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  1. Could someone super-impose that on to existing pictures we have of Stonebridge right now.
  2. I absolutely love the design of this building. It is not boxy and it just has an urban feel to it. Wonder how it will look up against Stonbridges phase one and two.
  3. There is alos a rendering of it on the Crains website. It looks really nice!! This is a different article then was posted earlier this week. Plans for $28 million expansion of Stonebridge Plaza unveiled Photo credit: STAN BULLARD By ALLISON WOOD July 01. 2005 3:05PM Plans for a $28 million expansion of the Stonebridge Plaza, which will include a 12-story, 110-unit glass-walled residential building attached to the one-time home of the Cantina Del Rio restaurant on the West Bank of the Flats, were unveiled today. Located on the intersection of Center Street and Washington Avenue, the proposed building will have 50 rental units and 60 condos with a 12-story atrium in the middle, said Doug Price, president and CEO of K&D Development. The former Cantina Del Rio building will be renovated and will include neighborhood-oriented retail shops to service residents, he said. Existing additions to the original building will be demolished for the project. Read More...
  4. This project ewxcites me in that it will help jumpstart NE Ohio's economy.
  5. I don't think college kids have enough money to buy furniture outside the thrift store...seriously. So I do not think a furniture business would consider a large population of college students the target market. I could see people in starter neighborhoods such as Parma, Mayfield Hts, Euclid etc shopping here.
  6. Thanks for all the info. I'm suprised my wife hasn't made me drive her to Pittsburgh yet. I figured they were pretty cool stores. When we were looking through the Dodges at a meeting the other day, a couple of the people saw "ikea" in there at Legacy village and got excited. I didn't want to sound stupid and ask any questions though.
  7. So wait, college kids buy stuff from this ikea store. Then why did they buy a building in Lyndhurst at Legacy village. Again, I have never heard of these stores, so I guess I just don't know the market they cater to.
  8. I don't even know what this store is though. I saw this post and read it and thought, wow, these must be cool stores.
  9. I don't know. I get a new envelope of dodges every monday, wed and Fri though and I can check. It has been in there now every week. They do have to do some renovation to the Home expo though. Thats why it's been in the dodges.
  10. Ikea now owns the Home Expo at Legacy Village in Lyndhurst. Just got a Dodge report on that. I don't know what the plans are at this point though. All I know is the Home Expo shut down and Ikea bought it.
  11. I love how Stonebridge just came together. There was really no news about this large developement 7 years ago. No huge master plan posted all over the Plain Dealer and all over the news. It seems like those kind of projects are just set up to fail. Stonebride really phased in slowly as demand continued to rise and word of mouth got out. One building here and one building there. They started small and it all came together. Now look what they have, a large developement that on paper looks like a really cool master plan. If they built this all at once 7 years ago, I don't think the success would have nearly been the same.
  12. The foreground is the construction site for one seagate.
  13. ^Yes, the old Howard Johnson hotel. That actually used to be a relly nice place. If I remember correctly, years ago, they were going to knock it down.
  14. I think they need to build a bridge directly accross the river to connect with St Clair. This would help to connect the West Bank with dt.
  15. I keep hearing that Stonebridge is getting a bad wrap however. I guess the walls are paper thin and the condo's are kind of chintzy. Anyone else hear this?
  16. 12 Stories. The westbank is starting to get it's own skyline now!
  17. The last picture really shows how the parking lot needs a building in it.
  18. Amazing what their doing with garages these days.
  19. This project will increase the traffic which in turn increases the awareness of the neighborhood. It's a great developement. I don't know what else anyone would want to see there. Please post other ideas that would make better use of this land.
  20. ^Is Pinnacle really holding up Johnson Court Construction? I have heard that, but is it true.
  21. This will give all the drinkers a place to pass out on a Saturday night after they leave the bars.
  22. This is very exciting. It will really give the area the residential look it needs. A smaler scale developement but probably one of the more important in the city right now. I think this bueatification will entice homebuyers. Instead of looking like a "warehouse district" it will look more like a neighborhood.
  23. Whats going on with the proposed TOD at the Brookpark rapid station. I know that sign is still up in the parking lot.
  24. I wonder how they set the curtain wall without a crane.
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