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  1. That site plan is the biggest "f*** you" I've ever seen expressed to a city/neighborhood/local population. Shame on Smyjunas (once again) and shame on anyone who ever spends a dime in this development.
  2. If all the citizens of the Cincinnati region could see the city the way you do, the latest census results would have been quite different. Awesome.
  3. From what I understand, that money can only be used for high-speed rail.
  4. Been following this from afar, very sad to see the recent turn of events. Indeed, Kasich and the like (Walker, Scott, et al) are a national embarrasment. Keep fighting the good fight.
  5. lol, you can't move to dolores park and then complain about hipsters, you're at ground zero my friend!
  6. The planning commission has come around, but the NIMBYs have got to be just as delusional as ever. The power they're given to compromise, dilute, or flat out kill nearly any development, large or small, is absolutely maddening. That said, I love this town and wouldn't want to be anywhere else. Awesome shots Randy!
  7. Ride-train-ride, pretty much every day all year here.
  8. I ride a bike with 23c tires on Market St. in SF at least 5 days a week and have yet to have an accident that was my fault or a result of the streetcar tracks. I'd recommend training wheels to those in Seattle who feel litigation is the best solution to their situation. Regarding the Luken comment, I seriously thought that was a joke.
  9. Here are some neighborhoods (in no particular order and I'm sure I'm forgetting some) and their main commercial streets which offer a good starting point to checking them out. But don't forget to wander off onto residential streets as well. Hayes Valley (Hayes) Pacific Heights (Fillmore) Cole Valley (Cole) Mission (Mission/Valencia/24th/18th/16th) Castro (Castro/Market) Russian Hill (Hyde/Polk) North Beach (Columbus/Grant) Cow Hollow (Union) Marina (Chestnut) Sunset (Irving) Richmond (Clement) Noe Valley (24th) Chinatown (Grant/Stockton) Upper and Lower Haight (Haight) Nopa/Lower Pac Heights (Divisadero) One of the best walks IMO is from Civic Center/Tenderloin to the Marina on Polk. The variety and diversity, morphing as you go north, are a great representation of the city as a whole.
  10. Agreed, I think the similarities end with the hills. Portland would be a more appropriate (and tangible) aspiration.
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