relative term. I live on S. Plymouth Blvd between Wilshire and Olympic and I've had a front row seat to the Wilshire subway construction over the last few years. Very slow.
  6. That exact question was asked on Columbus Underground in the comments section, probably by you, and the answer was given by another forumer: 3 months have been built into the timeline to address an archeological dig. screenshot below:
  7. Fantastic stuff. Looks like Dayton is on the move. Also, I want that white Corvette you caught in one of the first few pictures, lol.
  8. Can we please get back on topic? This is not the "Uplighting" thread and it's not the Millennial Tower thread. Those threads exist if you feel compelled to comment.
  9. That's what I thought Yanni was referencing, but I don't think they are comparable to the Amazon deal. All economic development is great, but they are different types of economic development. Amazon has a more immediate impact and Barberton and Kenmore Blvd are more long-term, organic developments.
  10. Let's all send an email to Portman and Brown and send them our thanks. We send emails when we have concerns, so let's send emails when we have praise:)
  11. ^ Not quite sure what that means. Could you be more specific instead of just telling him what he has or has not been following please?
  12. I recommend a subscription to Ohio Magazine. It's a monthly magazine that, while not strong in the writing style department, does have lots of great event recommendations across Ohio. I also subscribe to Cleveland Magazine from the same publisher because I live in LA and it helps me keep up on what's happening in Ohio. As others have mentioned, you have many great park options a short drive away. Hocking Hills is fantastic.
  13. ^Someone put a "thumbs down" to this? lol This is a fantastic use of the space and I like the educational component of it as well.
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