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  1. Downtown businesses capitalized on LeBron's popularity to grow, will support themselves now http://amp.news5cleveland.com/2970051248/restaurants-say-they-capitalized-on-his-popularity-to-grow-support-themselves-after-hes-left.html
  2. Cool idea. You could also incorporate an intercity rail station with the airport. Existing Amtrak trains to Elyria, Sandusky, Toledo, South Bend, Chicago, Alliance, Pittsburgh, Erie, Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse and beyond pass through here, as would have the 3C trains, plus proposed trains to Detroit, Ann Arbor, Youngstown, Akron, Canton and elsewhere. You can use RRIF loans (up to $35 billion available) to pay for a rail station and supportive real estate developments associated with any railroad station (existing or planned including the dink Amtrak station in downtown Cleveland).
  3. Millennia Cos. forms commercial unit as Jacobs Real Estate Services exits property management https://www.crainscleveland.com/real-estate/millennia-cos-forms-commercial-unit-jacobs-real-estate-services-exits-property
  4. Akron Civic Theatre expansion to add stage, new box office, offices and retail https://articles.cleveland.com/akron/index.ssf/2018/10/expansion_planned_for_akron_ci.amp
  5. KJP

    Opportunity Zones

    From the Bloomberg article above -- Considering the high price of land for downtown Cleveland's parking craters, could this provision be a huge boon to developing them? Is it limited to refurbishing/renovations? It doesn't include new construction? The IRS rules specify that funds don’t have to include the value of the land when calculating how much the law requires them to spend renovating or refurbishing property. For example, if a fund were to pay $1 million for a warehouse and land, with the building valued at $400,000, the fund has to spend at least what the building is valued -- not the total purchase price -- in renovations.
  6. KJP

    The Trump Presidency

    The ability to edit postings sure doesn't last long on the new forum...maybe 30 minutes.
  7. This just in -- private investment follows public capital (shh.... It has since the Romans built roads)