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  1. Then it's a good thing Kevin Love isn't being allowed out there!
  2. Lots of small things slipping through news cycles with the Floyd protests, etc. This one could have repercussions in a post-COVID world. Trump apparently responding to China not allowing US carriers in. Obviously the airline industry and business in general wants to reestablish these lucrative routes ASAP. Trump administration bans Chinese passenger airlines from flying to U.S. https://www.cnbc.com/2020/06/03/trump-administration-set-to-bar-chinese-passenger-carriers-from-flying-to-us-reuters-reports.html
  3. White House perimeter moved out further with more unidentified law enforcement manning the positions (this has to be illegal?) Trump must be super afraid of something.
  4. I was thinking more in the design/conceptual sense. No one ever does them because our dollars must be spent on $500 toilet seats for navy ships, etc. Road projects always go to the lowest bidder therefore lack originality and durability.
  5. Who are these "cops"?
  6. I'm really beginning to wonder if we're going to make it to the election. And if we do, will Trump try to mobilize these types to keep him in office?
  7. Can we pay money to HAVE Donald Trump's data released? I'll throw in the first $100....
  8. In most other parts of the world, there is money to do these kinds of things. I have been through countless "mega tunnels" in Europe, Australia, Japan that go for miles under a city. This would be an obvious fix for the lakefront shoreway, deadmans curve and innerbelt.
  9. Or military fatigues...woodland camo in American cities. SMH
  10. We saw that here in Cleveland with Chagrin Falls the past couple days.
  11. It's definitely not real. It's a convenient buzzword for Trump and the conservative media to whip up hysteria in their base, just like Obamagate.
  12. Much of this has been tried in the past and like most things in American government, no one wants to pay for it. Years ago every big city had foot beats, mini stations and other ways to get cops out of their cars and into the communities. But in the name of lower taxes combined with government inefficiencies and shrinking tax bases, one by one these programs have gone away. As a response, the cops have become more disconnected with the community, and retreat inside their protective "brotherhood" to defend themselves. This has made them more secretive and militarized. Remember when police cars used to be high visibility? Now they are all blacked-out stealth war machines.
  13. I can see this being an issue with Trump's plans for military force. Much of our military grew up in these very communities on the receiving end of police brutality.
  14. Yeah it only took several days. Do you think you or I would be walking the streets if we killed someone by kneeling on a person's neck for 9 minutes and it went viral? Do you think the prosecutors would "be careful" with picking the murder charge to make sure "they have a solid case?" Or would they throw the book at us and leave it up to our attorney's to whittle the charge down to a lesser one? I completely understand why the Floyd family and every black citizen is irate. And this is just the most recent case, one of many.
  15. Is it really though? When you have a 9 minute video of a police officer kneeling on a subdued suspect's neck? If the tables were turned and it was a black guy on a white cop, he'd be up for murder one and facing the death penalty.
  16. That sounds great on the surface. Then I remembered that the South Carolina officer that shot Walter Scott in the back as ran away only got 20 years. The Hennepin County DA and medical examiner are already setting up this Minneapolis cop for a slap on the wrist for Mr Floyds murder.
  17. I don't know about everyone else, but I'm starting to see cracks in the Trump loyalty in parts of the conservative media. For instance, 1100 WTAM had a guy on this morning taking about how ANTIFA is just a loose "idea" of like minded people, is really not an organization, and even if it was Trump couldn't do anything about it with domestic laws.
  18. Have you noticed how he stands lately?
  19. I've been wondering about the squad cars all weekend. Everywhere you see them being vandalized or burning, they are sitting there neatly lined up in rows, with no cops around them. Almost like they were begging agitators to destroy them. The ex chief in Philadelphia said this weekend on CNN that in these instances in the past, they never took squad cars into neighborhoods. They always took riot squads on buses and dropped them off, to minimize the destruction. NSFW with volume up due to language:
  20. Just tried to run some errands on the fringe of downtown Cleveland today (post office, etc) and no go. Police were blocking traffic even south of the innerbelt. If Trump was hoping for a miracle economic recovery after the COVID outbreak, the continued violence and destruction aren't helping economic output!
  21. It helps when you have the backing of POTUS and his base.
  22. My stepfather growing up was a union head in Akron. He used to have to defend a guy who would routinely plug the employee toilets on purpose. These kinds of incidents are absurd. Kneeling on a man and killing him is not. When you are sworn to protect and serve, perhaps as a union rep it's best to keep your mouth shut during one of these incident instead of pouring gas on the fire by defending the indefensible. These guys are generally cops first and union reps second. Steve Loomis certainly did not help matters in the high profile incidents in Cleveland prior to his departure.
  23. Seeing how I've been getting curfew notices via text AFTER the curfew has started I'd say that is a hard "no" that businesses were advised. I'm sure since this fell on a weekend the City of Clevleand staff were even slower to respond to anything. Cleveland Clothing was lucky enough to have an office close by and inventory that is easy to move. If you own a large bar or restaurant, would have been quite a task with less than a day's notice.
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