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  1. Buttegeig's candidacy won't go far once the primaries start...he has about 0% support among African-Americans, a core constituency. He may do well is some liberal states a Democrat would win anyway, but once the Southern primaries start, his campaign will fade quickly, I predict...
  2. And except for a few spots on Woodward near Jefferson, the Fox Theater, and Wayne State, isn't nearly all of that activity on Woodward of the last four or five years? I've been visiting Detroit regularly since 2007 (live in Toledo), and the change on that street is remarkable. The last few times I've visited, in the last year, I have noticed much more activity in the neighborhoods too, many fewer empty commercial spaces, but not yet a lot of residential rehabbing outside the hot areas.
  3. It didn't start with Obama...it goes back at least to Nixon's Southern Strategy. He knew and LBJ knew that LBJohnson's support for civil rights would doom the Democratic party in the south, as it has. Republicans long ago picked up that slack; they have been the white supremacy-apologist party for at least 50 years. Before that, remember too that during the Klan's resurgence in the North in the 1920s, Klan politicians ran almost exclusively as Republicans - not Democrats. Even by then, Democrats were the party in the North of immigrants and minorities.
  4. I was listening to a talk show last night about Trump's policies and rhetoric toward Latinos, and the point was made that Pete Wilson's anti-immigrant policies in Calif pushed that state from red to blue, and that Trump's policies may have a similar impact in red and purple states like TX, AZ and FL. Despite a lot of congruence between GOP positions and Latino voters, Trump may cause a generational shift toward the Dems.
  5. I'm not buying the comparisons between Assange and 'the press' either. What Wikileaks does is considerably different from journalists, who interpret and organize masses of primary source documents, and don't just dump them on the internet. Journalists rarely release all of their notes and sources in full.
  6. I lived in Columbus for one summer in the early 2000s, and the city has improved considerably since then. Not all of the infill can or even should be a star; building a quality, urban, walkable environment means some things are built quickly and cheaply. Columbus seems very far ahead of most other large Midwestern cities (ex Chicago) for the size of the urban/walkable/quality spaces.
  7. Redevelopment of SeaGate Convention Centre, former Hotel Seagate to begin this summer JON CHAVEZ The Blade APR 9, 2019 Lucas County commissioners on Tuesday announced details for their plans to redevelop the downtown SeaGate Convention Centre and adjacent former Hotel Seagate. Construction is expected to start this summer with the hotel completed by February of 2021 and the convention center shortly thereafter, the commissioners said during an afternoon news conference held inside the center. The $70 million project will have three aspects — a 200-room dual-branded Hyatt Hotel; a 1,000-seat ballroom where the entrance to an underground parking structure now exists; and a new exterior for the 32-year-old convention center.
  8. Some Bowling Green updates: In sum, there isn't a lot of new residential or commercial construction in town, but significant investment in a rebuilt Wooster St/I-75 interchange - with roundabouts, and the start of a master plan for developing Wooster Street and making the city more pedestrian and bike friendly. Pedestrian crosswalks to get beacons on East Wooster POSTED BY: JAN LARSON MCLAUGHLIN SEPTEMBER 10, 2018 BG Independent News BGSU students crossing East Wooster Street will soon have the benefit of lights warning motorists to give pedestrians the right-of-way. Four pedestrian crosswalks were installed last year on East Wooster Street – one by the Stroh Center, and three between the traffic lights at Manville and South College avenues.... BG’s front door on East Wooster Street needs serious facelift City officials listen to presentation about East Wooster Street development possibilities. POSTED BY: JAN LARSON MCLAUGHLIN DECEMBER 11, 2018 BG Independent News Bowling Green’s front door is not exactly creating a great first impression for those entering the city. Knowing this, the city and BGSU hired Development Strategies to examine the 1.8 miles of East Wooster from Interstate 75 to the downtown. The firm has spent six months interviewing officials and residents, examining housing data, looking at construction costs, studying the zoning code, and more. Five houses being demolished for East Wooster facelift One of five homes being demolished along East Wooster Street. POSTED BY: JAN LARSON MCLAUGHLIN DECEMBER 31, 2018 BG Independent News Brick by brick and board by board, bulldozers are changing the landscape along East Wooster Street in Bowling Green. The demolition of the old houses is seen by some as a blessing for the future – while others view it as a loss of the city’s past The city of Bowling Green received five demolition permit requests at the end of last month for houses across from Bowling Green State University. Those houses – at 926, 930, 1010, 1024 and 1030 East Wooster Street – are now at various stages of demolition. Westbound Wooster to be closed for a month over I-75 Construction for roundabouts at I-75 POSTED BY: JAN LARSON MCLAUGHLIN MARCH 23, 2019 Westbound East Wooster Street over Interstate 75 will close for one month starting April 15, according to the Ohio Department of Transportation. This closure is required for the roundabout construction on East Wooster Street at Interstate 75. The ODOT detour will be Mercer Road, Poe Road and Dunbridge Road. Report on East Wooster Street doesn’t pull any punches Closed business at corner of East Wooster Street and Manville Avenue. POSTED BY: JAN LARSON MCLAUGHLIN MARCH 24, 2019 BG Independent News Bowling Green took a jab to the gut last week in the release of a study on the East Wooster Street entrance to the community. The “strategy for redevelopment,” conducted by Development Strategies of St. Louis, pulled no punches as it pointed out where the city has gone wrong, and where it needs to change course to avoid a downward spiral. The university and historic downtown are definite draws for the community, the study stated. But East Wooster Street – the front porch of the community – is littered with “haphazard development and poor quality buildings.” BG may buy land downtown; build restrooms by Wooster Green Downtown property shaded in yellow and purple that city is considering buying. POSTED BY: JAN LARSON MCLAUGHLIN MARCH 30, 2019 BG Independent News Bowling Green officials are taking steps to purchase land for public restrooms by Wooster Green, parking areas on South Church Street and the home of the Four Corner Center on South Main Street. On Monday evening, City Council will hear the first reading of an ordinance for the issuance of $890,000 in bonds for buying four parcels of land on South Church and South Main streets. One parcel is at 119 S. Church St., located just south of the police station. The former Huntington Bank Branch location has been closed for several years, but has drive-up ATM units. The city is interested in building bathrooms there that will serve those using Wooster Green as well as visitors to the downtown area. In addition, the location has been eyed by the city for years as property that could be used to expand the police station. While there are no immediate plans for an expansion, the addition of an improved safety dispatch center is one of the city’s long-term capital plans.
