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  1. Intersting. I wonder how big (and tall) they would go with this hotel.
  2. Yeah, sounds like to me there's no new tower...so much for Crancels big announcement. Small man, small plan.
  3. So again, just confused if this is just a build out of what's there ir if there is a new tower in the offing?
  4. Heading south on 71 before the tunnel you can see the tower cranes have been up for a while. In my mind I was wondering if you'd be able to see the top of this building over the others...lo and behold you can now see the building from this angle! Nice!
  5. I saw they were doing samples a few weeks back in that grassy area south of the Baldwin. Grabbed a shot on my phone bt not worth posting.
  6. If I'm not mistaken there are cleats at the bottom of the Serpentine Wall. I've never seen anyone tie off there because it is open to barge wakes.
  7. Skeptical at first but looking through, I like the stadium itself. The 513 lighting will be an interesting game night feature. Also, it looks like they are generically branding it as "West End Stadium" until naming rights come through.
  8. Seems like the time for a pedestrian only Roebling is coming.
  9. Sorry. This just seems like another half-hearted "that's so Cincinnati" concept. Like an above-ground pool.
  10. Is there a Chipelto?
  11. And a former residence hall at UC was named for Charles.
  12. There is certainly a lot of opportunity with those lots on the other side of PRW as well! Will this take up the entire lot from Butler to the building on the west end? I wonder how it will "face" the park? Also, could we see a resurrected Pike Street stub off PRW? My initial reaction to this project was sour grapes for the lost opportunity of a building that could add to the skyline. But you all are right that this has a lot of positives.
  13. Boring. We go from 25 stories to something better suited for Liberty Township. I guess Milhaus donates to the right campaigns.
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