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  1. To my knowledge all of the apartments on the west bank of the Flats are considered Ohio City. :wtf:
  2. TMH

    Visiting Cle

    Excellent write up, I am enjoying seeing Cleveland through the eyes of a visitor. Your comments seam right on target. One bit of information to add, at the cemetery, there is a large obelisk (I think that is what you call it.) which marks the grave of John D. Rockefeller. The ashes of Elliott Ness were spread onto one of the ponds and there is a commemorative plaque.
  3. I know this is probably a stupid question, but how does the crane operator get up into the control cab? I can't imagine the operator climbs all the way up. :wtf:
  4. Now that I read my previous post again, I apologize for the negative tone. All I intended to say was that the glass siding will be a nice change from the more common stone facades we see downtown.
  5. I think this hotel is going to be beautiful. We are so lucky to not be getting a Hilton hotel like the one in Columbus. http://www.hiltoncolumbusdowntown.com/d/hcolumbus/media/__thumbs_209_119_crop/Exterior-_high_res.jpg
  6. I just took a walk over to Progressive Field to see the progress on the "containers" in right field. They are currently putting what appears to be a wallpaper type of cover so that the middle row of "containers" will be green. As much as I hate this look, the green may help to mitigate this disaster. If only they had installed glass or metal bar fencing around the top of the "containers" instead of the solid wall, it would have been so much more appealing. In time I guess I will get used to it. Fortunately, my seats are in the lower section of right field so I will not be able to see the "containers" above me. I pity the folks on the third base side. They will have to look at the "containers" for the entire game. :|
  7. Is there any possibility that this is temporary and after baseball season, they will go back and finish. The steel siding and railings can be easily removed next year. I just can't believe the city planning commission approved this. It is so different from the approved design renderings. :-(
  8. Don't forget there is the Grand Arcade (with 100+ units), Pinnacle (New construction), the Coat Factory, Water Street, and several condos on West 9th, all in the Warehouse District. The Point in Gateway and The Park on Public Square are also condos. There is a demand.
  9. Is anyone else concerned about how all of this work will be completed by Opening Day. Looking at those pictures, it seems very optimistic to think this will be completed in time. Opening Day is in about 6 weeks.
  10. Regarding the traffic at Prospect and East 9th, you can see that every day at rush hour.
  11. No, the Colonial and Euclid Arcades are now the 5th Street Arcade.
  12. The Grand Arcade is a condominium building in the Warehouse District. I think the Arcade spanning Euclid Ave. and Superior Ave. is called The Old Arcade.
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