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  1. When you can't win on the issues, you dehumanize the opposition. Carries some deadly side effects, however, wrought by the dog-whistled, gun-toting crazies among them. What a lovely time to be alive.... Republicans Already Are Demonizing Democrats as Socialists and Baby Killers https://www.nytimes.com/2019/02/17/us/republicans-democrats-messaging.html
  2. That greenspace, however, is large enough where it can be useful. Here it is -- for the weekly farmers markets and special events that draw people to the square and remind people of what shops and restaurants are there.
  3. Putinism is a genuinely new threat and not simply a revival of earlier ones, Yakovenko says "Putinism represents a new threat to the world, one very different in fundamental ways from those of earlier imperial dictatorships, Igor Yakovenko says; and the greatest danger today is that many people are refusing to recognize how “new” it is and are dealing with it as if it were a revival of something that existed earlier. http://euromaidanpress.com/2019/02/17/putinism-is-a-genuinely-new-threat-and-not-simply-a-revival-of-earlier-ones-yakovenko-says/
  4. The GOP train hasn't just gone off the rails. It's leveled the town and burned the debris....
  5. Well said. The only thing worse than a bully is one that can't take criticism for being a bully.
  6. I'd love to post the full article but can't due to copyrights. And this article is protected by subscription. So I copied the most relevant snippet from this piece. And yes, one of my contractor friends says all trades in the Cleveland area are hurting for workers, especially masons which is tough, dirty work. But electricians, for example is much cleaner, and the union pay is better. Apprenticeship workers start at $13.50 per hour. All of the trades need people now.... February 17, 2019 04:00 AM UPDATED 14 HOURS AGO Construction labor woes are wearing on region STAN BULLARD ...However, for the most part, construction contractors are planning their jobs more carefully and looking for hiked efforts to attract younger workers to replace a graying workforce the next few years. Gareth Vaughan, president and CEO of Cleveland-based Albert M. Higley Co., said that at the moment builders are getting pulled in two ways at once on the labor front. "We have increased demand because of a building boom in Cleveland," Vaughan said, "and we're seeing diminished interest from the next generation of workers." Vaughan said he believes that as a union contractor, his firm is seeing less impact from the changing labor outlook than its non-union, and lower-paying, competitors. AM Higley's approach for now is to quiz subcontractors looking to work on its jobs about labor supply more than in the past. It also hopes to be an employer of choice to keep trades people coming back to its jobs. At Fairlawn-based Welty Building Co., Chris Burns, chief operating officer, said the first item in the company's "daily huddle" about that day's work in the field includes an evaluation of the outlook for workers on the job. A decade ago, that was not an item of discussion. MORE: https://www.crainscleveland.com/real-estate/construction-labor-woes-are-wearing-region
  7. Words that should be heard by every planning board in every city. These greenspace requirements put unfunded, costly mandates on developers, small businesses and residents. Why? We (and not just Cleveland) but everywhere seem to have this bizarre lawn addiction. They're not even proposing public spaces with benches and fountains outside of a ground-floor cafe that can be useful, sociable places that foster a sense of community. Instead, it's just a stupid strip of grass that is too small to be useful. Might as well just allow the developer to instead put in some fake grass and spare the tenants the extra maintenance fees.
  8. I understand the need for the planning. Many funders won't open up their purse strings without first seeing a plan that was shaped by public input.
  9. My 5-year-old son has thicker skin than this little crybaby twerp.... Trump rages against ‘SNL’ after latest Alec Baldwin skit https://nypost.com/2019/02/17/trump-rages-against-snl-after-latest-alec-baldwin-skit/
  10. Redirected from the Cleveland Random Developments thread.... And....to add to my parking comments on the previous page, return on-street parking to downtown streets. And provide it on all days. It's amazing how little on-street parking there is downtown, which also acts as a form if traffic calming and provides a safety/noise buffer for pedestrians. Better still, contract on-street parking and city-owned lots to a private firm and use the revenue to provide the operating and/or capital support for a regional commuter rail service.
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