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  1. Just read that NY Times piece. Very good. I think this nationwide isolation/lockdown is a careless, shotgun approach that is going to cause more harm than it creates if it continues. Most of us are going to get coronavirus and develop antibodies to it which is normal. But some at-risk people can't afford to get it, any more than they can afford to get pneumonia. Should they remain on lockdown until a vaccine can reach them? For 12-18 months? Is that actually going to happen? Is that actually going to keep them healthy? Are they going to suffer other ailments by being stuck at home for so long? Will COVID-19 eventually find them over 12-18 months regardless of lockdown?
  2. So 169 on Friday, 247 yesterday and 351 today. Not good. Not flattening.
  3. Implementing each of the three solutions/outcomes are likely necessary. But at some point, we're going to need to bring back the economy because keeping it shut off for so long is going to cause more health related hardships than the disease itself.... Coronavirus: When will the outbreak end and life get back to normal? https://www.bbc.com/news/health-51963486
  4. Very interesting article. The answer to the above questions is "maybe" and "no".... Do You Get Immunity After Recovering From A Case Of Coronavirus? https://www.npr.org/sections/goatsandsoda/2020/03/20/819038431/do-you-get-immunity-after-recovering-from-a-case-of-coronavirus
  5. Thankfully, I live near a grocery store that has kept bread, meat, eggs, bacon, chicken, ham, milk etc on the shelves. The anticipation of a weeks-long shutdown. I've tried to keep a 2-week supply going just in case.
  6. Forgive my morbidity, but the discussion I read was that, at least in the USA's case, the best measuring stick of whether we're getting on top of this is the number of people dying from it. If that number starts to level off (and fall in the coming weeks or so), then we'll know if we're making progress.
  7. I saw some discussion that the sudden surge in testing in the USA bending the curve upward. Wonder if there's any truth in that? I guess we'll know in about a week if the curve starts flattening.
  8. ^Trump: embracing the Chinese and Russian model of transparency And And
  9. Before I started developing sources a couple of years ago for my blog, I used to regularly click on those parcels in the city/county GIS in the hopes of seeing a new owner name(s) show up. It's great to FINALLY see a new owner's name show up!
  10. Very similar safeguards back then....
  11. That property is owned by Weston. They've considered building a mid-rise residential building there, though that plan may be shelved considering the city has stopped reviewing/approved projects. Weston also has proposed a mid-rise at St. Clair & East 12th, across St. Clair from The Avenue District apartment building.
  12. More...... FRIDAY, MARCH 20, 2020 Baker Building may become boutique hotel -- eventually The 11-story Baker Building at 1900 E. 6th St. in downtown Cleveland enjoys a brighter future now that it's in the hands of a deep-pocketed firm. But that future may not be imminent. However, the delay has nothing to do with the global pandemic, according to a source familiar with the project. Instead, the Walton Enterprises of Walmart fame which bought the Class C office building usually acquires and sits on older, sometimes distressed buildings before renovating them, said the source who was not authorized to speak publicly on the project. MORE: https://neo-trans.blogspot.com/2020/03/baker-building-may-become-boutique.html
  13. Every time he's does a press briefing, the stock market slumps. Trump is so inept at this, and so fragile that he took this as a personal attack....
  14. Realife tried to buy it for a high rise but they didn't have the wherewithal to make it happen. Hence the foreclosure suit Stark brought against Realife regarding Stark's old HQ, since dismissed per my article from last week.
  15. Public works projects can certainly keep some parts of the economy moving.
  16. This is the kicker for me. Ok, you shouldn't be owning stock as a Congressperson anyway. Selling it from insider knowledge is more reprehensible. But buying new stock in a work-from-home software company is opportunistic and gross.
  17. There is no vaccine for ignorance....
  18. Floorplans are here: https://thelumencleveland.com/floorplans/ Some two-bedroom units face west. Check the PDFs which show North on them.
  19. Construction work for the third and final segment of the Opportunity Corridor is showing up on new satellite images. Note the near-continuous strip of disturbed soil from East 55th to East93rd. The top image is from Google Earth, July 2017. The bottom is the satellite image used for Cuyahoga County's MyPlace property search site. So perhaps the image is from sometime this past winter?
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