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  1. Congratulations guys! I'm happy for you. I have some concern about the timing of this though, the economy is going to tank and I have a feeling that improvements are going to be delayed because of that.
  2. Like his great policies towards endless wars right. Good stuff, very progressive. Lets model our security state after Isreal where people have very little rights and are presumed guilty until proven innocent, great policy that gave us the TSA etc. Also If I was channeling the hard left I'd be saying a lot of BS about landlords - I'm not there, I just really don't like Buttigieg.
  3. Buttigieg does the exact same strategy Cranley does which is trying to be a Republican lite in the hope of getting non existant moderate GOP people to join the dems. Though I guess what he did in south bend was slightly better from an urbanist policy perspective - though his relationship with the African American community gives me echos of Cincinnati in 2001. Its that bad.
  4. Not at all surprised, I keep telling friends in Chicago that Buttigieg reminds me a ton of Cranley, same kind of weaselly rat.
  5. Kaze was pretty good, shame to see it go - the space was really awesome (though IMO there is better ramen / japanese food at Zundo - its one of the best Japanese places I've been to outside of California). Let's hope the same doesn't happen to Quan Hapa.
  6. I had the same exact thought when I tried going there yesterday... (yeah I did see the followup post). Also this kind of sh*t (we are a good place that is now only an event space) is so Cincinnati... Btw, I knew about the place because of its sign that had been up for a very long time announcing that it would open soon... I should have read this forum before doing my thanksgiving family visit so I would have known that CHX was basically closed. I think they literally had the coming soon sign up longer than the damn place was actually open.
  7. So many comments here about crowds/fights/elements that would probably get people into a massive flamewar here if this was a larger more liberal city lol.
  8. Getting rid of the one non-Levine lot is going to have a huge impact on the neighborhood. I hope the Levines do sell eventually or 3CDC cuts some kind of deal with them.
  9. Speaking of Chicago - we are a bit miffed at the quality loss since Kroger took over Marino's - the main issue being a perceived decline in customer service, though other issues have been brought up: https://www.chicagobusiness.com/opinion/kroger-ruining-marianos-absolutely More details: https://www.chicagobusiness.com/consumer-products/kroger-ruining-marianos This is the closest Chicago equivalent to the OTR Kroger - its the flagship Mariano's in the West Loop note how a lot of recent reviews are much lower than the average: https://www.google.com/maps/place/Mariano's/@41.8811292,-87.6496833,17z/data=!4m10!1m2!2m1!1smarianos+near+me!3m6!1s0x0:0xa091a815340a92d5!8m2!3d41.8811289!4d-87.6474948!9m1!1b1 I hadn't been in this one in a while, but I was kind of wondering if they got rid of the guy who would play piano live everyday - I just don't see Kroger doing that kind of perk... All and all I'm happy for you guys getting a proper urban grocery store, let me give you a toast to its success :).
  10. Everything about this music venue was stupid to begin with. Leave it to MEMI to make the wrong decision
  11. I'd recommend little Osaka or Sawtelle Japantown if you want little Tokyo but a bit more youth oriented and hip. Its also about a 15 min walk from the Expo line (oh I wish the stop was actaully on Sawtelle instead of Sepulveda). Good to check out on the way to or from Santa Monica.
  12. We make do, urban living is like breathing air here in Chicago, people get it. I can't say the same about many Cincinnatian's perspective on the issue. Also we have both quiet neighborhoods and loud ones, pick which ones you want to live in but they are mostly very walkable.
  13. Yeah the only reason why the Banks got to where it is now is due to Mallory actually having a few closed door meetings to get them on track. Without his leadership the thing is falling into chaos again. Also MEMI has a terrible track record - they've canceled multiple events they got their grubby hands on after ruining them (MPMF, Tall Stacks, Jammin on Main) why give them a music venue that wastes valuable riverfront neighborhood space? I know people have respect for the Symphony and what not but more people need to criticize this group for being badly managed and full of people with terrible ideas. IMO they should be working on making the Emery what it should be if they want a concert venue - its one of the best in the whole country and yet is going to be used just for Children's theater, WTF??!!!
  14. Pretty impressed - it seems like they are bringing the urban food hall concept (think food court but run by modern hipsters/yuppies) that's pretty popular, though with Mariano having a say in Kroger, they are in good hands. I'm looking forward to going down there and seeing this open.
  15. Oh wow, I was going to reference it for my cities skylines project to get subway related stuff down (though your book is generally an even better resource).
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