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  1. It's not for a lack of trying. Not sure what that crap is on there.
  2. Or they just see an opportunity to boost areas that are losing jobs to the cities. Versions of the TMUD tax credit bill have already passed both houses by overwhelming margins.
  3. A shuttle van/bus between the station (how about both RTA stations on East 79th?) and police HQ would cost more than $100,000 per year (60-70% of RTA's costs are labor). People could walk to the police HQ in less time if they just miss a shuttle. BTW, capital costs are easier to come up with than operating costs. It's why this and other recent RTA station rebuilds are being designed with ramps and not elevators. BTW: in case you were wondering if the #2 bus on East 79th could serve as the shuttle by slightly rerouting it, it cannot. It operates only on an hourly basis, and even then it operates from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. weekdays only. There is no weekend service. That doesn't mean the #2 route shouldn't be shifted one block to provide better access, however.
  4. If you don't think Trump's reelection means it will make him president for life, you're not paying attention. And he will do EVERYTHING POSSIBLE to make sure he either gets reelected or to make sure his cult thinks he got reelected even if he didn't....
  5. Wow, Budish really knows how to sweet-talk someone...
  6. Walking in places away from the lake and/or downtown are always less slammed by wind. A walk in the countryside can be pleasant....
  7. There's no shelter via the existing route, which is "sort of" existing because sections of the sidewalk are gone. EDIT: by the way, the distance via the existing path without a building next to the sidewalks and outside of the RTA station's grounds is 0.27 miles.... So the difference in distance from the middle of the RTA platform to the middle of the block on the west side of East 75th, between the tracks and Grand Avenue: + via the NW corner of East 79th and Grand Avenue is a 0.45-mile or 2,400-foot walk at 2 mph is 13 minutes, 30 seconds + via the proposed new walkway along and above the south side of the RTA Red Line is a 0.25-mile or 1,300-foot walk at 2 mph is 7 minutes, 30 seconds The view looking east along what remains of the sidewalk along the north side of Grand Avenue, looking west from East 79th Street: The view looking north along the west side of East 79th Street, looking north from Grand Avenue:
  8. The old PCC cars weren't reversible....in other words they didn't have operator controls at both ends so they had to have loop tracks downtown, at Shaker Square, at Shaker/Green and at Van Aken/Warrensville to turn around. The Breda cars do have control at both ends. So no more need for loop tracks.
  9. KJP

    Ohio Home Rule

    Ohio House passes ban on local plastic bag bans https://614now.com/2019/news/new-bill-would-prevent-local-bans-on-plastic-bags The Ohio House even has a federalism committee. Not sure why, because they cannot control what the federal government does to/for Ohio. But they don't want the feds telling Ohio what to do. But it's OK for the state to tell local governments what to do. Just shut up and die...
  10. No. The tracks are on a curve east of East 75th (can't have a wide gap between the train & platform to conform to ADA) and elevated west of East 75th. Also the RTA tracks aren't separated to insert a platform in between them, and building two building two platforms would be more expensive (let alone on an elevated right of way).
  11. Here's an idea. Look at how much shorter the walk is between the RTA station and the CPD HQ with the addition of the pathway. The hitch is that NS would have to sell the land for it, and the walkway would have to be well-lighted and secure, not dark and lined with thick vegetation. I realize this would be next to the police headquarters, but there's probably more paper pushers there than patrolmen.
  12. Here's a cool, local company who represents a European public realm artist. They can do indoor-outdoor furniture and art, be it permanent or temporary. They can make it in Europe or here in Greater Cleveland, either with direct supervision by the artist for more complicated installations or on your own if you prefer: Website (takes a few extra seconds to load): https://5d-city.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/5dcitycom/ Let's support our local companies!
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