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  1. This project is still progressing. Just like every other project, financing takes forever. Expect new construction work to start this fall. No idea when it will open, but I'd guess Fall 2020.
  2. Looks like they salvaged it from the Deaconess Hospital demolition.
  3. They are going to have a tower crane on Fountain Square as part of Fifth Third's project starting this summer. They also plan on relocating the stage to the opposite side of the square near Graeter's as part of the overall reconfiguration.
  4. No. They have not received funding and do not know if/when they will.
  5. The building is constructed to add a tower without any major work required in the existing building. On the roof you can see "caps" over the elevator core and steel beams so they can be added on at a later date. I'd imagine they'd shut down a lane on race and 5th street for construction staging and leave vine st. alone as much as possible.
  6. The NIOSH facility is on hold due to the CDC being unable to obtain funding.
  7. 3CDC needs to make up for the broken promise of two towers on the 84 51 site!
  8. Half of Boi Na Braza will become a Chase Bank. The other half does not have a tenant yet. Chase will be right on the corner. Half of Boi Na Braza still makes for a huge bank branch.
  9. Got me! I can't believe that I would ever say that, but in fairness it was 11 years ago and just the beginning of the recession!
  10. This makes no sense logistically, especially with 3CDC controlling the properties in between HQ and the store. Is this a joke?
  11. This isn't true. Stairwells are common (and a popular amenity) in HQs and they share the floor with the other executives. They are CEOs of a Fortune 500 company so their offices are what you'd expect.
  12. ^https://www.senserasystems.com/public/TurnerConstructionCincinnati/M68653864331 Just noticed it is labeled "4th & Race" but it is clearly Central Parkway & Walnut. Also, the Instagram page wasn't official, just a "fan."
  13. ^Site work started a few weeks ago. They are definitely moving forward but nothing coming out of the ground yet.
  14. ^They are opening a production brewery/warehouse on Spring Grove Ave. soon at the old Kahn's site that was originally proposed as a site for a new jail. Picture is from July 2018. They applied for liquor permits last week.
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