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  1. FRIDAY, JANUARY 18, 2019 The year Cleveland turned an economic corner By just about every metric, 2018 measured up to be a remarkable year for Greater Cleveland's economy. New jobs, commercial and residential real estate sales and construction, growing workforce and, potentially, a growing population again. In the weeks since the start of the new year, published data has evinced the turnaround of region's economy. But each report has done so in isolation to the other. No published report has put all of 2018's economic achievements in one place, until this one. So feel free to share it with others -- especially family, friends and associates out of town. We can all play our roles to help keep the engine humming. MORE http://neo-trans.blogspot.com/2019/01/the-year-cleveland-turned-economic.html
  2. To keep a development related thread in another section of the forum on topic, I've started this thread to continue the discussion. A forumer asked for more information about income/economic segregation and how impacts the socio-economic conditions of the metro area as a whole. Here's some information I was able to find. I'll look for more...... The U.S. Cities With the Highest Levels of Income Segregation (Part 1 of a series) https://www.citylab.com/life/2014/03/us-cities-highest-levels-income-segregation/8632/ Citylab has numerous articles on the subject. Here's another how economic segregation leads to compounding effects, creating hyper-poverty. While a wealthy area of a metro area will undoubtedly perform better economically than a poor or middle-class area, the metro area as a whole doesn't perform better on socio-economic metrics when there are geographically large areas where poor people are concentrated. The reason is that the ladders of success (social/economic mobility) are physically less accessible to them, so their chances of improving their condition are made much more difficult. So when you mix low-, middle-and high-income people, low-income people have a greater access to opportunity. As I joked on the other thread, it's why the East Side of Cleveland experiences such hyperpoverty. All of the ladders of success are so far, making them geographically and financially difficult to reach. So the poverty compounds itself. Here's another article...... https://www.citylab.com/equity/2015/08/americas-biggest-problem-is-concentrated-poverty-not-inequality/400892/
  3. Looks like the utilities were turned off inside the hospital buildings. They're running temporary cables and lighting along the ceiling of the first floor and all of the ground-floor windows have been removed. My guess is that they are days away from starting demolition. CORRECTION: someone turned on lights on two of the upper floors. So apparently they still have power.
  4. We have been discussing the redevelopment of the Lakewood Hospital site in the general Lakewood developments thread. However, the redevelopment is moving forward and is big enough that it deserves its own thread. A couple of weeks ago, leasing/marketing materials were publicly released for the redevelopment of the now-closed Lakewood Hospital. With the completion and opening of the new Lakewood Family Medical Center at Detroit and Belle, all former hospital-related activity has apparently been moved out of the old hospital. Its demolition is now a matter of when, not if. Replacing it will be this: http://www.loopnet.com/Listing/14519-Detroit-Ave-Lakewood-OH/13192180/ Presentation: http://images3.loopnet.com/d2/WL23aqK7XFmUZQBF5tJklUH_1PrtrGO9Y9thp1IXjvU/document.pdf
  5. Hope that crane has a solid base. It's in for a rough ride tomorrow night.
  6. KJP

