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  1. There's racism from Boston to San Diego and everywhere in between. No place is free of it, particularly not liberal "big cities". I wonder if there's a typology to the anti-Black racism in Ohio that corresponds with its regions. Not that it looks that much different to the person targeted, but perhaps the roots are different: In Northwest Ohio, in the rural areas I'd say it's related to the descendants of conservative German Catholics in the rural areas. Almost no experience with Black folks, hostile to them moving in, plenty of anti-black culture in their own. Fear and avoidance of Black neighborhoods or "the city". In Toledo and the metro, it's sourced in the Eastern Europeans who came at the turn of the 20th Century. More experience with Black folks since the 1950s, Whites move away from Black folks. Frequent comparisons to Detroit.
  2. Is that a WWE Title Belt? The money drifting away in the wind seems to have come to pass.
  3. The challenge for the Republican Party is that since Nixon's Southern Strategy, the GOP has been two parties - the Dixiecrats and (Big) Business. Neither of those subparties are filled with people who necessarily practice democracy in their everyday lives - the Dixiecrats are the inheritors of the southern Democrats who practice and preach White Supremacy and old time religion; business owners almost never practice democratic principles in their workplaces. Both of these subparties invest heavily in obedience to male authority, and unquestioning loyalty to whatever the "boss" is - a church, a company, or a racist ideology. Waiting for Republicans to turn on their leader will be a forever waiting game - it almost never happens.
  4. I work at a state university in OH, and there is a sh*tshow brewing between faculty and administration about fall plans. Faculty are seeing news and data like those above, administration communications are reassuring students about their "face-to-face" classes in the fall, while telling faculty that most classes will be online/streamed, but they're sharing very little information about how health protocols (masks, cleaning, etc) will be enforced. Worst of all, at our televised Board of Trustees meeting, nearly every single trustee and administrator removed their mask while talking, and some didnt wear them at all. Admins try to reassure us that students will follow these protocols day in and day out, and the administrators can't even do it for a single meeting.
  5. It absolutely changes how people feel in a space. Imagine someone who abused your family and your people relentlessly and then was celebrated with a statue in the center of the city. You'd never feel right entering that space. Just because you don't have that experience doesn't mean it doesn't exist or isn't important. People and organizations have been going through proper channels to get these statues taken down for years, to little effect until recently. This has been a longstanding issue, the pressure is now too great to ignore. It sure does seem to bother you, though.
  6. It's a sign of weakness too that he's starting in Oklahoma, one of the very reddist states, and will next be going to Arizona, TX (both reliably red but purpling) and NC in the next few weeks.
  7. Mission statements are not oversight. No organization should be left to police or monitor itself, it's a lie that right-wingers tell themselves about the institutions they support (police, corporations, military) but not those they don't (schools, universities). Any public entity must have strong public oversight, particularly those that arm their employees.
  8. ....and, if they stopped actively trying to make life more miserable for those groups. The end of gay marriage is still in the GOP platform. There aren't 'suspicions' about Republicans, it's experience reminding us not to fall for one-second photo ops.
  9. OK - this thread is far too active for me to keep up.
  10. Are you just now reaching the conclusion that Trump won't abide by the law or the limits on his office? What took you so long to realize this?
  11. Ive had a copy of that map up in my office since it was released...I had just moved to BG from Japan, where never had a car and only used trains, so I was giddy thinking about being to take a train out of Bowling Green. All these years later, I think I took Amtrak from Chicago once (because I missed the Megabus) and it was three or four hours late back to Toledo. Havent ridden since, though I have looked into it from A2 to Chicago. As much as i would prefer the comfort of the train, megabus has it beat from Toledo - the bus is faster, makes fewer stops, is cheaper, and much more reliable than Amtrak. In Japan, the bus was cheaper, but had more stops, and was far slower.
  12. I am so excited to see this project completed...there's a lot of planned investment in parks and bicycle trails that hopefully won't be interrupted. This park will become a destination for the region; I'm hopeful for an agreement for Toledo Metroparks -- largely a county organization until about five years ago - to manage a few of the larger city parks that are in need of investment and improvements.
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