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  1. That's stunning. And that's also a good guess considering Matt Sexton works at Stark Enterprises.
  2. Don't worry. There's always something under construction in/near Hingetown. Next up: Bridgeworks.
  3. I heard someone say today that it's f*cked up that Putin is the only politician that's reached across the aisle and worked with both parties in the last four years. But Trump isn't a Republican and Sanders isn't a Democrat....
  4. Whackadoo... Situation Normal, All Fouled Up
  5. FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 21, 2020 Burke Lakefront Airport ready for take off When closet urban planners consider open land for development in Cleveland, their attention often is directed at Burke Lakefront Airport. That isn't the only thing they direct at Burke. They also direct ridicule, scorn and even outright hatred for that 450-acre plot of former lakefront landfill that opened as an airport in 1948. The reasons are many: Burke flight operations are down to fewer than 100 flights per day on average, a 60 percent drop compared to 20 years ago. It costs the city several million dollars per year to keep Burke open and operating. And its service as a reliever airport for Hopkins International Airport isn't justified when Hopkins' flight operations are down to a daily average of 350 flights vs. 500 in 2013 -- the last year of United Airlines' hub operation here. That has led some to suggest reimbursing the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for roughly $10 million in capital improvements made at Burke in the 21st century and closing down the airport. Then the airport could be repurposed with a mix of real estate developments and public parks along Cleveland's most precious natural resource. But what if someone wanted to actually use Burke for, say, an airport? It's starting to happen with more air operations planned. MORE: https://neo-trans.blogspot.com/2020/02/burke-lakefront-airport-ready-for-take.html
  6. The tower design may not be a placeholder. It's apparently what they propose. And "they" isn't Midwest Development. Midwest is just the land-owning partner in this joint venture. Midwest IS building Library Lofts, however.
  7. If it's going to benefit Russia, then expect Trump to fire whoever tries to investigate and prosecute it....
  8. Awesome observation. Another....
  9. UC3 is the Circle Square project's former name (UC3=University Circle City Center). Some of the project's properties are still named with UC3...ie: UC3 Stokes Land LLC, UC3 Main Block LLC, etc. BTW, sudden surprises like a newly announced 24-story tower are more like a Christmas morning to me than actually seeing the thing slowly getting built.
  10. You can lead a Republican to the Constitution but you can't force them to honor it...
  11. The scale of this proposed development may explain why First Interstate decided to build uphill at Larchmere rather than build phase 2 of One University Circle. A 24-story, nearly 300-unit high-rise next to a new 11-story apartment building is a lot of new inventory to add. I can see why First Interstate decided to rotate to another field. BTW, this site plan is pretty stunning.......
  12. Library Lofts is also moving forward. Seeing lots of filings with public entities on it. But this is at the site where the police station was just demolished..... Circle Square project in Cleveland’s University Circle to include 24-story apartment tower https://www.cleveland.com/business/2020/02/circle-square-project-in-clevelands-university-circle-to-include-24-story-apartment-tower.html
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