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  1. A couple questions. It looks like there will be about a 6' parapet wall along the roof flush with the exterior wall. Is that what everyone else is seeing? Also, what is going on the terrace at the top level/roof of the garage? And wow, it is great to see the effect this is having on this part of CBD.Fills in a huge gap with a significant structure.
  2. Go to the Boone GIS to get a better understanding of the alignment. Look at how the land is already zoned on the north side of the freeway. In my informed estimation, this alignment maximizes space for commercial development on the north side of I275 and then minimizes imminent domain on the south side while creating a safer 90 degree intersection with a realigned Bullittsville Road and 20. @jjakucyk has the best feel for why the alignment is going where it is proposed for now. The project has been whispered about since uhm, 2015. I think the first study was completed in fall 2017. But it has been fast tracked for sure.
  3. I understand. I'm also very familiar as a NKYian. Yes, it is definitely about providing a relief valve for Francisville and Worldwide. Has very little to do with the Air Hub and you are right that there are probably some weak reasons being made to the Hub. I still maintain though that it's a needed project and legitimately connected to their CVG "node" due to the two huge warehouses on Worldwide Boulevard (CVG 1 and CVG 2) that create most of the non-residential traffic. I just wonder if any of the Hebron warehouses will become redundant with the Hub operations on CVG property. Also, this area is primed for new residential development; warehouse is almost built out if you go by what the land is currently zoned. Fiscal Court and SD1 went all in for sanitary sewer upgrades to help it happen. Drees is basically done in this area. However, you will see a big push by Toebben and Arlinghaus. The Crisler family also owns huge chunks of land but they are primarily hillsides and bottoms. Farther west, Hilltop and the mining companies own large swaths. I'm thinking that KY20 does get upgraded overtime but really the only part that needs to be upgraded is from Graves/Watts/Bullittsville east to KY237. KY20 east of KY237 is fine for truck traffic. The project is drawn on the Boone County GIS. You can see that it avoids the former Bengals player's property with the odd kink in the new connection to Williams Road. Intersections will be designed as roundabouts from what I hear.
  4. Amazon occupies several of the warehouses off the 237 exit in addition to several other large businesses (UPS, McLane, Fram, OwensMinor, iHerb, Wayfair, etc. Traffic is an issue in this area and the new interchange will provide needed access. This issue is the amount of warehouse and residential development north of 275 and 237 being the only interstate access. It’s a worthy project for this relatively unknown, yet busy, corner of the tristate.
  5. Classic Cincinnati. What we lack in aspiration height and signature pieces we make up for in urban-canyon, and architectural density in the CBD.
  6. If true, at 45 stories this would most certainly be taller than Carew. Especially if it has some sort of crown/roof treatment. Wouldn’t this need a large tenant to start first?
  7. I also wonder what this means for Turfway. I had heard rumors in NKY that the track is closing.
  8. I share your embarrassment. But you don't have to say all this to say what is needed about his lack of appreciation for smart urbanism and growth. Sheesh.
  9. Sorry to blow up this thread with so many phone pics but I had to park on the top level and thought I’d share some of the new vistas provided by the garage.
  10. $1 to flip the switch. $79,999 to know which switch.
  11. Sad that I heard this this morning positioned as Cranley calling them out and the first thought I had was that he is clearing the runway for a donor-friend to develop the land/hotel.
  12. For the uninformed, what is the difference between these cranes and the one for Kroger? The horizontal section sits on to instead of being in a "cross" pattern. Why?
  13. OT but I want to check out Cincinnati-transit.net and it's gone. What happened?
  14. Re: The crane looking short. Is it possible that they jack it up along the way?
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