  9. Yep, bridge is gone. I stopped by a few times to watch crews tear it down. I'm looking forward to an innovative design for the pedestrian-cycling bridge that should be coming next.
  10. A few updates from the last year: Metroparks approves multi-purpose trail for Oak Openings corridor region: Metroparks Toledo hired a Maumee contractor Friday to construct the first phase of a planned 13-mile walking-biking trail through a future wildlife corridor to connect Secor and Oak Openings Preserve parks. The bid of $726,647 prepared by G6 Infrastructure LLC for the 1.6-mile section of the trail between Secor and Wiregrass Lake Metropark in western Lucas County was accepted by park commissioners at a special meeting. (Toledo Blade, 1/27/2018) Bike paths coming to Kilburn Road leading to Secor Metropark RYAN DUNN The Blade AUG 22, 2018 A multi-million dollar revamping of Kilburn Road in Richfield Township will add bicycle lanes leading to and from Secor Metropark. Lucas County officials are progressing on a roughly $3.9-million project that essentially reconstructs the three-mile road from Central Avenue to Sylvania-Metamora Road. It brings increased shoulder size, five-foot paved bike lanes in both directions, and drainage. This is a high-speed and heavily used road that benefits from the work, said Mike Pniewski, chief deputy engineer. ToleGO: Bike-sharing debuts in downtown Toledo JAY SKEBBA The Blade OCT 17, 2018 The long-awaited bike-share program in Toledo made its downtown debut Tuesday, where dozens of cyclists went for a spin around Middlegrounds Metropark. Mayor Wade Kapszukiewicz, members of City Council, and other officials and business leaders participated in the ceremony.
  11. Always interesting to see what doesn't change, in addition to the buildings - the fire hydrant, curbing, light poles...
  12. I think the outcomes can all be true minus the Russian manipulation. As you suggest, there's probably little evidence of explicit Russian collusion. Trump himself has been saying that so long it makes me wonder if he didn't try to drive the narrative to that extreme, just so he could be exonerated. Anyway, Trump's narcissism and other associated characteristics are probably a bigger driver than blackmail. He's been toying with running for President for years - he never mentioned getting involved at other levels - mayor, governor - always the big prize. His carefully crafted image is as an Archie Bunker who wins. Trump is gild - he represents the everyman idea of getting wealthy - that you'll dip everything in gold, but 'the money won't change me' and I'll still eat at McDonalds and be a straight shooter. The challenge with Trump is that opponents try to define him as simple and one-dimensional, but he's more (culturally) complex than that, giving him many angles to play to his base.
  13. TPS sells downtown building to ProMedica BRI'ON WHITESIDE Blade Staff Writer MAR 26, 2019 8:34 PM The Toledo Board of Education Tuesday sold Toledo’s historic former post office to ProMedica Health Systems, the latest in a string of purchases of downtown buildings by the regional healthcare giant. It’s unclear what purpose ProMedica has in mind for the Jefferson Center — built in 1911 and listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1972 as the Old Central Post Office. ProMedica spokesman Tausha Moore said in a statement the specific plans for the center still remain uncertain. “We would propose to purchase the building in order to save this historic structure,” she said. “The building will qualify for historic tax credits, which would be a strong incentive for redevelopment.” https://www.toledoblade.com/business/real-estate/2019/03/26/toledo-public-schools-sells-jefferson-center-promedica/stories/20190326149
  14. It's a good plan. I hadn't noticed the road, it is too bad that the current drive will be removed, but the park will be better with the road in the back. The amphitheater will be draw, I hope, with one of the best skyline views. I wonder if the high tension power lines that cross there will be removed? The flashing lights diminish the area, imho. Hope the fishers can still use it as they like.
  15. Must have been an intern...they also showed "Sioux Falls, SC" this morning.
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