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  1. I think the potential of this projects proximity to the future Irishtown Bend park is really exciting!
  2. Is there still a possibility that still Amazon expands to the site at Berea Rd/Madison Rd site on the West side? Or is this replacing that facility?
  3. I am not aware of anyone that is not on the "essential" list going back anytime soon. No dates have been communicated as far as I am concerned.
  4. I have friends moving into the new condos on Overlook this summer, excited to see this development (and hopefully surrounding area) grow!
  5. This is interesting considering that we have a hiring freeze, they cut the employee 401K match down to 3% from 6%, offered a pretty attractive buyouts that a good amount of people took, and did lay off some people.
  6. Thank you everyone for this help and advice. While I do have more downtime than usual, I do not trust myself to do this correct (sadly). To your point @sizzlinbeef Integrity Waterproofing was by far the most professional company that gave me an estimate, but they were also double the price of every other company .
  7. @DEPACincy They are limestone stones and we are talking some yellow/brown colors coming through the white paint. Hope that helps. @dastler All four contractors have given me estimates saying I will need this done immediately. To your point, I am not educated at all on the topic therefore it is scary. Feel free to private message me if that is easier.
  8. Hey @dastler , thanks for your reply. I only saw water once about a month ago when we had a good downpour. It was about a six foot wide, and half inch deep puddle. I do not have a sump pump, and definitely need to take a look at the gutters. The water entry isn't the main issue, the browning/discoloration on the walls is becoming more widespread with each rainfall we get. I'm not sure the best route forward.
  9. Hi everyone looking for some help here. I recently (December 2019) purchased a home in Lakewood (near W117 and Detroit). It is my first home, a single family home, and I have only had minor issues so far. Though since Spring has started I have noticed two of my basement walls browning and we got a decent sized puddle once from rain. The sellers made no comment of this in their disclosure forms, and during my home inspection the inspector commented "the basement walls have been freshly painted, which would cover up any potential issues or damages". I have gotten four estimates now for waterproofing roughly 55'-60' around my house and they range from $8K-$17K. The home included a one year home warranty with the purchase, but of course this issue is not covered in the policy. Two questions. 1. Is there any way I could legally go back to the sellers for not disclosing this? They will probably claim they had no idea, but the first decent amount of rain we get since closing we have issues? What are my options? 2. Does anyone have a waterproofing company in the NEO area they recommend and think is fair on price? Thank you in advance for any and all help on this!
  10. https://www.vox.com/first-person/2020/4/25/21234774/coronavirus-covid-19-protest-anti-lockdown Found this article as a good read, wanted to share.
  11. Sorry I'm one of those without a Crains subscription. But does anyone know where this four-acre parcel is exactly? Thank you in advance!
  12. I will never take this restoration for granted I swear. Still have PTSD from it being a boarded up eyesore.
  13. Not sure if this has already been posted and/or talked about, but after speaking with my friend who works in Amazon warehouse launches he mentioned that there is one coming to Bedford?
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