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  1. Just another notch in his “sabotage the trolley” belt.
  2. Reminds me of The Ascent without the weird angles.
  3. Rabbit Hash


    I’m wondering if they collected and can create a control for the race of the officers. I know I’m creating a hypothetical, but would it be racism if all of the officers were black or Hispanic?
  4. "That's right Flash, Daddy's gonna stick it to them Duke Boys! He he he!" $10 if you can tell me what the P stands for without utilizing the Google machine.
  5. And ignore... Really. Who in their right mind thinks FCC in the West End is such a bad idea?
  6. Rabbit Hash

    Cincinnati: Kroger

    Sounds like you are putting Kroger down a bit. Kroger is the third largest retailer in the world. Their access and generation of mountains of consumer data alone qualifies them as a tech company. If not, it at least positions them to become one out of (corporate) life-or-death necessity. Kroger May just be the tech company/talent attractor watershed this region needs. Edit: Removed some snarkiness.
  7. News on the streetcar has been slow lately. I can only assume that means it is functioning well and ridership is up.
  8. Wow! No news for months and then this. I wonder if the plans have changed any.
  9. Rabbit Hash

    Cincinnati Enquirer

    Not sure if has been mentioned yet but I am noticing on the Enq app now that all stories are now locked out for subscription.
  10. I know the owners for Maize. They’re shooting for May.
  11. Why are you so angry? FCC to MLS will be fun and raise the profile of our city. Maybe you’d be happier on Lexington, KY or Madison, WI.
  12. That makes too little sense in a Cranley world.
  13. Rabbit Hash

    Off Topic

    Your absolute chance of winning only increases by 1:n (not 1x:n) with each additional ticket that has a new number combo.