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  1. It's a gorgeous house although a bit too much wood paneling on the walls and ceiling for my taste. Plus, for 3+ million, I'd better have a pool.
  2. Those 2 bedroom rents are Los Angeles prices. I should know because my 2 bedroom in LA is in that price range. It’s nuts.
  3. ^ I love the way the Beacon looks in that picture--it really pops in the skyline. I particularly like the horizontal lighting.
  4. Is Citizen Pie in the space where a coffee shop used to be?
  5. I don’t know how we missed this on UO, but according to Google maps, a second Terminal Tower was built without any of us getting pictures! Must have been pre-fab to go up so quickly.
  6. I'm not sure of the best thread in which to post this, but Cleveland is mentioned several times in this article about the water affordability crisis and how it disproportionately affects the poor, leading to further spirals into poverty and foreclosure. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2020/jun/23/millions-of-americans-cant-afford-water-bills-rise?CMP=oth_b-aplnews_d-1
  7. I know several forumers have commented that they don't care for the design, but I like it quite a bit. Especially after they lightened the upper portion. It's got clean lines and a nice modernity.
  8. Thank you very much for the map. That is a lot of great infill. Should really make downtown feel more dense.
  9. That's a good looking parking garage. I wish more garages would look like that--form and function. Will these new buildings be filling in empty lots or replacing something that is already there?
  10. Out of all of the possibilities, I think the land bridge over the highway and tracks would be the most transformational and lead to incredible amounts of spin-off development.
  11. ^You do realize that businesses have insurance, right?
  12. Cleveland's forte? How about pretty much every city's forte as many projects look identical across the US. This has nothing to do with Cleveland specifically. I hate the "woe is Cleveland/this only happens in Cleveland" mindset. It's simply not true.
  13. I hope you are still going to publish a story about it. In between classes, that is.
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