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  1. CWRU+South+Village+expansion+plan.jpg


    THURSDAY, JULY 9, 2020

    Pandemic quarantines CWRU development


    Construction of several residence halls at Case Western Reserve University has been put on hold indefinitely, another victim of the COVID-19 pandemic and the fiscal uncertainties that surround it. Construction on the first phase of the $72+ million multi-phased project was due to start in early 2021.

    Christopher Panichi, CWRU's director of planning, design and construction confirmed today that the expansion of the South Residential Village at Murray Hill and Adelbert roads has been halted.




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  2. 56 minutes ago, Brutus_buckeye said:

    It is difficult to gauge. I think it really depends on who you ask. I do think that the majority of people who live in the burbs want to be there, especially at various points in their life. They want the space it offers and don't necessarily desire the benefits that make urban living great. It certainly depends on your life cycle too.



    I worked with a guy 20 years ago who grew up on the near-west side of Cleveland (Detroit-Shoreway area) when it was fading fast in the 1960s-70s. He moved to Parma. Then moved to a mcmansion with a big yard near Oberlin. He always talked about how much he like living in his old neighborhood in Cleveland, being close to everything, and then living in Parma where he had so little yard and thus so little yardwork to do. I asked him "Why don't you move back to Parma or Cleveland? I hear things are improving in Detroit-Shoreway."


    His reply.... "I'd move back to Parma but all of the houses in my neighborhood were too small. I'd never move back to Cleveland because of all of the 'thugs' that live there now."


    So he stayed in Oberlin until he died because Parma's housing stock needs updating and he refused to move to Cleveland because of his racism.

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  3. 36 minutes ago, JaceTheAce41 said:


    I'm pretty sure Moab has bus service but it's not super robust. One of the issues is getting people into/out of the parks. The area attracts a lot of people who are going into the national parks, state parks, and public land for recreation. I could see some more car rentals springing up in town if this comes to pass.


    That would be unfortunate. In other words, it would bring no benefit to Moab in terms of reduced traffic and air quality issues.

  4. Does this mean that Muscogee Creek Nation can apply for statehood? I know of another former territory that became a state after the territiry improperly lost its previous statehood 😉....


    Supreme Court gives Native Americans jurisdiction over eastern half of Oklahoma


  5. What's interesting is that Rancho Cucamonga is pushing to have the rail line extended farther south along I-15 to their city, rather than terminate on the other side of the San Gabriel Mountains in Victorville. Meanwhile Palmdale wants the rail line to come to them. Both Rancho Cucamonga and Palmdale provide connections to Metrolink. But Rancho Cucamonga is more centrally located and a new transportation center proposed to be connected to the Ontario International Airport by one of Elon Musk's wonder tubes....


    Virgin Trains in early talks to extend high-speed rail closer to LA


  6. 36 minutes ago, yanni_gogolak said:

    Ravenna planners OK Menards’ $52 million project

    By Diane Smith / Reporter

    Posted Jul 8, 2020 at 5:01 PM Updated Jul 8, 2020 at 10:05 PM

    The Ravenna Planning Commission has approved plans for a “mini manufacturing and distribution center” for Menards off Route 88 in Ravenna.

    The commission hosted a virtual meeting Tuesday to approve the plans. City Engineer Bob Finney said the approval is conditional upon a few more permits going through, including Ravenna City Council’s approval of a variance for the riparian setback for the site.




    That's pretty big for that area. One of my college buddies is from Ravenna and his family is pretty geeked about this. They've lost a lot of jobs from rubber plants closing and the GE plant closing since our college days in the 1980s, with the arsenal fading away long before that. Robinson Hospital is probably the biggest employer in Ravenna anymore.

  7. 9 hours ago, Gramarye said:

    For places like NYC, this topic of the costs of cars and whether going without one frees up a significant amount of budget to live in high-cost, high-density areas is one thing.


    In most Ohio cities, though, even people who live in the heart of the urban cores cannot realistically go car-free.  Yes, some can.  But it's a sliver of the population and not easy for others to duplicate; the "low-hanging fruit" in terms of people who can live like that in Ohio cities probably already do.  My confident guess is that even most people living in downtown Cleveland own (or lease) cars.  Car ownership is not just for sprawlburbs in Ohio.


    Many of them keep a car parked somewhere outside of downtown, usually near the Rapid or a bus line for use on weekends. But the person who uses their car every day spends less per mile on all the costs of car ownership/leasing and operations than the person who uses their car only on weekends. Granted, a person who uses their car only on weekends spends less in total. I know of some people who rent cars on weekends because of the good rates but they don't own their own car.

  8. I visited my doctor yesterday. He's a pretty sharp young guy who's pretty well-read on this pathogen. I was struck by his comments about how little is still known about COVID-19 and how unpredictable it is. This morning I stumbled across some physicians talking to each other on Twitter and reaffirmed how scary unknown this bug is....







  9. 34 minutes ago, Frmr CLEder said:

    What I "do" is provide the homeless and underprivileged with healthier lives and in many instances, life itself. I do this every day, not when I want to make myself feel as if I've done something.


    You parade your opinions on this forum as if your word is the be all to end all. Clearly they represent minority opinions, at best. What they do provide however is a glimpse into your lack of compassion, a distanced acknowledgement of the issues and an attempt to belittle dissenting opinions. It demonstrates insecurity and has come to be expected.


    Thank you for the work that you do @Frmr CLEder. You are to be commended for your efforts, including those here.

  10. For such a small town, the traffic there is pretty bad. A lot of people bring their bicycles to Moab to ride the many trails into the national parks. It would be pretty easy to bring their bikes on the train or have local circulator buses (also bike equipped). There are national parks throughout the world that rely on a mix of public transit modes. It can be done.


    I'd extend the rail line into the center of town along the Colorado River and Mill Creek. I'd put the train station right behind the Red Rock Bakery & Cafe. 🙂 

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