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  1. Good lord. I come here for some pic updates and I read 2 pages of useless bickering. Too many chefs in the kitchen...lol
  2. I go all the time. Have had a Cedar Fair season pass every year for about the last 5 years. Longest I ever wait is on Maverick which lately has been just over an hour wait (last year was 2+ hour waits). Usually 30-45 for Raptor, 45-hour for MF, 45-hour for TTD, 30 or less for MXL2000 and lesser coasters like Iron Dragon, Bluestreak and Gemini. Pretty much a walk-on for Meanstreak these days. May have been a special engagement going on, like school trips, employee specials, etc. Or if other rides were down, that would funnel the riders to other lines. On a side note, if you get the Platinum Pass, ALWAYS take advantage of the 1 hour early ride time it offers. Almost a straight walk-on for Raptor, MF, TTD and Maverick from 9-10am. Great way to wake up!
  3. The change of name from "Sears Tower" to "Willis Tower" is an insult to the building and it's history. It's almost as taboo as changing the name of th Chrysler Building or Empire State Building. While the company, Willis Holdings, is a great move for Chicago, there is no reason for a name change. Please visit the following link and sign the petition to keep it Sears Tower if you support keeping it. http://www.itsthesearstower.com/
  4. Nice thread Jeff! Lots of great info...although somewhat depressing ;-)
  5. Just to be clear, building collapses DO happen, especially when it involves a new design that may have been poorly designed/built/tested. No reason to think that this building is perfectly safe, especially with all the problems that have been going on. Be watching for major structural inspections happening soon.
  6. I love the burritos at Del Taco out west. Only if they could bring Del Taco to Ohio and get rid of crappy Taco Bell. But the best burrito hands down (and I need to get there sometime soon) is the shrimp burrito at Margaritas. Mmmmmm, now I just made myself hungry!
  7. ^---- Most likely, but I wonder if having a tenant still would have helped given the current credit crises?
  8. If you sue them, I want compensation for when they used mine last year! I could use a new computer! :lol: Anyway, the least they could do is give credit to us for making those renderings. Sheesh!
  9. I think Greens's sprawl is more due to I-675 than anything else. U.S. 35 in Greene County has been around forever and growth along 35 is slow at best. Of course 675 was built to mainly serve more as a link for WPAFB than a bypass. So WPAFB boosted by 675 is what is the driving force behind most of the growth in Greene County. Fairfield Mall area, the Greene and most of Wilmington Pk's retail hell would not exist without 675. C-Dawg, the reason I stated that we will have to deal with it is because the sad fact is that most of your middle class suburban dwellers have prety much made up their mind that the center cities are hell and they want to get as far away as possible. Most will be closed minded to what sprawl really means and will not change their views. And it will always be like this unless cities and counties take preventatve measures to limit sprawl which I don't see none of. Look at the development of Austin Pk. Even Dayton supports it although there will be little if any benefit to Dayton for the development of (and more sprawl) of the Austin Pk. area.
  10. Nice. I am amazed at the pace this project has moved. Only if the 75/70 i-change moved at this speed... :roll:
  11. Normally I would agree, but in this case, Dayton doesn't really have a high end condo highrise overlooking the river and I think that may be very attractive to young professionals working in the CBD.
  12. I would hardly group Greenville, Middletown and Springfield as part of Dayton's hospitals. These are neccessary hospitals to support those specific communities. Also, any project that can create construction and medical jobs and provide better medical facilities for area residents are NOT wasted projects.
  13. I think it looks 10x's better now than it did before. Basically, they just changed all the white to charcoal grey. I actually...gasp...like it! The building definately has a slimmer and taller look to it now. Don't see the blue neon back on yet. Not sure if it will go back up or not. I snapped a couple pics. Will post later tonight.
  14. Dubai is just in it's faze of seeing who can build the tallest and greatest. The U.S. went through this for many years...and more recently China. It's also going to be the world's greatest amount of vacant office space.
  15. WTF??? That's the image I created! Yea, WCPO likes to do that. We should team up and demand some royalties or something. Or at least a front page spot! :lol:
  16. The Dayton/Cincinnati regions will be grouped as one, that is innevitable. This has been forseen for decades and Hamilton and Montgomery Counties are to blame for not doing anything to slow it down. Now Warren County is becoming a major player in Ohio and will continue to do so and will continue to take a lot away from everyone else with Montgomery becoming the major loser in the exchange. There is nothing that can be done about it. Southwest Ohio is just going to have to learn to deal with it.
  17. Oh wow, sorry about the pics guys. They came out like crap! But here they are.
  18. I can't get the pics uploaded to Urban Ohio from my PDA, so as soon as I get a chance to transfer the pics to my PC, I'll get them posted. It's basically the same rough sketch we have seen already, so nothing new there, but it does have leasing and sales information listed, so that is good news. My guess is they are going to see how much they can pre-fill before they go full swing with this. I would like to know what percentage they want to do before going forward. Hopefully we'll hear something soon.
  19. Good news! This project is still going. Just drove by the site this evening and there is a sign now erected for this project! Took a couple pics, I'll post later this evening. Please move this out of abandoned projects, thanks. :clap:
  20. Hey guys, took a break for the summer, so I need to catch up on some stuff. First, does anybody know what's going on with 40 West 4th in downtown? Looks like it is getting a slight facade makeover, but I don't know how much of one. Haven't seen anything in the news, can someone enlighten me? If I can, I'll get a pic if no one knows what I'm talking about.
  21. LOL! OMG I've missed reading these threads! :lol:
  22. Absolutely nothing. Looks like to be another dead project...then again Ballpark Village is all but dead, so who knows. BTW, sorry about the delay in posting. Been a busy summer! ;-)
  23. Since I have my brand spanking new Urban Ohio sticker on my car now (thanks Rich!), I actually thought that maybe an Urban Ohio spotted forumers thread would be kinda cool. But after reading some of these comments (thanks Cincinnatus!), I'm not so sure now! ! :lol:
  24. ^---That is strange...and dangerous!
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