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  1. CBC


    Village managers in Montgomery County, MD make six figure salaries. In one of those articles it says her Salary is $60,000/yr and she does most of the work from home?
  2. Speaking of handling the pressure, that free kick by England in the first have was about as perfect as it gets.
  3. Thanks EVD. I always forget about Slackjaw.
  4. CBC

    Tax Reform

    I just question how large of a stimulus of the economy this bill will create given that, a lot of the the stimulus is already baked into the current market values based on anticipation of the bill (AKA Trump Bump), and that many corps are already flush with cash but are not spending, except to do buybacks to drive up stock prices. I am also troubled that the cuts they are taking on Research, etc credits that provide incentives to spend on things that add value down the road to the economy. Pop quiz: Anybody know why utility and energy companies generally pay some of the highest tax rates?
  5. Nope. Just still in disbelief that the Dems ran such an awful 2016 campaign. I mean Hillary Clinton directed and wanted a Donald Duck to appear at Trump rallies to be a "Donald Duck'' as in ducking his tax return issue and she way overplayed the "identity politics'' thing. I would put the blame 30/70 on the campaign vs Clinton's baggage. Was the campaign great? no. Was it a disaster with major gaffes? No also. Did an overwhelming majority of the electorate have their minds made up about Clinton and no amount of campaigning would change it? Yes. But she lost, and we have Boss Baby in the White House.
  6. CBC


    LOL. ..the first comment I saw.... "... put that Elf up on the shelf"...
  7. They're about not caring until Christmas....personally I don't know what to make of them, but if LBJ is spending this much time on IG and internet beefs,then he's not worried then, then I won't be worried. They have played 14 games, maybe 20 quarters of actual basketball with 13 different line ups and still are .500.
  8. CBC


    How many hours of sleep do you get a night on average?
  9. That is racist. Spanish speakers are more than English, more diverse, more ethnic groups. When you have 15 Million people illegally in the USA, mainly from C. America some profiling is smart. I would venture that most white Americans think "Latino" means brown people. Most Spanish-speaking people are also not white or at least of mixed-race. Mexicans certainly are, and we all know that's who most people are talking about when they refer to people being "illegals". Look at you, advocating violating the Constitution to serve some racist agenda- and it IS absolutely racist. Deplorable. If anyone needs a primer on the difference between the terms Latino, Hispanic and the like there are about 2000 posts from MyTwoSense[/member] somewhere on Urban Ohio. :)
  10. Given that the Cavs backs were to the wall on this, I am happy with the trade. IT for Kyrie isn't a straight swap but Crowder and the valuable pick make it worth it. I am not sure what BOS got out of it besides not having to make a decision on IT's max contract if he had another good year. That seems to be the major upside. Kyrie was always a different kind of dude. He was cool as a cucumber in the high pressure moments but was often disengaged during regular season (and playoff) games.
  11. And sadly, while Hilary may not have been a game changing, inspirational leader, she would have been effective. Their hatred is based on 8+ years of echo chamber media filling their head daily with lies. It's quite worrisome. I think the word you are looking for is "Competent" instead of effective. Though she is very effective bureaucrat, she would have been hamstrung by a GOP congress, who would probably would have been working on impeaching her by now. And that was apparent during the race, barring a miracle in the Senate races. However, nobody would have been worried that she had the nuclear codes, or she would bumble her way into a nuclear war. As a left leaning moderate, she wasn't my first choice, but she was my choice to get us to 2020 and hopefully better candidates.
  12. This has been the best weather possible for water quality at Edgewater too. Not too hot and not much sewer overflow, due to the lack of rain.
  13. ^ That sounds pretty awesome for your kids. How late were you there too?
  14. C'mon man. How can you type with a straight face? Not even a wink? ; -) or LOL Break character for just a moment. I've enjoyed your performance as UO resident Trumper. Or have you gone full Daniel Day Lewis method acting as an internet troll?
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