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  1. 4th & Race is around $100 million and most of that cost is the parking garage. $59 million for Fountain Place has to include something more than an extensive interior renovation. The numbers aren't making sense.
  2. Really hoping this guy returns to reassure us everything is going to be ok
  3. Based on the Enquirer article today, yes. It is frustrating the article mentions a map of the proposed development but they don't show it or link to it.
  4. That is a great question, as both are in a similar spot. I'd put my money on the Kimpton but both won't be open before mid to late 2021.
  5. I believe it is still going to happen but they are working through budget issues.
  6. Congrats to the owners for holding out! Probably made double their neighbors.
  7. Surprising news! That is the original 4EG location so I assume they own the building and it has been paid off for years, which makes it easier to keep open seasonally.
  8. The Hilton, Hyatt and Westin are roughly 600 rooms each. The Millenium has what, 800 rooms? Those three hotels total nearly 2,000 rooms. All the new downtown hotels combined, going back to the 21c, total maybe 1,400 rooms. Yes there are a ton of new hotels but none of them are the traditional massive flagship. I did not fact check myself but I just know that every hotel is under 200 rooms, with most clocking in around 140-150. The exception of the dual flag Hampton/Homewood that has around 250 rooms, which is really two 125 room hotels.
  9. It was put out for bid around a year ago and then cancelled due to a lack of funding. I can only assume funding has now been allocated or the project was redesigned to fit within a new budget.
  10. This project is still progressing. Just like every other project, financing takes forever. Expect new construction work to start this fall. No idea when it will open, but I'd guess Fall 2020.
  11. Looks like they salvaged it from the Deaconess Hospital demolition.
  12. They are going to have a tower crane on Fountain Square as part of Fifth Third's project starting this summer. They also plan on relocating the stage to the opposite side of the square near Graeter's as part of the overall reconfiguration.
  13. No. They have not received funding and do not know if/when they will.
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