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  1. Cross-posted in the Amtrak thread....
  2. Cross-posted in the Coronavirus thread....
  3. That Denmark is pretty awful too....
  4. So, all ______ are ______. Sorry, the world (and socialism) is more complex and various than that. So there's no difference between totalitarian socialism and democratic socialism? Far-right socialism vs. far-left socialism? Socialism to enhance capitalism vs. or capitalism to enhance socialism?
  5. From two days ago... Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson Return to U.S. 2 Weeks After Testing Positive for Coronavirus https://www.eonline.com/news/1135270/tom-hanks-and-rita-wilson-returning-to-u-s-2-weeks-after-testing-positive-for-coronavirus Gee, I guess it really is bad in Russia after all....
  6. The photo with this article reminds me that Amtrak is annulling some services including the Acela Express, Keystone, Hiawatha, some Wolverine trains and possibly a few others.
  7. Other way around. There is track from Hudson to Cuyahoga Falls but its grown-over or, at crossings, paved over. South of Cuyahoga Falls, the former CAC line is ripped out but the ROW is still there (ditto for the former Erie RR from Akron Jct into downtown Akron). So it's possible to have a passenger-only track all the way from Hudson into downtown Akron. Also, a third main track from Hudson north to Cleveland may be needed. But NS traffic is down so much and may not recover due to pushing away so many borderline-profitable customers that don't fit into its "Precision Scheduled Railroading." So there is now extra capacity on the mainlines.
  8. Best to see the whole picture without clicking on it.....
  9. They've actually had a DJ spinning the tunes there with a few customers at the bar on weekends.
  10. I hope he has a debilitating stroke and survives for 30 more years drooling into a pan and sh!tting in a diaper.... And
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