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  1. Also been posting a lot of pics/reports in the Police Use of Force thread in Current Events.
  2. White nationalists have shared this document. It says "Getting ready: Our role tonight" I hope that police departments everywhere have seen this.... https://docs.google.com/document/d/1vz7m0DrupA5AEIFBWmF4HQ43sI2okT52vftFiVtPJfA/mobilebasic?fbclid=IwAR2BI12wIBo_TQscxqxLy05EZySV9YZ5fSFk1P_BGYCn9seuQKC3la1BUEc
  3. No more buses and now no more trains...
  4. If tonight is going to be Kristallnacht-2 in American cities, then let it be known as MAGA Night.... AND
  5. America makes me less proud of her by the day.....
  6. Don't overlook this with everything else going on....
  7. Big time. Straight out of the Nazi playbook.
  8. Here comes martial law. There goes the election...
  9. Two Cleveland police cars on fire at West 3rd and Lakeside. All precincts are ordered to send half their forces in riot gear to downtown. Meanwhile in Philly....
  10. No, just that you voted. Not how you voted. Meanwhile....
  11. You can't see how anyone voted on individual candidates or issues. You can see what if any party they declared before voting.
  12. I happen to like DeWine. It's actually OK to like people who aren't progressive/liberal. He's often a fair-minded guy and, for that reason, I find it hard to believe that he would vote for Trump. Maybe he would. But we'll never know which is why it's pointless to speculate. On the other hand, we will certainly know whether Trump leaves office if/when he loses so I don't mind expressing concern on things that are ultimately provable.
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