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  1. I hope that you are correct. Don't forget that K & D are the largest landlord in the region. They own a lot of suburban apartment complexes. Only a small portion of their portfolio has to do with condos. With the mortgage crisis, apartments are doing very well at the moment. I think that is what is allowing them to take on projects of this size. During a time of recession,possibly a depression, rental property is the best asset to have. :-D :clap:
  2. The europa Travel building is being torn down,well being disassembled and putting in storage.
  3. We should have acquired the amex and located it at the rotunda with traders located in the brauer building.
  4. The info I see is around $65 a square foot for underground in the cleveland area the parking should be constructed under the new building,possibly getting 3 levels. Don't we have some construction engineer managers on here? I can't remember the stats off-hand, but per level, going underground, the cost of a parking space versus a garage is something like 10 times as much.
  5. the parking should be constructed under the new building,possibly getting 3 levels. I wonder how much room is in back of the brauer tower ,Could you construct a contrasting tower in back abutting the backside of the brauer tower,and putting a plaza(with parking under) were the 5 story building is.
  6. concrete pillars down a major street
  7. So where exactly would you put it? Due north of Edgewater Dr in Cleveland? Why would I not be surprised if you suggested that we put it in North Royalton? Actually if you take glance at the lake erie coast,the west side of cleveland would be much easier to configure for the port.
  8. Too bad cleveland did not have a real mayor,who would take charge of his city.THe present day convention center needed only 150 million dollars worth of upgrades,to make it viable. I wonder who is going to file a federal law suit,on all the backroom dealings.
  9. One of Starks associates hangs out at the barking spider on the third thursday of the month.I have talk to her about her job at Starks company,very interesting stuff.
  10. 185th- At one time there were two supermarkets and two drug stores. Around 18 bars and 2 bowling lanes.
  11. I would put it as close to lakewood,as i can. Also Its going to cost a mighty penny to build a railway over the freeway right by 55th. CSX does have a railyard in that area.
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