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  1. Maybe it will lead to less demolition in the area - one would hope...
  2. neilworms

    The SimCity Thread

    I've got something similar in the works - I'm remaking Cincinnati but without expressways (for the most part only I-75 and I-74 with a tiny stretch of I-275 in NKY - from the Aberdeen map), Brooklyn style architecture in the basin including the west end and more of a mix outside those areas) and even streetcars,inclines and the subway (thanks to jjakucyk's website I can get the streetcar routes relatively accurate). I've done some creative reinterpretation in spots (making the CL&A interurban run from Lower Price hill to Anderson Ferry) and would love if someone here could model some current / historic landmarks (I'd love to see the old churches of Plum Street as they were for instance) or vernacular architecture specific to Cincinnati (I can only get frame second empire townhouses not brick ones from the workshop though the Dresden Cubehouses are a close approximation of the apartment buildings at least). Stay tuned, I'll post a few preview screenshots tonight.
  3. Btw to those who were curious what the old Court Street market looked like, here is a blog post, it even addresses the mysterious early 90s signs: http://www.diggingcincinnati.com/2014/02/court-street-market-since-1829.html The markethouse sadly was pretty modest, very wild west looking, nothing like the one at Plum Street built by Hanaford.
  4. Yeah even though Chicago was literally the seat of the Polish government in exile during World War 2 and still has the largest Polish population in the world outside of Poland, we do not have this. I think Polish Sausage (said with the superfans voice from SNL) is bigger here.
  5. There are plenty of them in Chicago and Detroit too.
  6. You know I am part of a rust belt urbanist group on Facebook that renamed itself into a perogi based name thinking it would unite the entire rust belt. I had to explain to them that perogi's were more of a great lakes / St Louis* thing, that much of the rust belt closer to the Ohio river like where I grew up just doesn't have them. Perogi's are extremely common in the upper midwest btw. *STL has a much stronger influence from the great lakes cities even down to having the northern cities vowel shift thanks to their proximity to the canal that connects the Mississippi to Lake Michigan via Chicago
  7. Looking forward to finding out if Kroger completely integrated Mariano's concept into this store.
  8. Yeah I remember that, even wrote them a letter about it because I was seriously upset, if I had to pick a #2 after Over-The-Rhine to see restored it was that stretch of Walnut Hills. They made the excuse that the money was impossible to find. I didn't entirely buy that IMO because when there is a will there is a way and IMO I think Cincinnatians in general (not the people on this forum for the most part) at that point had no cultural frame to see what kinds of restoration projects were possible.
  9. Demoing these buildings was nothing short of a tragedy, and I've seen the renderings for the firehouse row they are ugly low quality infill buildings. Cincinnati should have done better and the WHRF should be ashamed of itself.
  10. The best decision the elites who put 3CDC together made was hiring someone from outside the region to head it. Stephen Leeper is from Pittsburgh.
  11. I'm not a fan of the EPA building either. The fact that this isn't in the national consciousness is because Cincinnati almost never is in spite of its wealth of historical buildings. Historically the area that the EPA covered was very dense by Midwestern standards but not as dense as Boston of course. Boston City hall was the result of tearing down Scollay Square which had a touch of a Piccadilly Circus feel to it for a dead lifeless urban plaza that's overwhelming and oppressive, though as I understand it wasn't that way originally but due to some bad engineering decisions the fountains and performance stage they had to lessen its oppressiveness were deactivated leading to the bleak windswept plaza we have today. Still even with those fountains/stage its a downgrade from Scollay Square.
  12. I think Brutalism is being torn down at a fast clip the way Victorians were in part because they are responsible for so much urban destruction themselves. Boston City Hall was a crime against humanity. I do like some examples of Brutalism but on the whole its a very tough style to love, doubly so given its history in failed urban renewal schemes.
  13. Years and years of Cincinnati shooting itself in the foot despite its "embarassment of riches" leads to this mentality. Cincinnati's local culture is so bonkers compared to the rest of the country that surrounds it and things that are givens elsewhere are difficult endeavors in Cincinnati which lead to people who don't quite follow the norm being frustrated with everything to the point of being pretty darn distrustful.
  14. 1 bus every 4 hours without good transit links on the Cincinnati side hmmmm. At the very least when I plug Cincinnati to Dayton in on google maps it won't say there is nothing connecting the two via transit...
  15. Dude, I've traveled the world and you gave me shade about doing so and not caring about Cincinnatians opinions. You know what I don't give a darn because IMO I think the prevaling idea is wrong. Sometimes living elsewhere gives people perspective and perspective I see lacking. These buildings are valuable to everyone in the country except ingrates in the Cincinnati area who can't see the forest through the trees.