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  1. No but the Koch Brothers did. Their narrow brand of identity politics apparently can influence the state Senate more than the state's largest chambers of commerce, the Ohio insurance industry, major developers, investors and other job creators that benefit a broader base of constituents.
  2. I also saw they're doing some work on the building.... Dougherty Provides $6.8M Refinancing for Apartment Building in Cleveland http://rebusinessonline.com/dougherty-provides-6-8m-refinancing-for-apartment-building-in-cleveland/
  3. More outside investors moving into Cleveland. This time, it will be a regional headquarters... PGIM Real Estate Finance Opens Cleveland Office Posted on December 17, 2018 by Kristin Hiller in Company News, Midwest, Office, Ohio CLEVELAND — PGIM Real Estate Finance has opened a new Cleveland office and hired an originations team led by Bruce Gerhart and David Strachan. PGIM Real Estate Finance is the commercial mortgage finance business of PGIM, the $1 trillion global investment management business of Prudential Financial Inc. (NYSE: PRU). The new team will be responsible for sourcing and originating loans for affordable housing, Federal Housing Administration (FHA) multifamily, healthcare and seniors housing with a focus on Ohio, Michigan and the Midwest region. MORE http://rebusinessonline.com/pgim-real-estate-finance-opens-cleveland-office/
  4. Wonder if this will help free up some resources for phase 3? Cleveland Office Tower Receives $100M Refi Located in the waterfront district of the city, the 23-story Ernst & Young Office Tower features 465,000 square feet of leasable space. https://www-cpexecutive-com.cdn.ampproject.org/v/s/www.cpexecutive.com/post/amp/cleveland-office-tower-receives-100m-refi/
  5. Tucker makes America poorer and dirtier...
  6. KJP

    The Trump Presidency

    A reminder that Trump and his goons are evil and heartless. Because of Trump's Muslim ban, the mother of a 2-year-old U.S. citizen on life support can't be by his side. This is what happens when you enact policy banning millions of people from the U.S. based on religious prejudice. Trump travel ban keeping mother from dying 2-year-old son in California, family says https://www.cbsnews.com/news/trump-travel-ban-keeping-yemeni-mother-from-dying-2-year-old-son-in-california-family-says/
  7. Stark might curl up and die! At least he could pursue his grand visions in more bite-sized pieces in what has historically been a stagnant economy until lately. But developers like to live to see their visions become reality. Maybe he should move to Toronto?
  8. Don't know. @mjarboe says she's working on an article to find out the back story of what happened.
  9. KJP

    The Democratic Party

    Rich Democrats Don’t Care About Income Inequality Any More Than Rich Republicans http://time.com/money/4046099/income-inquality-democrats-republicans/
  10. Just got a note from the Ways & Means Committee. No more meetings for the rest of the year/session. That kills the transformational tax credit after it had passed the House 91-0 this summer. Bizarre. After the school district wouldn't play ball and now the State Senate fumbled the ball, Stark has to be wondering why he should continue to invest in this city and state. He ran into the same unwillingness to innovate with Pesht when he asked for a TIF from the city and county based on property, income and sales taxes to support the infrastructure necessary to build it.
  11. Google "Lakewood Hospital, observer" to see what their version of the "controversy" was.
  12. KJP


    Guess you missed the part about ICE agents gleefully dumping out containers of water left for migrants in the desert.
  13. It's a question worth asking. SHW's debt is pretty high right now after it bought Valspar. It's possible that SHW may want to wait to pay down its debt further before adding new debt from construction a new HQ tower and new R&D facility that could exceed $1 billion total. Unless SHW doesn't want to own these new facilities to keep the debt off its books. Many companies don't like to own their HQs and other office buildings.