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  1. I bought Crowdstrike and was enjoying a good run. Then it's all gone this morning. A total wipeout of the stock values over the past couple of months. I just lost $1,500 as a result. But a Crowdstrike sold $2.65 million in shares before a large block of shares was offered. Sorry, but the market isn't a market of many players anymore. It's highly manipulated by a bunch of 1-percenters. There's no regulation anymore. It's all a bunch of uber-rich people playing games and using my money to play. I'm out.
  2. Brooks Brothers, One of The Avenue's Last Original Tenants, is Permanently Closing at Tower City https://www.clevescene.com/scene-and-heard/archives/2020/06/26/brooks-brothers-one-of-the-avenues-last-original-tenants-is-permanently-closing-at-tower-city
  3. Obedient is an insult? If people act like children, then they deserve to be treated like freakin' children. We all share the same house. Just that some think that the rules of common decency don't apply to them. F*ck your individualism when it puts others at risk. I hope the disobedient are the only ones to die. Sadly, they won't be. So, here's a stunning graphic: https://public.flourish.studio/visualisation/2645529/
  4. What are their production goals? That's a pretty big product so if they plan to mass produce them for use in car dealerships for example, that could be thousands of pieces of equipment per year, plus replacement parts. Would these be just for Volvo and Toyota vehicles or for all types of vehicles? If it's for all types of vehicles, it might definitely need a big factory for them. Maybe not the size of Brook Park or Walton Hills. But probably a pretty big facility.
  5. Based on what I saw a couple of weeks ago, I'd say that they'll be ready in time for the Fall Semester, if there is one.
  6. KJP


    Or open-carry firearms.....
  7. And then faded away in the afternoon when it was reported that Bank of America was the underwriter of ATHX's offering of 25.5 million shares in April. So there's a tiny conflict of interest there.... https://www.fool.com/investing/2020/06/25/heres-why-athersys-is-soaring-today.aspx
  8. Why is the worst likely on the way?
  9. Wonder if this is related to one or both of the Ford plants that are on the market (Brook Park & Walton Hills)? So when UVeye's vehicle inspection equipment detects a problem, does it say "Oy-vey"?
  10. Nine years between posts? That has to be some sort of record here at UO.
  11. I can actually believe it. I was very surprised when I checked online to make sure that my check was coming, it asked me for my Social Security number and mailing address. Way too easy to manipulate....
  12. Can't find any public records showing anything happening on this property. Perhaps @tykaps might have more luck.
  13. Since when? The state still provides a significant local match. On some projects, it provides the entire local match including the use of turnpike toll credits (which can be distributed through NOACA as well).
  14. Why, has COVID-19 suddenly made climate change no longer a threat? Lincoln, Rivian cancel plans to co-develop EV because of pandemic https://www.detroitnews.com/story/business/autos/ford/2020/04/28/lincoln-cancels-plan-develop-ev-rivian-coronavirus/3042517001/
  15. And further divide the USA into Responsible states and whackjob states.... Trump—After ‘Slow The Testing Down’ Remark—Will End Federal Funding For Testing Sites https://www.forbes.com/sites/andrewsolender/2020/06/24/trump-after-slow-the-testing-down-remark-will-end-federal-funding-for-testing-sites/
  16. This is Trump's GOP. Nutjobs galore....
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