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  1. What a dumb thing to say. You don't know what makes them happy and what doesn't. You have no idea if they wanted to be solely a chips company or not. Plans change. Don't make assumptions based on ignorance.
  2. I thought the blimp was a bridge between the two buildings.
  3. I've seen even more expensive kraut brands here in LA. $9-10 for some of the "boutique" brands. I just looked for a recipe online and made my own for almost free!
  4. Perhaps NooooorM, the market where "everybody knows your name".
  5. When I lived in Highland Square 20 years ago, Timber Top was the popular place to live and party in the Valley. How is TT doing these days?
  6. Burying the utility wires would be a huge improvement. So would fixing up the Mayfield Theater. With all of the investment happening in this neighborhood, I'm surprised there is no plan for it. It could be the crown jewel of a fantastic neighborhood.
  7. I've often thought the Gorge dam should be removed, but I must have missed the news that it is actually going to happen. That's fantastic. I guess I'll do a Google search and find out more.
  8. The bottom of Lake Erie? That's as downhill as it gets. Finally Cleveland gets a domed stadium!
  9. I’m not aware of the Lake Ave. sprucing-up plan. That’s great news. Do you have a link? Thanks.
  10. @Rowntowner Please stop thumbs downing my posts just because you might disagree with what I’m saying. It’s rude. I didn’t say anything objectionable in my last post, I pointed out the fact that CU has always been news.
  11. Yeah, but this person is saying “like they used to do” as if it was years ago “before it became lame news.” CU has always been news, lame or not. As you say, Columbus Underground did their last construction roundup in November which was not that long ago. I’m sure there will be another one soon once spring comes. Who wants to go out in the middle of winter and photograph 40 buildings under construction? lol
  12. CU still has construction updates. Quite often. All you have to do is look.
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