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  1. OMG And This was a few hours ago
  2. Meanwhile, in Minneapolis. Police station was also set on fire. This is so sad -- it doesn't solve anything.....
  3. Coronavirus may cut the superstar city down to size Tech trend bleeds megacities, boosts heartland https://www.axios.com/coronavirus-superstar-cities-716a12a8-d962-4fb4-9503-9c457a2688ff.html
  4. Naming the suburb would give away the location. I still don't believe the developer would actually do something this out of scale, but the developer certainly has the resources/abilities to do it.
  5. My thought is that Savant may seek a newer, more modern facility. It will ask for and get the sun and the moon from East Cleveland to stay with a new/modernized facility.
  6. Clowney is doing them a favor. Clowney is overrated, selfish and will be complaining by mid-season.
  7. Funny and sad Twitter string.... AND
  8. Trump retweets "Only good Democrat is a dead Democrat." Now this..... Anti-Lockdown Protesters Now Calling for Dems to Die https://news.yahoo.com/anti-lockdown-protesters-now-calling-073659448.html
  9. When buildings like this are being saved and renovated, that says as much to me about Cleveland redevelopment going to a new level as any new high-rise tower.
  10. If it was only the MAGAts who were doing this to themselves, I wouldn't care. But it's not. It's affecting the innocent too.... Wisconsin reports record number of new coronavirus cases, deaths Wisconsin saw a record number of new coronavirus cases and deaths, two weeks after the state’s Supreme Court struck down its stay-at-home order. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/wisconsin-reports-record-number-new-coronavirus-cases-deaths-n1216471
  11. Cross posted in the Cleveland road and highway news thread
  12. Cross-posted in the East Side neighborhood development news thread
  13. Next to Erie Street Cemetery. It was on the design-review database before the shutdown but it didn't get on the docket yet. Hope to be able share details when I get the green light. Thanks for the reminder. I'm told CCF also has something else big planned, but isn't a medical building. I wrote about briefly earlier this year. It's probably on hold until things settle down. Way too soon to know. (EDIT: I do think it's a very likely candidate)
  14. I wouldn't make the bet on nuCLEus either. In fact, I wouldn't bet on anything. Money and emotion are too valuable to invest in things you don't control. So what I was hearing a couple of months ago made it sound like they were waiting for the first opportunity to put the revised nuCLEus plan on CPC's agenda. That would make sense as Benesch is on a time schedule. But I haven't heard anything since. So apparently they're not as ready as I thought. Even so, I'm putting them near the top because they'd better be starting soon or I'm afraid that project is in jeopardy. So here's my take on potential new-construction groundbreakings (not including renovations).... Flats Phase 3B -- Summer 2020 Circle Square/Library Lofts/10600 Chester -- Late Summer/Fall 2020 nuCLEus -- Fall 2020 City Club Apartments -- Winter 2021 East 9th/Bolivar -- Winter 2021 (pending # of factors) NRP/Thunderbird -- Winter 2021 Sumner Court -- Winter 2021 Dream Hotel - Winter-Spring 2021 Sherwin Williams HQ -- Winter-Spring 2021 Bridgeworks - Spring 2021 One Lakewood Place -- Spring/Summer 2021 Unidentified downtown tower -- Summer 2021 East Suburban Tower -- Summer 2021 2208 Superior Viaduct -- Summer 2021 Unidentified University Circle Tower -- Summer/Fall 2021 1250 Riverbed -- Fall-Winter 2021-2022 Carnegie/Ohio City RTA -- Winter 2022?? Nautica -- Winter 2022?? Justice Center Courthouse Tower -- 2022?? Lakefront West developments -- 2022-24 Lakefront East developments -- 2022-25 Stadium/Lakefront development -- 2026-29 Probably missing a few.... BTW -- a reminder that anywhere from one-third to one-half of these probably aren't going to happen (especially since I threw some in there that are very early on in their planning). If more than one-half or even more than two-thirds of them happen, then we really know Cleveland has turned a corner.
  15. Another one with their head up their own a$$... Ohio lawmaker refuses temperature check, calling it an invasion of privacy https://www.cincinnati.com/story/news/2020/05/27/ohio-lawmaker-refuses-temperature-check-calling-invasion-privacy/5265700002/
  16. KJP

    Gun Rights

    This won't end well; on second thought, maybe it might....
  17. Why will they lose their city views? Some of their lake views, yes. But not city views.
  18. There's also some spin-off projects in the immediate area, to which Epstein had eluded. This hotel may not be lonely for long.
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