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  1. Any of you journalists out there, feel free to do a public records request, but from what i ve been told: Cleveland population 2000 478,000 = apprx. 2000 CPD officers Cleveland population 2010 398,000 = apprx. 1300 CPD officers Those figures aren't exactly proportional. All Cleveland Officials care about is responding to criminal activity. Preventing/Solving crimes is not the priority for this city unfortunately. All they choose to fund is someone to take the report, not prevent or solve it via detectives or specialized units. Unfortunately, despite the mass hirings, they are only in a struggle to replace mass retirements, there is virtually no gain in CPD force
  2. Yes that is correct, I was not talking about B&E at time, I was just highlighting that Theft is not the same as Burglary. Burg/Break is the accessing part, Theft is the taking/stealing part. All i was trying to say
  3. KJP, close but no cigar. In order for a crime to be a Burglary in the State of Ohio ORC, the property MUST be inhabited by a person. Theft is the ORC crime for an uninhabited property, so no, vacants do not count toward that stat. Furthermore, Burglaries are extremely serious as the criminal is invading someone elses property while they are in it or not. Criminals have a track record of harming people during crimes as well as witnesses to crimes, so I would say Burglaries are very serious. Furthermore Burglary is not the crime of stealing/taking someon elses property, thats Theft. Burglary is the act of Breaking In or entering a premises without permission. Typically most police reports are a combination Burglary/Theft. Vacants would just be Theft since there is no inhabitants.
  4. http://www.19actionnews.com/slideshow?widgetid=62556 Anyone know anything about this building? its the 3rd slide in, looks new. I think i have it pegged just caddy corner from Avenue district on the running track
  5. I can not provide a link. what i provide would be considered heresay in a court of law, however the facts of the matter support my claim. there is also an article on cleveland.com that addresses this issue. i am on a google tv and dont know how to copy and paste sorry. my point is just that newsnet5 is not neccessarily the final word on the matter, and theres a good chance they wont even be reporting the crime to begin with. listen to the cpd scanner and listen to all the shots fired/robbery/gunshot wound calls that go out to police cars and how many u read about the next day in the news, compared to frequency, its rare.
  6. And this goes back to basic college/high school report references. Newsnet5 didnt provide a source for their info did they? They highlight 1451 police officers, despite 120+ were laid off in may and not brought back in significant numbers until December. I m willing to bet that newsnet5 wrote that article in the 5 minutes it took them to google Cleveland homicides and a single phone call to the CPD PR officer, who will most definitely skew the numbers as favorably as possible. Increased homicides after a mass police layoff doesnt really help the city or its politicians does it? Again, I was told in May that homicides were in single percentage increases, but facts speak louder than words.
  7. Homicides have been up since May. Just because you don't read about a homicide in the morning news doesn't mean it didn't happen last night. I really think the reason you hear more westside than eastside crime is that the local media and its constituents have given up on the eastside, unless its a really good story. Quite frankly, eastside crime has lost its sensationlism due to its frequency.
  8. wkyc.com reporting 104 homicides for 2011 with 48 hours to go. cleveland has 88 so far this year compared to 75 last year. doubt that the homicide above was known prior to this report, and with 36 nye/weekend hours to go, im betting on at least 1 more, so id say 15 more in 2011 than 2010 come 1/1.
  9. i got satellite free with my new car and never went back, that was 3 years ago now
  10. I could only wonder what Cleveland Clinic Money could build with 3rd world labor costs, that seems about right!
  11. I do believe I have dealt with Mr. Parker once and was told he has a business connection to the wonderful SIN night club on W.6th. Just what the Playhouse ordered.
  12. Jerry, what is your response to the, in my opinion much deserved, criticism of RTA; for your fare jumper policy released 24 hours after the printing of the above article, your article about letting fair jumpers go, unpunished? As a taxpayer I find that extremely repulsive. In article A you are complaining about lack of funding, yet in article B you are telling everyone its OK to not pay your fare. IMO all that article did was tell people to not pay unless they get caught? And only when they get caught will they have to pay a 25 dollar fine? Do you not see this hitting your finances? As an average Joe taxpayer, I have NO sympathy for RTA cuts if this is your policy on people who don't pay.
  13. Carter Manor is the biggest pain in the a$$ in Downtown Cleveland, outside of 1802 E.13th. If you only knew how much time CPD spent there compared to time that could be spent patrolling for downtown property crimes, panhandlers, etc. you would freak. Assuming everyone living there relocated out of the downtown area, it TRULY would make for a safer Downtown. This is WONDERFUL news!
  14. That's actually a set being built for "Fun Size" the kids movie they're filming, and supposedly they re gonna be tearing down all the additions once complete filming
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