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  1. Cities are made for PEOPLE not cars. Next person to cry about traffic and car related things needs to look at other cities and pedestrian only areas that are sustainable and healthy development. Not car centric South Park malls. Obviously Shaker is looking for something different here.
  2. Hey everyone, Similar to @Eastside I am looking to make a change and would appreciate any and all advice from the people on here. I am originally from the Cleveland area (Ukrainian Village, Parma) and graduated from Ohio State with a Finance degree in 2014. I have been working since then here in Columbus first for a manufacturing company doing Financial Analyst work and currently have spent the last ~4 years at an energy company doing wholesale supply chain work. I am looking to get back to the Cleveland area as that's where family is and was wondering if you guys knew of the best companies or places to look? I am interested in doing the same work I am currently doing, but would not be against a career change into the field of urban redevelopment, etc. (aka what most of us on here enjoy). If any of you have any knowledge or experiences to share, it would be greatly appreciated!
  3. The only way you decrease car dependency is to create attractive and desired neighborhoods that also have limited parking and car lanes. Look at OSU in Columbus, or Amsterdam's transition. While both are far different from Cleveland and Cleveland is a long shot away from creating walkable neighborhoods where most people would be okay not having a vehicle, this is certainly the direction to go in in terms of an overall standpoint.
  4. ytown2ctown


    What is going on right now in Georgia is disgusting systematic racism. Disappointed in what the GOP has become.
  5. My recommendation would either be Shaker Heights number one and Lakewood number two.
  6. Growing up in Parma all my life I can agree with the frustration that this city with its location, "bones", low cost of housing, and size continues to have no vision. Parma is based on what neighborhood (dictated a lot by high school) you live in and never has a bigger picture approach.
  7. Anyone with a Crains subscription that can post the update and article for FEB III?
  8. Between this, the Beacon, and former Athletic Club Euclid Ave. is the place to be!!!
  9. My source close to Amazon says this will be a delivery station, much smaller than the fulfillment center in North Randall.
  10. I've never been on board with the idea that global warming is an imminent threat. Not to say I don't think it is uninteresting, as I'm certainly for more research on the subject. Until we know more we should just be wary of any posed solution that hurts the U.S. economically. Human nature being what it is, we have seen countless examples both here and abroad where well-intended laws and regulations simply become mere political tools for certain powerful factions. So you probably believe in creationism, but deny climate change LOL. Please go down to Miami, Florida during a full moon. Visit Venice, Italy. Do I need to continue to list real (not alternative) facts about this. The denial of conservative media that has gone from a normal Fox News to a farrrrrrrr right (Brietbart like) is sad and dangerous. Keep living in the past!!!
  11. Heard from an Amazon source last week that the facility at Randall Park mall site is pretty much a done deal.
  12. As a resident of the Victorian Gate complex on High and Buttles, I completely agree^!!!
  13. Rocky River or Lakewood seem to be the best fit for what you're looking for.
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