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  1. I just don't understand what they will do with the old ones? It seems wasteful.
  2. Dumpster is probably in quotes because anyone who would throw trash outside of one, probably doesn't know what one is.
  3. I think its sad how many people got loans for houses they couldn't afford because they knew they would appreciate, well now there are a lot of unhappy people trying to do a short sell, its too bad that people always think real estate never depreciates then it does and their interest rate goes up and they are too top heavy to live.
  4. I'm 22 and I moved here one year ago from Atlanta, I came up here to visit a friend and was shocked at the options for (like others have said) dining, bars, etc etc. I'm not a HUGE shopper, but Kenwood and Rookwood and even downtown in some cases do the job for more upscale tastes and sidewalk shopping in Clifton is awesome and getting better. I'm a big drinker so I have been to a ton of pubs bars gay straight yadda yadda, and have met people every time. I feel like people are alot more down to earth here than places I have been and have a friendly air about them, of course you'll meet dicks all over. I have no degree and have had NO trouble finding a job here, in fact my company "Medco" is hiring for MIS personnel right now. Ever since moving here I have heard about the awful crime, but I have never experienced anything completely unsavory nor has anyone I know, you just have to have a little street smarts depending on where you are. I lived downtown for 6 months and LOVED it, but I moved to Westwood to save a little money. Clifton or Northside is probably my next step, which I would definately recommend to you, but I wouldn't rule out Oakley or even Norwood. Norwood has VERY inexpensive apartments adjacent to Hyde Park that id kill for. There are also a lot of decent educational options if you choose to further your education. And you have a good deal of recreational options like Kings Island, Coney Island, Lakes, the river, pro sports, and perfect north slopes (its not utah, but its still fun as hell). But I guess everything is really subjective (I dont wanna sound like the CVB), I love it though and I can see this as the place that I'm going to die, really for the price, the urban atmosphere and natural scenery as far as greenery, hills and parks are unmatchable except for in much more pricey locations.
  5. I's WAY over the enquirer having a boner for "meatballs and lingonberries" EVERY ARTICLE
  6. Haha Thanks, I know the quality is just about horrible, it was just leisurely and i'm not a photog.
  7. I had some crappy pictures laying around on my camera and I thought Id post them a couple places and maybe someone would find them enjoyable?
  8. I went to the Greene today just to see what it was about, I didnt mind it, there were a good deal of people out and the apartments were nice if not extremely overpriced. I was surprised to see a development like this in suburban Dayton, but I really didn't know what to expect. Overall I was impressed but the amount of surface parking really canceled out the 4 story apartments and parking garages, not to mention the parallel parking. Thats one thing I will never understand, we will build something emulating something urban with different parking options but lets still surround it in a sea of pavement eliminating any notion of it being a true neighborhood.
  9. With how dangerous that bridge (and approaches) is and how populated NKY is and is becoming I am surprised that this isnt more of an emergency situation. In my own personal opinion I think it should definately come before 2 bridges in Ky going to relatively sparsely populated areas in Indiana.
  10. I could really care less about smoking, the only concern that I have is that this government baby sitting will go further and further. These articles always bring up kids and families, I completely agree that in a restaurant where families are trying to enjoy a meal, they have the right to not breathe smelly air. However, I have never seen a child in a bar. If you are so concerned about your personal health you probably shouldnt really even be in a bar. If you are concerned about the health of smokers, that is a choice that they have made and that they will have to live with, just as with many of the risky behaviors all people engage in daily.
  11. I will never understand what it is like to feel I could tell someone else what to do and have a divine right to protect others from what is big and bad.
  12. Yeah, sorry, I did a little bit more research on them after I wrote that. What you said was most of the reason for my fury, why on earth can a Kohls, and a Meijer, and plop-a-cardboard office be carved into the side of a hill, but they are making this stream thing seem all too strange. It looks like a terrible strip mining accident over there.
  13. I unfortunately live in Green Twp right now, and I would like if there was a little bit more retail that was readily accessible to the area, which could really be done in the abandoned facilities we already have. I just think its funny that Green Twp is so up in arms about this mall when half of it really looks like hell. Safe maybe, but clean and green? Not that I am supporting the horrible land use of the plan, but when did Green Twp officials start caring about poor land use?
  14. All of the renderings I have seen for the project lately is the two building configuration. My Dad was looking at purchasing one a few months back and they said the office project was most likely to be scrapped because of demand. As far as the marina goes, I don't know if there is updated information, but they couldn't guarantee that it would be there because they had to get it looked at by the corps of engineers. On another note, I was down at Don Pablo's a couple weeks ago after a reds game and traffic was AWFUL, I couldn't imagine the traffic over there with all of these residents. On any note I am really glad this building is going up, I wasn't too sure if it was going to come to fruitition.
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