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  1. ^They could be-that seems more plausible than red light cameras.
  2. Red light cameras started appearing here (warren county) about 2 years ago, and now there are probably 50 or so throughout my city (seriously, four at nearly _every_ signaled intersection). That somehow makes me doubt whether they're real cameras...and I've never seen one of them flash. Then again, I've never seen someone run a red light.
  3. 1. Mason :-( 2. I'd walk, but only because i can't drive yet 3. The nearest bus is the West Chester Express at hwy 75... about 10 miles away 4. I can't move... see #2
  4. I really don't think bike trails help at all; I mean, if you have to get off and walk your bike across the intersection at every intersection (as required by law), thats not really drawing too many riders. Mason (Cincinnati) has bike trails almost everywhere... and who uses them? joggers, if not nobody... West Chester (on Cox rd.) has a bike lane, but nobody uses it (it's not a system - its just an isolated stretch). What they really need are bike lanes on every major road; then people might start using them. -They also need sidewalks... in the 4 miles from my house to my school, theres only about 1.5 miles of paved walking surfaces
  5. Sorry if this is a stupid question, but why are they paying for this using public money? Shouldn't it be developed by a private contractor? (after all, it IS a development, with residential units to sell, and money to be made).
  6. ^not to be overly picky, but it's Union Centre, don't ask why Yay, first post. I don't support this project, but i do feel that there is some point to it. I live in northern Mason :-( and there is no quick and easy way to get to 75 (during rush hours, that is), as Tylersville is plugged and going to 129 involves going way out of your way. Anyways, they should trash the project, but they'll just end up filling the whole area between Mason and Monroe with highway exits and interchanges so it can all fill up with sprawl. (and i hope the cox rd. extension continues the bike lane, its a first for this whole area).
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