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  1. Congrats guys! Let's hope this is the last of the hurdles for this project.
  2. Bingo! I recently left Cincinnati to take a new job in a larger city, and while it was very hard to leave with all the great momentum going on, I'm starting to see why it was a smart choice to leave the city. FWIW, I worked for one of the major Fortune 500's in Cincinnati and I don't think they could give a flying fck about if/when the streetcar happens. In fact, I was very surprised by how many people in my office did not understand the significance of the urban renewal and change that has been happening in Cincinnati. All our upper management and execs lived in the northern suburbs or NKY.
  3. Yikes -- this is a lot of new hotel inventory coming on the market at one time. You have to wonder which one of these is the first to back out and/or what this means for maintaining a healthy rate & occupancy environment...
  4. Maybe if you consider Cinci and Dayton to be some kind of megalopolis. Downtown Cinci to DAY is approx. 70 miles. that's a bit too far to be considered a co-terminal (think JFK/LGA). Flights such as CVG-DAY and CVG-LEX are tag end flights. It's not expected that they generate much O&D. In fact that's why such city pairs have exorbitant fares and another reason why, in its' heyday, CVG had the highes average fares. CVG had alot of short stage length flights which were high fare thus driving up the average airfare. Just FYI - There is no CVG-LEX or CVG-DAY service any longer and hasn't been for several years now. More recently, CVG-IND and CVG-CLE have also ceased operation. I think CVG-CMH hasn't been flown since the intial drawdown of the CVG hub (at one time it was flown with 757s - can you imagine!)
  5. $535k is unreal. Wow. Anybody know what the conditions of the building are like inside?
  6. Everything that has happened over the past few days is beyond disappointing. I have serious concerns about what this means for continued growth in OTR at the pace we have become accustomed to over the past year. I can't imagine how upset some of the investors are...investors who trusted that, all things considered, our elected officials were making the right decisions with credible data. Clearly they were not and bit off more than they could chew. It's not that the bids came back over budget, it's that they came back on a totally different planet. The discrepancy is high enough that even a significant amount of value-engineering is not going to bring these costs back to something managable. I try to explain to people why living in Cincinnati can be incredibly frustrating sometimes and this situation is only another talking point. There is something about this city that simply doesn't allow us to be as nimble as our peers in these kinds of matters. I hate to be all doom and gloom, but I doubt this thing will get built now. I really do doubt it. This entire situation has the potential to leave a very bad taste in everyone's mouth about OTR, the current administration and the overall ability to fiscally trust the City for a very long time.
  7. I think you are on the wrong page. The RJ, or regional jet, is being phased out all over. Remember Comair, remember Concourse C at CVG? These were all designed around the RJ, and more specifically the product of Bombardier of Canada. Comair was their biggest customer. The reason the RJ is disappearing from airline usage is due to their terrible fuel consumption. As airline fuel prices have gone up their favor has gone down. Correct analysis. CVG may really be in trouble in the next 5 years as Delta has indicated they will remove all 50 seaters from the fleet and move to large regional jets (70+ seats) & small mainline jets like the Boeing 717.
  8. Not to beat a dead horse, but yesterday I was stopped in traffic on 13th due to a CRAZY amount of loitering in/around the park. I look to my right and there's a guy on the sidewalk lighting up a crack pipe in broad daylight...at 1:30...on a Tuesday. Numerous others were openly drinking alcohol. I have never once seen a CPD officer in this area.
  9. The United mainline ORD flight is supposed to be ceasing this month. So I would suspect the increased daily DEN flight should be a regional aircraft. yes, 2x CRJ-700 to DEN (still has first class though!) I will not be surprised if the Airbus comes back later in the year though.
  10. Wow, one would think they are printing cash with the $8 bud lights they serve....
  11. Also today it looks like there is some streetscape work happening around 13th/Main. Some dump trucks and heavy machinery on site. Anyone know what's up?
  12. Low-cost airline interested in Lunken Commercial air service could return to Lunken Airport for the first time in decades. Low-cost carrier Allegiant Air is showing interest in launching two to four flights a week at the East End city-owned airfield, according to a document obtained by The Enquirer. The Las Vegas-based vacation airline emailed an official letter of interest to Lunken dated Feb. 1 “to express Allegiant Air’s interest in initiating commercial air service” in Cincinnati, according to the document provided by the city after a public records request. http://news.cincinnati.com/article/20130211/BIZ/302120014/EXCLUSIVE-Low-cost-airline-interested-Lunken
  13. ^touche, BUT I think my point is that there are some serious safety concerns associated with the condition of many properties in Clifton. I look back on my attic experience and it absolutely scares the crap out of me now since 2 UC students just died from having their space heater catch on fire in the attic of their rented Clifton house. When people have to adapt to a functionally obsolete housing stock, the results can sometimes be a total disaster. All I'm saying is that more choice is always better for the consumer. Some of these new complexes, while sterile and overpriced, are absolutely filling a gap in the market and will allow students to be more choosy when shopping for off campus housing. This will eventually make its way down the food chain to some of these slumlords who will be unable to rent properties that do not meet the needs of students.
  14. Now, to make everything with Frontier's entry even a bit more interesting, United has responded by increasing service on their CVG-DEN route for the summer months. I don't think it will be on mainline aircraft, but still interesting to see them respond with *more* service. I wonder what we'll see happen to fares on this route? UA DEN-CVG JUL 1.0>2.0 AUG 1.0>2 SEP 1.0>2 OCT 1.0>2
  15. I lived in a house south of McMillian on a street that was easily 90%+ students. The attic was turned into a bedroom at some point in the past 10 years buy the slumlord that owned our house and about 60 others across Clifton. The winter rolled around, I came to realize that the attic did not have heat. It was simply never installed, even though said landloard had been renting that space as a bedroom for many, many years. I'm not one to take these things lightly and after many weeks of continued arguing, documentation and finally the threat of legal action, he had heat ran to the attic (without permits of course) by just shooting a duct through the floors and up to the third floor. This same landlord illegally created a basement bedroom in that house. Who wants to live in a bedroom with leaky pipes, a gas valve and water meter sticking out of the wall? Another house nearby I lived in was literally collapsing due to erosion, had a bathroom installed without permits, and a family of raccoons were living in the roof directly above my bedroom. Both of these houses regularly had $300-400 utility bills due to totally insufficient insulation. In retrospect, I might have rather just paid double to live in a safe, clean place that was hassle free. I can't buy the "but they have character" argument in Clifton or Corryville much at all as the vast majority of these houses have had their historical characteristics violated many times over by their owners just trying to get them rented ASAP. It's rare to see a place in this neighborhood that doesn't have drop ceilings, linoleum floors, vinyl siding, flourescent lighting, etc installed over the original finishes of the house.
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