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  1. Such a shame. They should have kept the old buildings, added a casino and made it the Bourbon St of the north.
  2. Rough night on the east side! 1 killed, 9 injured in 7 shooting incidents in Cleveland Saturday night, Sunday morning https://www.news5cleveland.com/news/local-news/cleveland-metro/one-killed-nine-injured-in-seven-shooting-incidents-in-cleveland-saturday-night-sunday-morning?fbclid=IwAR0zRht6QEhZqSwCUZwd2JQRTXl1dDlRoY4DgLpmXcw3tlY_nwobwmF47JA
  3. Making the rounds this weekend. I'm sure Trump is loving hearing Lindsey's words all over again.
  4. Only in America can a "hoax" lead to this kind of bill! Coronavirus survival comes with a $1.1 million, 181-page price tag https://www.seattletimes.com/seattle-news/inspiring-story-of-seattle-mans-coronavirus-survival-comes-with-a-1-1-million-dollar-hospital-bill/?utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=owned_echobox_f&utm_source=Facebook&fbclid=IwAR1Dgo3PuCct0orecLy8rn2OsVoJWXOZBxsMYNeEAaP5nGAALNM7c-JIzvY#Echobox=1592007864
  5. It's what years of propaganda and social media echo chambers have created. It is sad the Dems couldn't come up with a candidate more engaging than Biden. Hopefully his VP choice will be uplifting.
  6. Apparently his staff have wised up and are changing the plan.
  7. Advancing the cause of regression...your Ohio GOP
  8. "You can be intentionally stupid."
  9. Either way that will benefit Biden
  10. Washington Post reported on it yesterday as well, along with Poltiico
  11. As usual, Trump is projecting about dementia when talking about Biden.
  12. Ohio is has become the north of the south. It's the modern day Mason-Dixon line.
  13. I'm not sure what these guys knew about US history. I got the sense that they were more disgruntled that their ex-wives took half their business and money so they had to downsize to a 34 foot Sea Ray, yet continue to blame immigrants and minorities.
  14. I saw one of these at Put In Bay a few weeks ago.
  15. Check out the comments on any of their direct social media announcements of this policy.
  16. Cleburger

    Lake Erie

    Just received a rare NOAA rip current warning for Lake Erie beaches. Be careful out there!
  17. Trump is losing more military support
  18. Or the cops don't want the cameras around any more, and the producers don't want to be subpoenaed routinely.
  19. I expect Trump will see much larger protests at his rallies going forward, starting with this first one in Tulsa. If I were the local police departments that Trump claims to love, I'd as for payment up front.
  20. So basically just like the Twitter feed of Donald Trump (minus the anti-police slant).
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