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  1. KJP

    Opportunity Zones

    The headline says this article belongs here, but the content could put this article into about 5 threads.... Building on Cleveland’s Health District with Opportunity Zones https://urbanland.uli.org/economy-markets-trends/building-on-clevelands-health-district-with-opportunity-zones/
  2. KJP

    The Trump Presidency

    I Listened to All Six Trump Rallies in October. You Should, Too It’s not a reality show. It’s real. https://www.newyorker.com/news/letter-from-trumps-washington/i-listened-to-all-six-trump-rallies-in-october-you-should-too
  3. KJP


    It's amazing how many people don't know this...including many in our own government, namely, the border patrol who are still arresting asylum seekers and separating children from their families.
  4. KJP


    You mean this?
  5. I don't understand what you're asking. It says housing and the images show a corner retailer/leasable space. We're you looking for more detail? Or contact info for the developer Rust Belt Development (they're on Professor Avenue in Tremont)?
  6. KJP

    Opportunity Zones

    My reading of the proposed guidance is that the Bloomberg article took the meaning of "substantial improvements" literally -- that a building had to be improved/renovated. But a substantial improvement, as described in the guidance, could also mean constructing a building on vacant land or underutilized land. So in the IRS definitions, a parking lot could be considered vacant/underutilized land and that a building placed on it would most definitely constitute a "substantial improvement." So yes, my read is that this program could be a big benefit to developing the parking craters in downtown Cleveland.
  7. KJP

    Transit Safety Thread

    This is nuts! I was just in Rome in June but didn't ride the metro. We took buses, trams, taxis and walked a lot....
  8. Which is why you'll never see me at a political debate.
  9. http://planning.city.cleveland.oh.us/landmark/agenda/2018/10252018/index.php Case 18-066: Lorain Avenue Historic District 5010 Lorain Avenue Storefront and Building Renovation for Cents Pizzeria Ward 15: Zone Project Representatives: Drew Classen, MU NU Properties; The Arcus Group Architects