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  1. Skeptical at first but looking through, I like the stadium itself. The 513 lighting will be an interesting game night feature. Also, it looks like they are generically branding it as "West End Stadium" until naming rights come through.
  2. Seems like the time for a pedestrian only Roebling is coming.
  3. Sorry. This just seems like another half-hearted "that's so Cincinnati" concept. Like an above-ground pool.
  4. Is there a Chipelto?
  5. And a former residence hall at UC was named for Charles.
  6. There is certainly a lot of opportunity with those lots on the other side of PRW as well! Will this take up the entire lot from Butler to the building on the west end? I wonder how it will "face" the park? Also, could we see a resurrected Pike Street stub off PRW? My initial reaction to this project was sour grapes for the lost opportunity of a building that could add to the skyline. But you all are right that this has a lot of positives.
  7. Boring. We go from 25 stories to something better suited for Liberty Township. I guess Milhaus donates to the right campaigns.
  8. Yawn. This is going to underwhelming in an area of CBD that needs more...Banks would be better.
  9. Here's another rendering similar to the one above.
  10. There's literally no recognition of the existing and extensive rail viaducts in this rendering. Don't get me wrong, I love it but it wouldn't be this simple. Part of what make BSB so ridiculous is that it has to fly over the rail viaducts. I get that there is basically a shelf and then a drop from 3rd down to Mehring. But next time you drive south on BSB, look over to see how high the approaches are. Another huge reason why it should have descended from Kentucky along the same path as the Cincinnati Southern.
  11. What effect do you all think the Kyles Lane merge has? That one seems to create many problems as well with it's relatively short merge lane.
  12. If you take the footprint of the Indy hotel and then look at 4th/5th > Plum/Home footprint they are about the same size. Edit: KC is bigger 250'x435' approx.
  13. Besides that @edale completely skirted around @Cincy513‘s point about acquisition and relocation. Besides that, the urgency of the Bengals move was real. Prove me wrong on that point.
  14. NBA goes to Louisville before Cincinnati would even be a consideration.
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