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  1. Is there rail access on any part of the OC? I would think so...but not sure.
  2. Cleburger


    Precedent has been set by prior Presidents releasing their tax returns, which did nothing to limit their duties to the Constitution.
  3. Honestly nothing can be done as long as social media forms echo-chambers on both extremes of the political spectrum.
  4. Cleburger


    What's everyone's predictions here?
  5. Looks like Trump cancelled his visit to Camp David this weekend. God is intervening in his golf plans, poor guy.
  6. Cleburger


    The hits keep coming today. Trump is doing his best to destroy Congressional oversight. Question for lawyers here, could Schiff go to the Supreme Court and argue this himself? Supreme Court grants Trump request to temporarily shield Mueller grand jury materials https://thehill.com/regulation/court-battles/496798-supreme-court-grants-trump-administration-request-to-temporarily
  7. I agree--it reminded me of something you'd see in Europe, and would be unique for the area for sure having dockage outside the tower.
  8. When the Conservative media bot machine turns it into a hashtag, you can guarantee it's racist. #SichuanBoiledFish
  9. Amazing how the NIMBYs would rather see a dead mall than remake it into something new. It's not like a developer is going to mow it down and put in a McMansion development on that site.... (facepalm)
  10. Cleburger


    Lets hope they do the right thing. RBG is home from the hospital, thankfully!
  11. Schedule is official. When will fans be allowed in First Energy Stadium?
  12. Of course Fox News is trying to spin the Arbery murder as "not racial". And Trump took the bait, of course...
  13. It looks nice! This is exactly what I was thinking. Having residents and/or businesses around 24/7 will help cut down on the loitering.
  14. I did some googling to try to answer my own question. It looks as though it's on the table in other areas. Bay Area shopping malls have a new focus: Building housing https://www.bizjournals.com/sanfrancisco/news/2018/11/01/bay-area-shopping-malls-building-housing.html
  15. Has there ever been a "classic mall" that has had a developer add on mixed use elements to the outside, with ground level retail and residential/office above? I would think that area would go for something like that--lots of potential for rentals and condos.
  16. A dictator couldn't say it better.
  17. More work of the innocent.... Trump administration asks Supreme Court to shield secret Mueller grand jury materials https://thehill.com/homenews/administration/496609-trump-admin-asks-supreme-court-to-shield-secret-mueller-grand-jury
  18. Trump's America is looking more and more like Putin's Russia. Doctors should start "falling" from hospital windows any day now...
  19. Into our fourth year, and still no sign of a Trump/GOP replacement for the ACA.
  20. Just checked. $79 for the year on the website. Or 5 weeks for $5? That would be a better deal to keep renewing every 5 weeks.
  21. I've been debating about finally subscribing to Crain's. They just convinced me to pull the trigger.
  22. Low participation. The story of America. Everyone is too lazy to manage anything today. On my neighborhood Facebook page, people have openly flaunted the recycling program and put mixed waste in the blue cans. What are they achieving with this?
  23. Lynching is very much alive in Georgia.
  24. A common argument in the USA, where everyone expects cheap gas to last forever. And if it doesn't, it's our kids' problem. Some of these things need to be choices in investment, not what is convenient today.
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