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  1. The bridge over County Line is open. The volume of bikers has increased quite a bit since then.
  2. Xavier was a suburban campus that the city caught up to and passed. When the Xs (St.X and XU) were still downtown, this was the first of two moves out of town. St. X left later for even farther north.
  3. FWIW, some of the Delaware River bridges in Philadelphia use one-way tolling. I think they mostly toll coming into Philly. There could be a mix of tolling of, perhaps Brent Spence tolls southbound traffic and Big Mac northbound or vice versa. It would capture most folks just once a day then.
  4. dmerkow

    Higher Education

    Jake you are too friendly. I avoided the wedding costs by alienating as many people as possible.
  5. I will note that Toledo managed to build a very nice downtown arena recently that is much nicer than U.S. Bank very recently.
  6. The recent WCPO narrative seems weird. It really feels like the suburban powers-that-be decided the city had to much momentum and they needed to restore the narrative of decline before things got out of control.
  7. The successful suburban malls have run ahead (Kenwood is the obvious example in Cincy, but also Polaris and Easton in Cbus), but the ones that were creaking along have not recovered.
  8. It was an amazing atmosphere. Though the whole capo crap with AO Seattle was pretty silly. I think substantial upgrades are forthcoming. It needs a roof and a more family friendly section (a decent concourse that isn't dominated by folks waiting in line for beer would be fine). Most importantly, it needs development and transportation that tie it to the city a bit more. Rumor has OHS is looking at there property next door for redevelopment as well, perhaps some synergies between these two neighbors.
  9. Wilson is an attractive building, but that kind of auditorium is unnecessary with other better spaces on campus these days. There were plans to build a social science building there though I doubt that is active at the moment.
  10. The areas that have their own school districts or are a part of another district would have be addressed. This is why getting Amberley and Silverton wouldn't be too hard, but Norwood or Reading would be. I think that push should start with the near northeast side. I think adding Amberley, Silverton, Columbus Township in Cincy adjacent areas, and Golf Manor would make it easier to provide city services. Culturally that area could be considered Greater Pleasant Ridge (Nativity is a significant common denominator in that area). PRidge and Kennedy Heights are isolated in terms of police and fire services. Consolidating that area with a promise of a police station and the new fire station they've been discussing would be good way to start. Plus you have a couple new Cincinnati Public Schools in the area. Culturally, those areas are reasonably pro-urban (Deer Park not so much). Amberley would be the hardest though the fact that it is in Cincinnati Public means that folks are have already made a sort of choice for the city over the 'burbs (though I'd guess that it has a very high private school percentage). I think the west side will always have the anti-urban culture to contend with. It is also probably the most stable integrated set of communities in the region.
  11. Ohio needs to eliminate the remaining urban townships (Columbia is the most prominent in Cincy - Cbus has a couple more). The small villages come next. The hardest to convince would be Norwood and similar small cities. The big, mostly intact townships aren't going anywhere.
  12. The local elite did not stay as committed to Detroit as other cities. Certainly Cincinnati and Cleveland could have been more completely Detroit had their elites not continued to support the cities to one degree or another. The same is true of places like Buffalo. It is pretty easy to make a case that without the Loop, Chicago resembles Detroit far more than most would initially think.
  13. If you live on the northwestern side of Old Orchard, it isn't far to the Secor/Central business district. It is certainly bikeable - rode through there often from UT.
  14. dmerkow

    Ohio Sundown Towns

    http://stateofthereunion.com/pike-county-ohio This radio documentary talks a bit about sundown towns in the Waverly area as I recall.
  15. Pensions are just one component. There are plenty of other vendors and contracts that can be torn up - many likely agreed to less than licitly and for a much larger city - things as simple as a copier and payroll company contracts. Often union work rules can be changed in bankruptcy. Worst case scenario would be de-municipalization - it all simply becomes part of Wayne County again and whatever townships once existed - though I'm not that familiar with how much of the original French structure of city's founding remains.
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