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  1. You guys seeing these vids of Altuve asking his teammates not to rip his jersey? Rosenthal asked him about it on live TV!
  2. Probably end up with something similar to the Biloxi or Seminole properties. Just a wild guess.
  3. "Hey...this winning the Super Bowl thing isn't really working out...let's get into land development!"
  4. Am I reading this correctly? If they are demoing that whole building, then they would have to be replacing it with something quite significant, no?
  5. You got look up 8-bit guy on Youtube.
  6. Who doesn't instantly think of the movie "Boogie Nights" when they hear this song?
  7. The Commonwealth representin'! Louisville and Kentucky both in top 5! They could be headed for another 1 vs. 2 matchup between them. That UC/OSU game was awful last night in the first half. Inept offense. Should be interesting this year to see how the extended 3pt line has an effect, if any.
  8. These type of developments that always end up with some new modern structure next to something that's...uh...not. (Apartments in background. Eesh.)
  9. Rabbit Hash


    Takeaway: The Med is much bigger than I thought. Italy is much smaller. So weird!
  10. Rabbit Hash


    I mean, that's really insane! And it shows you just how unique the conditions have to be for tornado-genesis and that they only exist in central US/Canada. Look at the latitude that the bulk of them are at..let's say 45'N. Moving East you have the Mediterranean Sea and then the Himalayan Mountains and Ocean until you are back at the Rocky Mountains. None of those are geographically conducive. 45'S...basically no land mass. Fascinating!
  11. Yes and yes. That Fifth Street gateway to CBD from both NB and SB I-75 is a total meh. Give credit, the CINCINNATI sign has really become middling iconic but the underutilized historic on the right that have missing teeth and the expansive Plum lot along with the convention center on the left...not a good look for visitors entering.
  12. Intersting. I wonder how big (and tall) they would go with this hotel.
  13. Yeah, sounds like to me there's no new tower...so much for Crancels big announcement. Small man, small plan.
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