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  1. ^If anyone can grab a picture or two of the demo of that retail strip, I'd love to see them. I've been waiting for that shopping center to encounter the wrecking ball for years.
  2. There has been a restaurant like this down the street from me in Koreatown in LA for a few years. Lines out the door. https://theboilingcrab.com/locations/koreatown/ I think this will do well in downtown Cleveland. Just make sure to hose off when you're done---it's messy.
  3. You're too new on this forum to start calling people sarcastic names (bigshot) and pulling that "shame on you" stuff. Give it a couple hundred more posts.
  4. I should have been more specific. Putting it on twitter is fine, but I mean radio or tv advertising that reaches a larger audience. There should be no reason that WSM is empty/slow when the local Giant Eagle is out of stock. This is one of the reasons I wish the city would relinquish control of WSM to a management or non-profit. The city doesn't seem to promote itself well.
  5. Do the vendors and/or the WSM advertise? It seems like they should be getting the word out that you can find what you need at the Market and skip the lines at the grocery store.
  6. Why would you build a multi-million dollar convention center with near term uncertainty as a driver? Centers like this have a lifespan of decades, so building anything for the near term is shortsighted. Projects like this are built with the long term in mind. This virus will pass and things will get back to normal as they always do. The convention industry won't be affected outside of a really bad quarter.
  7. Humanity has been constructing tall buildings into and on top of hillsides for centuries. That's why people get engineering degrees these days and make the big bucks.
  8. This is incorrect. It was always built to be an office building with the first phase completed in 1996. https://www.dispatch.com/content/stories/business/2011/04/24/chase-building-a-city-unto-itself.html ”The History Bank One, bought by Chase in 2004, completed the first phase of the building in 1996. The second phase, which more than doubled its size, was finished in 2001. The bank, which had employees scattered in offices throughout the area, opened the building as part of a move to concentrate employees into a handful of locations in the city.“
  9. Fantastic news, but the most amazing part of the article is the name of the reporter!
  10. Fascinating. I didn't realize the McCoy center was so big: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/McCoy_Center
  11. I love everything about this project. It's sophisticated and exactly the type of new-build Cleveland needs. I love the windows, the massing, the materials used, the height, the colors...did I mention I love everything?
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