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  1. They are the same size to smaller. Lake freighters don't have to fit in the same locks that the ocean going vessels must navigate. The larger of the ocean vessels in the port is the Federal Champlain at 199m in length. There are some lake freighters longer than that that squeeze up the cuyahoga. The longest lake freighters top out around 1000'.
  2. Agreed. What stands out in this instance, and others, is that if the video hadn't surfaced, would anything been done? I was listening to Geraldo on WTAM this morning and there were cops calling in saying "but what about cops that are killed in the line of duty?" No one likes that either--and the difference is if a cop is killed, there is an entire department looking for justice. When an unarmed black man is killed, the union goes into protect mode and nothing is said until video appears.
  3. Conservatives have every right to go start their own social media network. Where are all the job creators?
  4. Except as an NFL lineman, carrying extra pounds is part of the job assignment.
  5. Cleburger


    What if everyone in Texas just said they were going to be out of town that day?
  6. I've been watching them the last few days--it seems like many of the trees are being replaced with grasses. Unfortunately these won't slow down a car coming over the median at you at 65 mph.
  7. Cue the tiny violins. He only has himself to blame. “This Is So Unfair to Me”: Trump Whines About His COVID-19 Victimhood as Campaign Flails Raging at campaign manager Brad Parscale and Joe Scarborough, Trump attempts a campaign reset. But “Trump can’t pivot to a different strategy,” says an adviser. Because he’s the problem. https://www.vanityfair.com/news/2020/05/trump-whines-about-his-covid-19-victimhood-as-campaign-flails?fbclid=IwAR1oaw24h920JqmV9SGO5edslVu0V32YW9b9qQYjGNmSXaaKuiRjW-EyUvI
  8. Once again the poor Crittenden Court gets no respect!
  9. I'm not sure I could take the hours of people unmuting to talk about closing Burke to build a mass development of 40 story towers, amusement parks and hyperloop stations.
  10. Over time they just become a part of the landscape. Even iconic in some cases. I imagine there were folks back in 1916 decrying the water crib intake, despite it's obvious environmental benefits of clean water. Buffalo has a small farm of these turbines on it's lakeshore a few miles south of downtown. They have become a part of the skyline as it is, visible for miles around.
  11. Another viewpoint: Restaurants rebel against delivery apps as cities crack down on fees One restaurateur gives each bag a personal touch, printing out a small note with a simple message: Grubhub orders are killing his business. https://www.nbcnews.com/tech/tech-news/restaurants-rebel-against-delivery-apps-cities-crack-down-fees-n1211456?fbclid=IwAR0iaO7ao9jwVcqW7duXYOFPw_RMfTNeZPiMXVyNqbDBcBzta5T5StO12hs
  12. Make sure to tell them that their cell phone contains a GPS chip already....
  13. What is interesting is, aside from the pundit who may mention something on the air, the Fox News organization makes no mention of it: https://www.foxnews.com/search-results/search?q=bill gates. Their viewers are ultimately getting this from the crazy echo-chamber social media circles they inhabit. My older family members are all-in and I'm constantly pushing back and correcting them online.
  14. RTA could make this instantly more convenient by installing a direct transfer between the Red Line and Waterfront line at Tower City, without having to go outside the turnstiles. Would would a wall between the two lobbies cost? $10K?
  15. Playhouse Square is a creative organization. I would expect a creative website, and they have not disappointed. Other developers? As we have seen in their designs...they are often not so creative.
  16. I've never heard of this. I wonder if Trump wouldn't use personal money (cough, cough campaign funds) to just pay them off and make them go away.
  17. I don't see a conservative, legacy company like Sherwin Williams having retail on the ground floor of their main building. I feel the best we can hope for is the parking ramps include them in the designs to the west.
  18. We should, as a national experiment, let Kentucky just exist on the same amount of Federal taxes it sends to Washington. I'm sure Mitch McConnell will go for it?
  19. I am seeing the same all over the near west side. My gut is that there will be a mini exodus from NYC and the tri-state area as they come out of COVID and employers realize that everyone did fine working from home. We could see another influx of these folks returning home or just looking for cheaper housing after ditching their NYC places.
  20. Or just rename the Trump Presidency thread to the "Trump Virus" thread.
  21. I assume somewhere in NYC? I've been in the main post office in Cleveland on Orange Ave and it's better than usual. Less people in line and for some reason, there seems to be more clerks than normal!
  22. They are lying. The massive crowd was there all afternoon, not just "a moment in time" as they told the TV reporter. I get it--most of these places aren't set up with security and bouncers to deal with turning people away. They may want to think about it for liability reasons.
  23. Trump isn't even bothering to hide corruption now. Let's hope the Dems can push out this investigation in the next few weeks.
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