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  1. ytown2ctown


    What is going on right now in Georgia is disgusting systematic racism. Disappointed in what the GOP has become.
  2. My recommendation would either be Shaker Heights number one and Lakewood number two.
  3. Growing up in Parma all my life I can agree with the frustration that this city with its location, "bones", low cost of housing, and size continues to have no vision. Parma is based on what neighborhood (dictated a lot by high school) you live in and never has a bigger picture approach.
  4. Anyone with a Crains subscription that can post the update and article for FEB III?
  5. Between this, the Beacon, and former Athletic Club Euclid Ave. is the place to be!!!
  6. Proudly grew up in Ukrainian village!!!!
  7. My source close to Amazon says this will be a delivery station, much smaller than the fulfillment center in North Randall.
  8. ytown2ctown

    Tea Party Movement

    I've never been on board with the idea that global warming is an imminent threat. Not to say I don't think it is uninteresting, as I'm certainly for more research on the subject. Until we know more we should just be wary of any posed solution that hurts the U.S. economically. Human nature being what it is, we have seen countless examples both here and abroad where well-intended laws and regulations simply become mere political tools for certain powerful factions. So you probably believe in creationism, but deny climate change LOL. Please go down to Miami, Florida during a full moon. Visit Venice, Italy. Do I need to continue to list real (not alternative) facts about this. The denial of conservative media that has gone from a normal Fox News to a farrrrrrrr right (Brietbart like) is sad and dangerous. Keep living in the past!!!
  9. ytown2ctown

    Cleveland: General Business & Economic News

    Heard from an Amazon source last week that the facility at Randall Park mall site is pretty much a done deal.
  10. As a resident of the Victorian Gate complex on High and Buttles, I completely agree^!!!
  11. ytown2ctown

    Possible Move...Phx to Cle

    Rocky River or Lakewood seem to be the best fit for what you're looking for.
  12. Is there any renderings of what the completed project may look like?
  13. If you like the parks (both in Shaker and close to Cuyahoga Valley National Park), proximity to hospital, work, and the city, while also having safety and cool neighborhood Shaker is the way to go.
  14. Parma / Parma Heights is very affordable, but I don't think it will be what you are looking for outside of that. I agree with the Shaker Heights comments, as in I think it'll be an easy commute, great community, affordable, and great location.
  15. As a former Parma resident, I would advise Solon for the diversity, safety, and proximity to Warrensville aspects. If you are looking to be closer to the city Shaker is an option but that comes with the pros and cons.