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  1. Print version? Great, that means were going to get a bunch of old people moving here.....
  2. National Commercial Bank. Northeast corner of West 6th & Superior, in the Superblock -- now all parking lot but is Sherwin-Williams property as of a couple months ago.
  3. All the more reason to comment. The plans are still fluid. Many developers, architects and other real estate professionals read this site.
  4. Man, I thought UO loved to debate renderings. It's mostly crickets so far on the Superior Viaduct tower....
  5. Gorgeous sunrise this morning. A city isn't a city unless it's on water.
  6. And And One trainwreck after another.
  7. Here's how transit plans become transit realities.... Guy like me proposes an idea to a small group, gets input, refines it (ie: what was done here). Guy like me then takes it more people, usually community development types, to get more input, refines idea. Guy like me then takes it to RTA staff who then tells me all the reasons why it won't work. I refine the idea. Guy like me then takes it to elected officials, tells them RTA staffs hates the idea but might be willing to do it if someone gets them the money to conduct a feasibility study or, better yet, a project-level plan. Elected officials secure money, tell RTA to study/plan it, which they do. Plan shows the refined idea will work. RTA staff ask Board to add it to their strategic plan. RTA now loves the idea. Advances the project level planning into preliminary engineering/environmental assessment, the final engineering, then construction. On ribbon-cutting day, RTA tells everyone that they've been wanting to do this project for years and thanks elected officials for giving them the resources to make it happen. Guy like me goes home happy because I'm not in it for the fame or money.
  8. Dammit!! They had some of the best steaks in the city. SMH
  9. TUESDAY, MAY 26, 2020 Flats West Bank high-rise plans revealed At a meeting today of the Riverfront District Block Club, developers presented their plans for a high-rise apartment tower near the top of the hill above Flats' West Bank. It is the first of what is likely to be more residential towers publicly announced in the near future for the West Bank. The development team, led locally by Walton Hills resident Wayne Jatsek of Jatsek Construction Co., presented preliminary plans for a 24-story tower at 2208 Superior Viaduct with about 186 market-rate apartments above six levels of parking totaling roughly 128 spaces, according to documents presented by Paul Glowacki of Lakewood-based Dimit Architects. MORE: https://neo-trans.blogspot.com/2020/05/flats-west-bank-high-rise-plans-revealed.html
  10. There was a provision for routing the streetcars from the lower level of the Detroit-Superior bridge directly into the Traction (aka Shaker Rapid) portion of Cleveland Union Terminal.
  11. Maybe it's a crazy idea. Maybe not. But with regards to the subject of this thread, I believe it's worth considering because: ++ "There was a housing shortage in Cleveland before the pandemic and there's still a housing shortage" -- said Bo Knez, president of Knez Homes, in one of my blog articles. ++ Construction employment was growing at up 10 percent year-over-year until the pandemic. It dropped during it, yet employers still can't find enough workers now, let alone when the economy picks back up. They may have to recruit them from rural areas. But where to house them? ++ There is renewed interest in remote-working, causing some people to consider relocating from high-cost cities to low-cost cities. Can Cleveland accommodate them? ++ Few Greater Clevelanders are putting their homes on the market now, resulting in low market inventory. That's causing prices to rise. ++ K&D converted the Embassy Suites at Reserve Square to housing about 5-10 years ago. The conversion was simple and quick because they were multi-room suites. But with the rise of micro units, could standard hotel rooms be converted to micro units? So that leads me to the question -- are there some underperforming hotels downtown or elsewhere with room layouts that might make them suitable for conversions to workforce, transitional or micro housing?
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