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  1. Tony George said he would move his restaurants and business out of Cuyahoga County if it passed the LGBT anti-discrimination ordinance. So the county said, "bye." Edited to direct this part to the correct person... But @YABO713 this property acquisition isn't Tony George's. It's his tail-wagging kid's.
  2. KJP

    In The World: Russia

    This is just east of the Sea of Azov and Crimea.... Gosh, what a coincidence that this is where Russia's Navy attacked the Ukrainian Navy!
  3. KJP

    The Trump Presidency

    Probably willing to look the other way. After all, it's ok to break a few eggs in furtherance of the masterplan.
  4. Good question. And Steve Barry Buick still has office stuff for sale in its showroom.
  5. KJP

    The Trump Presidency

    My grandmother told me when I was young that you learn more when you talk less. What did Trump's family teach him?
  6. KJP

    In The World: Russia

    France to Probe Possible Russian Influence on Yellow Vest Riots https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-12-09/pro-russia-social-media-aims-at-macron-as-yellow-vests-rage
  7. KJP

    The Republican Party

    Too many in the Republican Party want to bring back the bad old days...of the 1600s
  8. KJP

    In The World: Russia

    It's almost as if they're warning that sanctions will soon be placed against Russia and its financial institutions as a result of something Russia is about to undertake....
  9. KJP

    In The World: Russia

    They didn't cover them. They lied about them. They were peaceful protests turned violent by outside agitators, be they imported people in the crowd or by planted stories in the media....