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    The Trump Presidency

    And since Finland has never been struck by a hurricane, it's clearly working! LOL!
  2. KJP

    The Trump Presidency

    Trump is a butler for the House of Saud... And The Nov. 1 death of Daniel Best, a pharmaceutical executive from Bay Village who led U.S. Department of Health and Human Services efforts to lower prescription drug prices, has been ruled a suicide, officials in Washington, D.C., said. https://www.cleveland.com/metro/index.ssf/2018/11/death_of_hhs_official_daniel_b.html
  3. Put that apartment building on Detroit Avenue or down by the Rapid station at West 65th, add a fresh food bodega on the ground floor, and I bet would fill up quickly. Yet, as I type this, I remind myself that The Edison was NRP Group's fastest lease-out in company history.
  4. KJP

    The Republican Party

    Kasich warns: GOP is "losing the future" with positions on immigration, healthcare https://t.co/4I0c7fvk9A
  5. This is going to haunt Mayor Jackson for a long time. Mason got only 9 months in prison for trying to kill his wife. Jackson hired him (despite the huge cache of weapons found when Mason was arrested). Now Mason has killed his wife, allegedly....
  6. An surprising turn away from the original plans (above). Interestingly, downtown's hotel occupancy is stronger this year than it was in 2016 with the RNC, NBA Finals & World Series. The residential growth downtown is actually driving up hotel occupancy as people visit downtown residents or new residents stay downtown to shop for housing...
  7. So if you wondered if the project was dead, it's not. It's just that our kids are punch-drunk....BTW, the only sentence worth reading in this irrelevant p---ing match is the last one. Best solution? Build it with the same oversight mechanism as the convention hotel, which was completed on-time and under budget.....
  8. While this is great news, let's keep this in perspective....ODOT's own Transit Needs Study ID's a backlog of $240 million (actually understated--probably closer to $400 million) for GCRTA rail state of good repair by 2025. Ohio receives $1.2 billion per year in flexible federal funds, of which nearly 50% could go to transit. RTA Receives State Funding for Red Line Track Work The Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority (RTA) has announced that the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) will provide $8.68 million in state funding for track reconstruction on the Red Line. “ODOT contacted RTA this week saying that its Office of Transit is awarding $8.68 million of Ohio Transit Preservation Partnership Program funds to RTA for 2019,” said Dr. Floun’say Caver, RTA’s interim CEO and general manager. “Those funds will be used to reconstruct a critical section of track between the Airport and West Park Station.” MORE: https://www.pocketlist.com/rta-receives-state-funding-red-line-track-work
  9. http://www.riderta.com/pressreleaselist.asp?listingid=776 RTA News Wednesday, July 27, 2005 Mid-year report: RTA ridership up 5 percent CLEVELAND – Boosted by high gas prices, RTA ridership continues to climb. In fact, ridership has risen for eight straight quarters. The last time that happened was 1996-1998, when the Waterfront Line began operation. Ridership for the first six months was up 4.9 percent, or 1.3 million rides, over the same period last year. “I believe this increase is the result of two factors,” says Joe Calabrese, RTA CEO & General Manager. “One factor is the increasing price of gasoline, and the other fact is that the quality of our service continues to improve. In a recent survey, more than 75 percent of customers interviewed rated our service value as good to excellent.” Looking at individual modes, Paratransit was up 40.5 percent, Circulators 10.4 percent, heavy rail 9.5 percent, light rail 7.7 percent and big bus 4.0 percent. These figures represent: The largest ridership increase since Circulators began operation in 1997. The largest bus ridership since 2000. The largest total Red Line ridership since 2001. The largest total Light Rail and total Rapid ridership 2002. RTA’s average weekday ridership is now more than 197,000, up 5.5 percent from last year. In June, Community Circulator ridership grew for the 13th straight month. June’s ridership was 194,437 – about 10,000 more riders than June 2004. The Lakewood Community Circulator continues to lead the pack, followed by Euclid, Tremont and Kamm’s-Puritas. The $3 All-Day Pass continues to be popular, as it usage grew 7.4 percent in June. END
  10. From a couple of days ago, but the forum has been down.... Maybe someone can alert the pedestrians to return??
  11. KJP


