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  1. Tulum is awesome. The cool spots are by the beach, but even the dusty old town has some gems such as the best mojito spot I've ever been to. To keep this on topic: planes!
  2. That's too bad, because she really liked you.
  3. Hello again. I've had two satisfied customers who purchased the Cincinnati map and the Cleveland print. I still have the Columbus laser cut map available, so let's go Columbus fans!
  4. ^I think once someone gets 100 down votes, they should be banned from the forum. Only 12 more to go for DustinFox!
  5. In the Northern Hemisphere, pools should be placed south facing if possible. More sun. Edit: I saw someone beat me to the sun comment a long time ago, lol
  6. Just so everyone knows: when quoting a forumer to make a comment on a post, especially a post that has a lot of pictures, it is not necessary to quote all of the pictures. It takes up a lot of space. Just delete the pics out and make your comment. Thanks.
  7. Just in case those who do not like this project don't realize: projects get changed/adjusted/watered down/height reduction, etc. in every city. Columbus isn't the only place in the world this happens. Please act like you've been somewhere else and seen what happens there as well. The hand wringing is a bit dramatic.
  8. I would check out the Highland Square area as well. Also, the Kenmore area around Summit Lake is seeing lots of interest in the beautification of Summit Lake and the development of the Kenmore Blvd commercial strip.
  9. I flew Southwest Airlines from Burbank to Oakland this morning and the September issue of Southwest Magazine has a pretty good article on Cleveland. There’s a great picture looking over a lake full of boats to the skyline. The article starts on page 60 of the print version and 68 of the online version available at the link below. https://issuu.com/southwestmag/docs/september2019
  10. Actually, Cleveland has a ton going on right now. Probably as much or more than Columbus. A lot of the Cleveland action was refurbishing old buildings, but now that we've practically run out of buildings to refurbish, the new build has been rocking for the past year with lots more about to come online and about to break ground. Feel free to check the Cleveland development thread. It's free!
  11. Only 13 posts, but 34 "thumbs down" votes. You have to be trying to be a troll to do so badly.
  12. ^I agree with you that the green space should extend to the mall with only a service road.
  13. Please take your nonsense to the Burke thread as you've polluted enough threads on this site. On second thought, don't.
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