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  1. Brooklyn Bridge from Brooklyn Bridge Park in DUMBO:
  2. DJ Orion

    R.I.P.: Robert Pence

    I miss Rob. I miss him a lot. But this makes me happy. I always remember him talking about where his money will go, and this does not surprise me.
  3. Well, I hope to be posting here more. But here's a shot of Bed Stuy from the Chauncey Street J station since we're on a NYC kick. My girlfriend and I stayed there for four nights in April and we might be staying in Bushwick next week. I'm starting to love this city so much. And here's more. I'm trying to write more photo blogs/stories and this is on my last trip to the city. It's nice to be back. I missed this site. New York City Part II - JeffBSchroeder.com
  4. Haha they say it's one of the most beautiful towns on the East Coast. They call it the "Switzerland of America." What I love about it is that it's considered to be in the Coal Region but it's also considered to be the gateway to the Poconos. It really does have an interesting coal-town-but-wait-it's-also-a-ski-town motif. But really, compared to the rest of towns in the coal region, it really doesn't look like a "coal town." Jim Thorpe made out pretty well. I was there two Sundays in a row during peak foliage. One of the most beautiful towns I have ever seen.
  5. Jim Thorpe IS awesome. Took my breath away. I took an trip through coal region back in October and this was the last town I got to before I ran out of daylight. I'll be posting that soon.
  6. Thank you. It's about time I start posting again. I got another one of these on deck too.
  7. Read original here: http://jeffbschroeder.com/grafius-court-streets-digging-into-williamsports-disappearing-neighborhoods/ I’m going to be starting a new series of photos and a new project that will delve into Williamsport’s older and disappearing neighborhoods. I’m going to start with one that is only a block or two away from where I live. The area lies in a triangle that is formed by Market Street, Hepburn Street, and Dubois Street. The neighborhood extends Downtown’s street grid that lies about 30 degrees in comparison to the rest of the street grid in the surround neighborhood. Many of the old cross streets are brick. They are basically alleys now, but back in the day, they were main streets. Architecture-wise, there isn’t much left. What is there, though, shows that there was much more to these neighborhoods than there is now. They were built with good bones. Map: https://www.google.com/maps/place/Williamsport,+PA+17701/@41.2452064,-77.0050976,18z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x89cfa61ebbf4995b:0x5199e38ff09058b1?hl=en The southern part of the old neighborhood as seen some redevelopment and revitalization. I would like to see the trend move upward to the few buildings that are left. Sadly, many of these brick streets have been paved over since June. The city decided to take them off of the list of historic streets. According to the Sun Gazette: "Brick streets are pretty, hold historic value, but are buggers on a city with a tight budget. That was pretty much the summation Thursday night when City Council, on first reading, voted 5 to 2 to have Court Street between Sixth and Seventh streets and Grafius Street between Hepburn and Market streets removed from those on a list to be preserved as brick. If the ordinance is amended on May 16, during a final reading, it would allow Streets and Parks to use Community Development Block Grant money to remove the brick, store it for use on other brick streets and pave the streets." Read more: http://www.sungazette.com/page/content.detail/id/592186/Council-to-remove-street-from-list-of-historic-brick-pavements.html?nav=5011 It’s upsetting. You will see the difference in the photos taken recently. The first six photos were taken back in June of 2013. Looking west down Grafius Street Old buildings on Court Street Court & Grafius Court Street Grafius Street Court Street Market Street Market & Dubois Dubois Street Court & Dubois Looking North on Court Street Court Grafius & Court Streets Court Street Court & Seventh Court looking South Seventh Street Pine Street ending at Hepburn and Seventh Antique Pine Street Grafius looking East Sixth & Pine Sixth Street ending at First United Pine Street Diamond in the rough Pine & Dubois Pine & Dubois Looking West on Dubois Pine Street Looking East on Dubois Hepburn Street Sixth Street Still Standing Court Street looking South
  8. Winter can truly be beautiful. Read more: http://jeffbschroeder.com/snow-streetlights/
  9. It's amazing how a simple HDR can turn into such an awesome idea. I should really send this to Subaru.
  10. So, it's been a little cold recently... Read more: http://jeffbschroeder.com/finally-some-winter-i-can-enjoy/
  11. St. Nicholas Coal Breaker - Mahanoy City, Pennsylvania. http://jeffbschroeder.com/st-nicholas-coal-breaker/
  12. Something different. I'm such a nerd.
  13. Another one from tonight. Found a new favorite night shot spot...
  14. Happy December. I decided to not hastily move across the country. I am staying in my beloved Williamsport.
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