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  1. FRIDAY, APRIL 3, 2020 Lack of city hall tech risks making construction sector sick ....But the same cannot be said for nearly all local municipal governments. Their meetings of city councils, planning commissions, boards of zoning appeals (BZA) and other scheduled public gatherings remain canceled for the foreseeable future. That has stalled proposed real estate developments big and small and their resultant job creation, several developers said. While city officials in many communities say the meeting cancellations are necessary to comply with Sunshine Laws, technology is making that contention questionable. MORE: https://neo-trans.blogspot.com/2020/04/lack-of-city-hall-tech-risks-making.html
  2. February employment numbers out. The region's overall employment slips a bit again but construction continues to grow at an 8 percent clip.... https://www.bls.gov/eag/eag.oh_cleveland_msa.htm
  3. And going to the park, walking the dog, getting carry-out food from the local restaurant, going jogging/biking, etc. In other words, little has changed except most of the offices, stores, spas and sit-down restaurants/bars are closed.
  4. There's a special place in heII reserved this filth.... The pro-Trumpers live in an alternate reality by continuing to support this murderous, racist, philandering, fraudulent, pilfering, insecure POS..... If this president and select members of his family don't die by public executive, a grave injustice will have been done to this country.....
  5. Latest update...... Cleveland Office Market Report: 1Q 2020 Cleveland Office Market Kicks Off 2020 On Solid Footing https://research.ngkf.com/collect/click.aspx?u=Sk8rWjBLWUdOaW9XaStFQVE1ZEZ6UXVpZkV5WWhYbVhTaEE0L0tRd0Q4NlFzbk9aMERoRVM0S1ZQUG1aSFFja2JZbUo3RDNqSUtnVjMwMjU0dTl1VlJFc0JFeGJNa08xb2tsL1ZJK2QyeVE0eG9RWWtJN01EbUZJRnA5anVHK1ZYMmZhUjJLMk5MTWJhUzBuU1BmZjZ3PT0=&rh=ff00012833e120f4ecae3a2151904e9063d4073e
  6. Besides, I thought they were using the comfort ships only for non-COVID patients to keep them out of harm's way?
  7. Crap. I was hoping someone wouldn't find that. I was tempted to write an article about that.
  8. Funny thing is I had never heard that was an actual criminal term.
  9. I don't know numbers either, but Transdigm has a very small HQ staff here.
  10. KJP

    Health Care

    To clarify, loss of insurance *due* to job loss is a qualifying event.
  11. TransDigm Group will cut up to 15% of its workforce as pandemic reduces demand https://www.crainscleveland.com/manufacturing/transdigm-group-will-cut-15-its-workforce-pandemic-reduces-demand
  12. How about a nice construction progress photo of two big projects instead of nitpicking a small project for two days....
  13. I might join in on the libel suit! Dude just cost me 20K.
  14. Someone just bought a sh*tload of ATHX at $2.50. Caused the price to drop 20 cents in a heartbeat -- mine. I'm not having a good day. EDIT: had to sell it before I lost everything.
  15. Yes, but only if cities can actually review/approve new projects..... MORE
  16. Lots of profit-taking today on ATHX. I might use this opportunity add to my position.
  17. Amazing stat and map. One thing's pretty obvious: the Civil War barely dented America's geographic cultural divide. This could almost pass for a pre-1864 map of free and slave states.
  18. Prosecutors: Engineer deliberately ran train off tracks in attempt to smash the USNS Mercy https://abc7.com/officials-engineer-tried-to-smash-train-into-usns-mercy/6069395/
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