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  1. They'll come out of hibernation when it is in opposition of something democrats largely support. They were exposed as frauds last month, but they'll be back. I promise. Oh you're going to see them all en masse now. I heard Tom Cole from OK already start to talk up about how the only way to pay for these cuts is through entitlement reform. Suddenly the R's are going to get all deficit concerned once again with an eye on eliminating the critical benefit that anyone who isn't a millionaire will be relying on. It's how you keep the poors in their place.
  2. AJ93

    Tax Reform

    The fact is that the R's are in a spot right now, with donors screaming that if they don't pass this, to not come looking for funding in 18. I think this passes, with some minor adjustments and everyone ultimately toting the 'good for middle class' trope while evading the impact to the deficit.
  3. So how does that work, do you have to buy individual 'coins' for $10,000 a pop, or do you buy in fractions?
  4. What I wonder though is if we legalize opiods, for instance, but then highly regulate them to make them difficult to obtain outside of medical reasons, has anything really changed? People who want to use these drugs recreationally will likely still have to go through the black market to obtain them. While we reduce the criminal sentencing for users (which I'm for), we still have to stop the illegal distribution and sale of drugs through non-legal channels. So does anything really change about how we handle that? And, we still have the addiction problem that we have to address. Legalizing doesn't seem to address that problem.
  5. Nope. Just still in disbelief that the Dems ran such an awful 2016 campaign. I mean Hillary Clinton directed and wanted a Donald Duck to appear at Trump rallies to be a "Donald Duck'' as in ducking his tax return issue and she way overplayed the "identity politics'' thing. You guys, it's ok. She lost. She can't hurt you anymore.
  6. ^Haha, I was trying to remember his name to post the same thing!
  7. AJ93

    Off Topic

    Somebody needs his all bran. I'm guessing the decline of Thanksgiving celebrations (FWIW, I've never heard of these and I was in elementary school in the 70's) has more to do with the experience you just described, and kids boredom with singing olde timey songs, than any political agenda.
  8. Trump's correct that he's pretty horrendous on the issues from a GOP perspective. But note even he won't endorse Moore by name. I mean, I guess he didn't actually say 'Roy Moore', but he's endorsed him alright. https://www.nytimes.com/2017/11/21/us/politics/roy-moore-trump-alabama.html?hp&action=click&pgtype=Homepage&clickSource=story-heading&module=first-column-region&region=top-news&WT.nav=top-news&_r=0
  9. So, is he saying he had a relationship with Senator Bob Taft (Senior)? His first true love! ;D
  10. AJ93

    Tax Reform

    Completely. Hopefully, the people that are negotiating don't fall for it. I don't have a lot of hope in that regard.
  11. ^ I'd go one further to say that the 'right people' aren't even running. All we have to choose from are 'these people'
  12. Yeah, the issue for me is that ATT & TW are internet providers, not just content providers. If we elect to cut the cord, they can slow our internet speeds / cap our data usage and create a large disincentive to stream content directly from individual providers, making it financially and logistically impossible to choose directly what we want to watch. On this, I'm with the Trump administration. Too much consolidation here for my liking.
  13. AJ93

    Tax Reform

    I read on Twitter (I know, I know...) a theory that the R's just put the health care provision in as a red herring to stir up the opposition, and will ultimately pull it as a 'concession', leaving the remainder of the tax bill unscathed, because we focused so much effort on the health care part.
  14. AJ93


    1) the greek system is so entrenched in the US college system that I wouldn't doubt that this is a temporary moratorium and you'll see them slowly come back in a few years. The greeks have too much invested, in time, history and capital, to just walk away from this. They'll rally the network, and lobby / sue the school to ultimately let them come back, albeit in a toned down form. 2) alternatively, I wouldn't be surprised if you start seeing 'clubs' not affiliated with the greeks or the school to start forming, essentially doing the same thing, but without school supervision. 3) if 1 & 2 don't come to pass, the housing is easily converted to rental units for students, given the layout of the houses and the kitchens, proximity to the school, etc. If they don't operate as frats, they'll just pull the off campus demand into these houses, which will suck students away from the outlier off campus housing.
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