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  1. anything on the short vine development? by staggerlees n domino's where the school was knocked down?? i know one development already failed there or was at least pushed back to whats going up now
  2. new phase looks much better than the originals... esp the facades... and the protruded ground level that will hold retail/dining etc. looks nice with a different color facade material
  3. having jus moved in fairly close tryin 2 get some grocery options...
  4. does anyone know the timetable for the Kroger completion off the top???
  5. is this area to the right of the proposed development, looking down from Ohio that is? and is is Bellevue or Dayton?
  6. Where are some of these potential locations??? Developer eyeing more sites for downtown Cincinnati hotels Business Courier by Jon Newberry, Staff Reporter Date: Friday, August 3, 2012, 6:00am EDT
  7. at least it wont block many viewpoints--- and help add to the perm population in a highly commerc area that def needs it... Viel besser als eine parking platz!
  8. its a nice enough building that i really wouldnt mind if a charter were too come in and use it and maintain it
  9. bmod

    The Pedicab Thread

    they work great in charleston SC, even better in flat areas...
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