    I think this is an awesome website. It's set for Cleveland right now, but you can select from from numerous cities throughout the USA..... http://www.sigalert.com/Map.asp?region=Cleveland#lat=41.4627&lon=-81.69185&z=2 The Ohio cities are.... Cincinnati Cleveland Columbus Dayton Toledo I especially like checking this during rush hours and clicking on the cameras to see if they match up with the color coding for the roadways. Often times they do not, suggesting that one resource has a lag time. I think it's the color coding of the roads that lags. So at about 8 a.m. today, there was a lot of orange and red on the Cleveland highways. While not as much as on Chicago, New York or Boston highways, it actually did compare with Atlanta, Detroit, Philadelphia, St. Louis and some others. Several miles of highways within the interchange of I-77 and I-480 had a lot of red this morning, as did the Shoreway due to a serious accident at West 25th.
  12. I didn't know about it taking the unkempt Westown Tire biz. Glad to hear that. Same for the townhouses. Didn't know about those either. Good news!
  13. Regional Chamber forecasts $2.1 billion investment in Valley next yearhttp://www.vindy.com/news/2018/nov/15/mahoning-valley-chamber-forecasts-b-busi/
  14. Business, civic leaders plan a new Cleveland economic strategy https://www.crainscleveland.com/government/business-civic-leaders-plan-new-cleveland-economic-strategy And Appreciative Inquiry to drive inclusive, civic effort to improve Cleveland’s economy https://www.cleveland.com//news/2018/11/appreciative-inquiry-to-drive-inclusive-civic-effort-to-improve-clevelands-economy.html
  15. Especially after seeing this.... Sherwin-Williams: Minneapolis 'Like a second headquarters' after Valspar deal https://www.bizjournals.com/twincities/news/2018/11/12/sherwin-williams-minneapolis-like-a-second.html
  16. I figured it was time to start a thread on this. I resisted the temptation to put "skyscraper" in the subject line, even though that's the only thing which could effectively be built on this very expensive piece of undeveloped real estate. And it's been reported from several sources, including some I've spoken to at City Hall, that the Richard E. Jacobs Group is seeking to build a 60-story tower on this property owned by Jacobs. Bob Stark says he thinks Jacobs wants to build a 70-story tower. I also understand that potentially two firms are considering going in together on such a large 'scraper which, if built, would be Ohio's new tallest (overshadowing neighboring Key Tower). For more information, see this terrific presentation by the PD.... http://blog.cleveland.com/business/2007/08/31FGOFFICE.pdf While I love skyscrapers for their soaring vistas and chest-thumping hutzpah, I just don't think such a huge building makes economic sense for downtown Cleveland at this time. We have way too many swaths of surface parking lots which sap the streetlife from downtown (as do many self-contained office towers). Stark's vision of multiple buildings in the 8- to 30-story range, with major retailers and other non-office uses on their ground floors, makes much more sense for nurturing a vibrant city, IMHO. Too many downtown skyscrapers act as bunkers -- many office workers in them never set foot on city streets to take care of their shopping needs. Even before or after work, they never come outside, driving to/from their office tower's parking garage and the suburbs. What if they lived downtown? What if they shopped downtown? What if we designed downtown buildings not for scale but for interaction? I hope that's what the Jacobs Group does with its Public Square property. Anyway, here's some factoids on The Parking Lot On Public Square: Owner: Public Square West Ltd (a Jacobs Group company) 25425 Center Ridge Rd Westlake, OH 44145-4122 Land area: 50,974 square feet or 1.17 acres Market value: $12,784,500 (according to the Cuyahoga County Auditor's office). Last structural use: 1990, when two 14-story buildings on the site, One Public Square and 33 Public Square, were demolished. Last proposed use: Ameritrust Tower plus a 484-room Hyatt Regency Hotel. Plans cancelled in 1994 when Ameritrust and Central National Bank, both Cleveland companies, were absorbed by Society Corp. Society later merged with KeyBank of Albany, NY which relocated its headquarters here, to the then-called Society Center Tower, now Key Tower, on Public Square. The Ameritrust Center building's proposed structural height (not incl. antennas etc.) was 1,197 feet, with 63 floors. Total leasable space was projected to be about 1 million square feet... Architect: Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates PC