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  1. The vacant land north of Father Frascatti was always slated for development. Loosing the view was a matter of timing--when, not if. In fact, I think there were supposed to be two taller than 5 story buildings there. Similarly, there has always been a planned building on the corner of Powerhouse and Frascatti - across from Cha. It was supposed to be owner occupied. I had heard that was changing to apartments. That is what I was inquiring about.
  2. Rumor has it that Vintage is planning apartments for the lot along Powerhouse Drive. Any information?
  3. The owners of that place in BP include one of the original creators of Platform Brewing if I'm not mistaken. They will not have food but will rely on getting food from the 3 restaurants in the BP area - Cha, Graffiti and Vita Urbana. There was an article in Scene magazine a few weeks back.
  4. I haven't been on here in a while - kind of forgot about this. So some of the discussion is around the old Max Hayes site and why another school. For my two cents I think putting another school there is stupid. A better plan would be development there of housing and mixed use. There's plenty of land that could probably be gotten along W 65th between Detroit and Dennison where the new school is. Turn that into an "Eductation Zone", clean it up, better police coverage because of the schools, and a reason to connect neighborhoods north to south. Instead we end up with fragmented schools all over the place. The model I am suggesting works. I have family members who spent their entire K -12 years in a large complex on one site of land. Several thousand students on the campus. It saved the district $$$ because buses weren't crossing paths all day with 5 or 6 students. All ages on one bus, student pick up at one time and then the parents are off the work. The school district had the ability to shift around class sizes in buildings to meet shifting demographics. Made sense in my opinion.
  5. Looking for any old photos of the Everready battery factory before it was a brownfield or Battery Park.
  6. Would rather not see rentals. Invest instead.
  7. I suppose they are a bit better than the ones on Detroit which are not exactly shelter.
  8. l That would be fantastic. Then a connection to W78th from W76th.
  9. Nothing from him in Gordon Square so far. By the way - anyone heard of a pizza place going in near Stone Mad? Aldo heard of a Gulucci's market kind of place going in on Detroit near Minh Ahn.
  10. Could the existing track somehow be repurposed for commuter transportation? Particularly from points west of the city and take some movement off of the Shoreway?
  11. The Pork Chop Shop is great. Whitakers for pork and chicken, Pinzones for beef, organic produce stand is good too.
  12. I think one think that any discussion of number of passengers, routes, flights, etc needs to take into consideration is the impact that the advancement of affordable technology is having on how businesses do business. Five years ago I had preferred status on two carriers. Now, if I fly twice a quarter I am surprised. Meetings are teleconferences, presentations are via web, and home offices are the norm. Not that any of that is new. What is new is the number of businesses embracing that model because the cost of such technologies continues to decrease as does the need for businesses to fly people.
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