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  1. Summit Mall would do well to attract an H&M, Zara or Uniqulo. I don't shop at any of those stores (except Uniqulo for socks), but they do bring people in.
  2. I thought we were past the begging steps and this was finally happening!;)
  3. All of the empanadas I've ever had were closed and filled with savory ingredients. I did a quick google search for Argentinian empanadas and the pictures showed them closed, not open. I"m interested if this open style is regionally specific or if they put their own twist on an empanada and made it more like a taco. https://blog.amigofoods.com/index.php/argentine-foods/history-of-argentinian-empanadas/
  4. I understand that the Beacon and now this design aren’t for everybody, but I appreciate how they shake things up. The designs of these two buildings offer a different dynamic to Euclid and a different perspective on the skyline. It was sorely needed.
  5. Is this where the old Empire concert club used to be? I saw so many bands there in the early 90's: My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult, Pigface, KMFDM, Ride, My Bloody Valentine, Blur, Meat Beat Manifesto, the list goes on. Glad to see the lot being redeveloped.
  6. Is it? That’s good to know. It seemed to be taking a very long time, but it is quite a large project, I suppose.
  7. ^Amazing to see. This has been blighted for so long, I'd had my moments of doubt that this would happen. On another note, it seems that the main street revamp has been taking a lot longer than planned.
  8. I love watching people freak out about Trader Joe's, lol. I love them too, but I live in LA where there is a TJ on every block, so I'm spoiled. I was in NYC recently on business and the TJ by Union Square was so busy, half of the shelves were empty and there were two employees directing the checkout line that was 100 people long. Not enough TJ in Manhattan apparently. Another TJ in Columbus is great news.
  9. ^ Nice. That has a much bigger presence than I anticipated.
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