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  1. assuming ODOT gets it's proverbial $#!t together, how do you think this development will effect edgewater? Will it make the area more attractive or will it cut off access enough to make it less attractive? I'm hoping it makes the area more walkable. It's too bad they didn't go ahead with the Euclid Corridor bus treatments to Clifton.. thoughts? (is it obvious that I'm looking at a property over here?)
  2. Market Garden, went there a couple of weeks ago. Loved the black bean tacos, absolutely great! Liked the beer selection. Goes without saying, great selection. Disliked the decor. The two friends I was with both questioned whether they were in Ohio City or Crocker Park. It's a little odd that across the street is a definite tourist destination in Great Lakes Brewery, yet if you were judging by the decors of GLBC and MG, you'd think MG was the tourist spot and GLBC was the local pub. Overall solid B, but considering that I'm not their target market (who I believe is early 20 somethings, and not old farts like me) that's not a bad grade. Can someone post what's happening with Jay Lofts? Are they finally turning this into something useful instead of a bad reminder of deals gone upside down?
  3. Have you decided on a spot for this? I have not seen an announcement.
  4. Sorry for no recent updates. First I'd like to share a link about Tyler: http://www.freshwatercleveland.com/features/tylervillage050511.aspx Also, we recently completed the build out Sparkbase's 3000 square-foot expansion, SB has grown from 12 employees to over 24, and looking to hire more. We brought in a group who had been working outr of their home to their first office space, pleased to bring the Waiting Child Fund to Tyler Village. Currently we have a company kicking some tires who would be making the move from the burbs to Cleveland, another one looking at expanding in Cleveland. If the amount of tours is an indication of an upswing in the economy, I'm starting to feel optimistic.
  5. Hey! I kiss my wife good bye every day at that stop before she takes the train to Case and pick her up there in the evening. So there.
  6. ^Yes, but I was thinking flashing neon for the gateway sign. How could that be anything but classy?
  7. you're also coming up from the train, and then proposing to go up again. That's a ton of steps for many train riders when they could just cut across Lorain, which while busy, isn't so busy you can't find a car free moment to get across. That said, more than the walk way, I like the idea of a gateway sign that branded the area the Market Square District as you came over the bridge.
  8. Yes, and they would be wise to get more parking too. Reality is the market attracts huge numbers from outside the city proper from neighboring suburbs and exurbs. Those dollars matter too for Ohio City in general and the market in particular. The area would do well with a large parking structure that could service the volume. The train sucks if you don't live in a few key spots. And even if you do live in say, Shaker Heights, 9 times out of 10 you're STILL driving to the WSM vs taking the train. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for pushing the train as a good alternative, but the reality is more parking and easier to use parking would be great for the area too. Especially if you could locate said parking in a strategic enough place that allowed foot traffic from cars to interact with the rest of West 25th.
  9. http://tinyurl.com/tylerlookbook You can check out one of our newer promotional materials in digital form here.
  10. I'd like to see a play on SoLo with this name...something like SoHo in SoLo. or simply SoLo. south lorain represent! SoLo is reserved for those of us who have bought buildings South of Lorain. Sincerely, WW, COO SoLo development!
  11. We are about to begin the Sparkbase expansion build out on Monday. Great Cleveland entrepreneurial story with these two brothers who have seen a company of 5 to 6 4 years ago grow to 20 to 25 employees in the last year. The kind of success Cleveland should be pointing to.
  12. < Slightly OT rant >This is a Cleveland problem, imo. I've never been so underwhelmed by waitstaff than I have been in Cleveland. I swear if you add 3 or 4 patrons to a Cleveland bar they need to shut it down. When I lived in Boston I'd go to places that were packed to the absolute gill and still have 0 problems getting attention from the waitstaff. Bartenders could actually handle more than 1 order at a time and waitress'/waiters knew how to balance attentiveness without crowding the diner. Why this so rarely seems to be the case in Cleveland is beyond me, but there you go. < / Slightly OT rant > * let me add that I love Cleveland restaurants food in general much more than any of the Boston places I went, it really seems to be much more of a management issue.
  13. Also, here's a quick video of Tooling U's views, etc..
  14. A couple of pics of Tooling U's build out.
  15. http://www.coolcleveland.com/blog/2011/01/video-emerging-chefs-take-over-cleveland/ Tyler tenant Moss Media is part of a group doing these Emerging Chef events. We plan on hosting an Emerging Chef event at Tyler Village in the spring or summer.
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