    Toxic Masculinity

    A new Gillette ad encourages American men to not to hurt others or be selfish pricks. So how did conservatives inflicted with toxic masculinity respond? Read the responses to the Reason Foundation's (of all places!) tweet. What a f*cked up country we live in....
  7. That comment hit home because it's so true. Cleveland is an awful place to be poor. That hurts to read and reiterate.
  8. Hard to say if they're interchangeable and at what ratio. Perhaps we might have different subsidies in place to foster more new construction? Subsidies usually come in response to a private sector initiative. Now that we're running out of old office buildings to convert, I suspect we'll see new incentives to foster new construction (like the transformational tax credit) on top of the Opportunity Zone credit. But converting the old office buildings was definitely the low-hanging fruit.
  9. But just two months before, from August to September, nonfarm jobs dropped from 1,095.8 to 1,086.2, then shot up again.
  10. For possible future reference, I'm posting some quick math regarding current projects to add residential space along Euclid between Public Square and Playhouse Square. In some cases, where the building is being completely rehabbed, I'm including the total square footage of the building which may include some ground-floor retail space or some co-working spaces. I'm not including all of the space in the Halle's and Terminal Tower buildings for example, because roughly half of each will not be touched and therefore is not subject to the construction investment.... MayCo 800,000 925 1,360,000 EucGrand 250,000 CAC 225,000 Beacon 300,000 Lumen 600,000 Halle 200,000 TermTwr 340,000 TOTAL 4,000,000 square feet Part of my reason for doing this is to show that, while we may not have construction cranes lining Euclid Avenue, we do have construction -- a lot of it. Only two of these buildings required construction cranes, accounting for 900,000 square feet or less than 1/4 of the residential square footage being developed on this one section of Euclid Avenue alone. So when someone says it's a bummer that Cleveland doesn't have more construction cranes dotting in our skyline, we probably would have them if we didn't already have so much obsolete office space available for residential conversion!
  11. Rumors are that offices on the upper floors of this 9-story building (Bulkley Building) including for Playhouse Square Foundation and Gallagher Sharp LLP (which has been in this building since 1924, two years after it opened), may be converted to residential....
  12. Are the Cuyahoga County Commissioners incompetent, corrupt or just handcuffed by state/federal policies that favor Ohio's developing counties? Post articles in this thread that you think explain their often confusing behaviors. McCleveland: edited title
  13. Progress on the above. Already in front Design/Review..... ASTRUP BUILDING Project Information Near West Case # NW 2019-001 Address:2937 West 25th Street Company:Foran Group Architect: Description: Historic renovation of existing commercial/industrial building into a mixed-use commercial/institutional use with new apartments http://planning.city.cleveland.oh.us/designreview/brd/detailDR.php?ID=3083&CASE=NW 2019-001
  14. OMG, at Sun Newspapers a decade ago we were covering the possibility of the renovation of the long-closed Aragon Ballroom on West 25th Street near Clark Avenue. So it's great to finally see the project move forward..... http://planning.city.cleveland.oh.us/landmark/agenda/2014/03132014/index.php Cleveland Landmarks Commission AGENDA - March 13, 2014 CONCEPT PLAN Aragon Ballroom 3170 West 25th Street Renovation
  15. TARTA needs a reboot The downward spiral of TARTA, greater Toledo’s mass transit agency, continues. It cannot go on. https://www.toledoblade.com/opinion/editorials/2019/01/16/toledo-bus-transit-tarta-needs-a-reboot/stories/20190114173
  16. @YABO713 I was going to be flippant and point you to the East Side of Cleveland to reveal how economic segregation creates conditions of hyperpoverty that weakens the entire region. But I started a new thread so we can keep this one on topic.....
  17. Do you mean rate of job growth?
  18. KJP

    Police Use of Force

    Chris Stanford ‏@StanfordKMOV 39m Moment of silence for #MikeBrown at the Arch
  19. KJP

    The Trump Presidency

    Are you and others aware aware that complicated racketeering/conspiracy investigations (such as by the FBI into a Mafia family) typically take 2-10 years? While the presidential angle of this investigation is likely to be at the low end of timeframe because all the president's men are flipping like burgers, the investigation into the Russian Mafiya side is going to last a lot longer. BTW I'm not really posting this for you Ram because I know cultists will blow Individual #1 no matter what. But I thought others might find it interesting how long a racketeering/conspiracy case like might take.
  20. I wouldn't worry about the job numbers between November and December. The ceiling and floor are higher now (but I'd sure like to fully recover from the Great Recession already!). Look at these two months in past years.... Nov 2018 - 987840 Dec 2018 - 970730(P) Nov 2017 - 974039 Dec 2017 - 957181 Nov 2016 - 977737 Dec 2016 - 956780 Nov 2015 - 977283 Dec 2015 - 963056 Nov 2014 - 979140 Dec 2014 - 964017 Nov 2013 - 976962 Dec 2013 - 961197 Nov 2012 - 971877 Dec 2012 - 958607 Nov 2011 - 967617 Dec 2011 - 957037 Nov 2010 - 964756 Dec 2010 - 956744 Nov 2009 - 963987 Dec 2009 - 949660 Nov 2008 - 1009715 Dec 2008 - 994481
  21. KJP

    The Republican Party

    Kasich warns: GOP is "losing the future" with positions on immigration, healthcare https://t.co/4I0c7fvk9A