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  1. Here are some photos of the back of the building at the bottom of this post. Cincinnati CBD: Off the Beaten Path
  2. It's beautiful now, if not antiseptic. All that rock is the design out of someone's head and not Mother Nature. Can't imagine it won't look like crap in 5 years.
  3. They put some cheap lettering up on the overpass fence over 71 this week.
  4. Yeah. That stone wall in the second pic looks kind wild...almost like it is part of the construction.
  5. Not totally disagreeing with you. I completely agree with you line of thought on the streetcar and I think Union Centre having to be rebuilt is just goofy. MLK may turn out to be a good economic driver when it's all done. But if it were scrutinized like the streetcar...? The Graves Road project can surely be classified as a sprawl project but it leaves out a big part of the story that this exit is largely a result of freight growth at the airport and the Amazon economy. The infrastructure this supports (500k/1M sqft warehouses) could not be built in the urban core, no? Have the homebuilders and needless retail developers moved in to carve out their zoning corners for their purposes? Yep. Believe it or not this will set the stage for distribution use all the way to the KY20 exit.
  6. June 19-21, 2020 progress on the new Graves Road interchange on I-275 in Boone County. Future Exit 9 (?). Looking WB. North approach. Looking east on Williams Road East on WiIliams Road where new approach of Grave Road from north will be located. Looking east. Looking west.
  7. Legend I always heard was it was the highest point in Hamilton County until it was demolished. Now it is the summit of Mt. Rumpke. Not sure if any of that is true. It had a few classrooms in it too. Seem to remember them being on the second floor of the dining hall. Not sure if they are still in there now. Check out the opening of this video from the demo. It was shot from the corner of Scioto and Classen Streets. Same view in 2019: https://goo.gl/maps/2NPYPNeyJK57SkpUA
  8. A couple more Graves Road pix from 6/4/20. I don't think this overall plan has evert been put up here so I've also included that first. Lots of fill and grading happening for this whole project since the realigned Graves Road is mostly being moved into a lower area of the terrain that includes a tributary of Woolper Creek.
  9. I tend to respectfully disagree to an extent. There's a good "loop" of four lane access completely surrounding the airport. CVG and the surrounding few miles are the latest flattest in NKY. Although, I do see where you are coming from when you consider some of the legacy roads that still exist with their switchbacks around CVG. Turfway Road being a good example. It's also true that some of the creek valleys are pretty dicey once you get further away from CVG. (Gunpowder, Elijah, Sand Run, etc.)
  10. More Graves Road pics (again...iPhone pics so sorry about quality and composition). This time from May 16. This project is flying along as expected. This view is looking NE along the ROW of the new Graves Road as it approaches 275. This vantage point will be in the area where the cross-over sits. Looking ESE at overpass. SSE at overpass. SSW at overpass. SSW at overpass. WSW at overpass.
  11. Here is the update site: https://www.drivingnkyprogress.org/gravesrd Here are the official project photos: Here are my own pictures of the new Graves Road interchange (Exit 9?) on I-275. iPhone pics taken April 14. SE at old overpass. SW at new overpass. New overpass...Williams Road is pictured. This section of Williams was a realignment necessitated by the original construction of 275 in the 1970s.
  12. Begrudgingly, I have to tip my hat to the mayor for doing this.
  13. Man. I wish Cincinnati had a few of these mini-docs.
  14. Just catching up after a long hiatus from the forum. My goodness with Cranley! I'm a sentimental type but one thing I cannot stand are leaders and politicians that cry in public like this. It's miserable to watch. Between this and the Tre Day blubbering, I'd hate to see this guy react to bigger crises. I suspect that it has more to do with his petrified fear of losing his political aspirations/career.
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