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  1. I will be at the SW PCG sales meeting in Orlando Feb 9-12 and will let you know of anything I hear/see there related to this.
  2. Just spent some time reading through this thread and realized there are still members who support our current President and his faction of the GOP. Yikes.
  3. Ok guys I got on the RIGHT elevator on my way out of SW yesterday. A group of very nicely dressed older professionals were talking and I jumped on the elevator down. The one woman said that they "would be talking to the mayor tomorrow (today) regarding the environmental issues". I can only assume that is referring to the Scranton topic we all have been discussing. I will try my best to pick the correct elevators on my way home in the future.
  4. The PCG sales meeting this year is Feb 10-12 in Orlando. Not sure if they will wait until then or not?
  5. Hopefully this is a very isolated instance I am in currently then. Glad to hear this though!
  6. From a SW employee that just came from a very progressive company in Columbus, their culture could not be more conservative. Very white male baby boomer culture (I am a white male almost 30). Building layout is old, culture is stagnant, and they don't even allow you to wear jeans on Friday. Forget working remote occasionally, flex time or anything like that. While the company does A LOT of things right (hence their stock price), there is definitely A TON of room for improvement here.
  7. For reference should we expect something the size of One Cleveland Center or Tower at Erieview? Sorry if this is a dumb question.
  8. Just please something near a rapid station, I don't want to start driving to work.
  9. As a current Performance Coatings Group employee at Downtown HQ, there has been no communication to employees. Will let you guys know as soon as I hear anything. The only mention of it recently has been others joking about having an updated space here downtown compared to our current space which is........
  10. Could not agree more with this. God forbid the Right is ever questioned or held accountable for violence, continuous lies, etc. in this country. They have allowed part of the party to operate with hate for anything defined as "other".
  11. As a daily Red Line rider from Lakewood to Tower City this is very apparent from Gordon Square all the way to the W25. I would say over 200 mature trees have been cut down, and that's a conservative estimate. Completely unnecessary in my opinion, not sure who is in charge or what is going on here.
  12. I think we all can agree consolidation makes total and complete sense in every aspect. But I'm just not sure keeping VF and Normandy open just for the sake of appeasing Parma Hts. and Seven Hills is the most logical route.
  13. Also this plan completely disregards families on the north side of town like I was. If you live near State/Brookpark you have a 20 min commute to school either way. Also the board is already at Parma Sr. not sure why they didn't consider that into the consolidation plan.
  14. Also a Parma High graduate within the past ten years. I don't know that you can compare Shaker and Parma in any way. Parma is still in the 1960's in every way.
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