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  1. im dying to know what was in that time capsule...
  2. TKILTBAG awnings look like complete trash. Im not sure why crappy corrugated metal is OK just because its a country bar. The lack of effort for exterior of their space is something i can quite understand considering how much money they seem to have thrown at their interior.
  3. ^I would say most of those numbers are relatively conservative in terms of height. The retail levels would be anybodys guess but 16 feet is probably realistic. For the office levels, depending on the ceiling finish approach, i wouldnt expect anything under 14' floor to floor. The ceiling they have now are incredibly high, maybe in the range of 16 feet... but thats just a guess.
  4. They'd better find their "residential developer" asap! Im going to be extremely disappointed if they dont pull it off.
  5. Agreed. There are many ways to conceal a parking structure within a tower. Depending on its scale, it may not be economical to address it exactly as they did with Broadway Tower, but I guarantee integrating the parking portion will be a priority in this location. There is no reason they cannot locate residential entirely above what is sure to be block-long office plates.
  6. ^Cite one example where a new office development in downtown Cincinnati has produced a garage that looks anything like that?
  7. I heard on the radio this morning that Dahoney addressed council on the issue, and stated that Retail AND Residential are planned to be components in the development. No mention to what extent, but it seems city leaders do indeed understand the importance of the site and mixed use is the goal.
  8. Here is to hoping Dunnhumby will demand something a little more innovative in terms of building design. This will be exciting to follow.
  9. I noticed on my way into work today that they have removed a number of masonry units on the column wraps near the entry to Toby Keith's. I wonder if they are retrofitting a canopy.
  10. The one thing that i havent seen addressed (or even mentioned in the videos) is the actual riverbank. Are they going to leave the old Riverfront Stadium retaining wall, or will a stepped wall be installed at some point? I know a stepped wall is illustrated in renderings but i see no evidence that it will actually be implemented. Is that something they may wait to complete once all phases are finished?
  11. ^ Its not a factor of skill, its a factor of resources and budget. You cant compare the imaginative enviroment of a video game to real world construction economics. How many skilled masons does it take to build a shell in a video game? How much do all of those fake stone and brick materials cost on a movie set? If architects were given the directive and budget to deliver 19th Century Italinate by a developer, they could do it. The problem is developers are far more concerned with squeezing in one more unit than how aesthetically accurate the exterior is. Highly detailed buildings are extremely expensive and in almost as situations are cost prohibative.
  12. ^You have to consider game day logistics, though. Absolutely NOTHING moves immediately following the end of games in those few blocks due to the volume of people. Is front door service worth it if you have to sit there for 20 minutes anyway?
  13. It would be pretty amazing if they took over Cosmopolitain Hall it OTR... i couldnt think of a better way to build upon the momentum on Vine.
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