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  1. Bob Kroll: President of the MSP police union. Scroll down to the part of the story which addresses his record of internal affairs complaints and lawsuits against him. Is this who cops feel should represent them?
  2. This report has Biden taking in $12 million more than Trump last month.
  3. Cleburger

    Lake Erie

    Yes color has to due with runoff. The litter was just a guess by me. One would think of cars are being driven less, pollution less that general littering would be down as well.
  4. Cleburger

    Lake Erie

    We've also had an exceptionally dry June, and I have to believe COVID has cut down on litter as well (less people driving around tossing their fast food cups out the window, etc)
  5. Only in America could we get a dictator that rails on about voting by mail, after voting by mail. Most would have shown up for a photo op at the ballot box.
  6. Sadly 90% of his base will probably ever see this in their echo chambers.
  7. So can the House Democrats call Berman to the Hill to testify about some of these ongoing cases?
  8. Michael Moore Facebook post from earlier this morning on the Trump followers...he's 100% correct. Just saw video from 7 am in Tulsa and the line is huge outside the arena.
  9. Kentucky may also be in play depending on the turnout for the Senate race for McConnell's would-be opponent.
  10. Classic. The "Deep State" GOP mayor of Tulsa has got some nerve! Trump supporters will have the clear the sidewalks at night after lining up for days
  11. This gave me a good laugh. But it's sad--we have never had a more incompetent and uncaring administration.
  12. Sorry if this tilts back towards the politics, but I think it explains a lot about why we are the greatest country on the planet yet are leading the world in Coronavirus cases and deaths.
  13. I was searching for a couple photos I thought I had of the new Flats east bank construction but I must have deleted. I did find this one from about a month ago from under the NS bridge at the mouth of the Cuyahoga. Happy summer!
  14. I may be wrong on this, I don't think there's been a major renovation since the 1990's.
  15. I know it would never happen...but now more than ever is a good argument for the 25th.
  16. I can see a minor exodus from NYC as work-at-home has taught employers and employees they don't need to pay higher wages and rents to live in the city. But I don't think Cleveland will see much change other than by rank and file who live in Brecksville, Brunswick, Avon Lake, etc and have been fighting against commuting downtown for any reason for decades.
  17. What's the over/under on the House Democrats calling Bolton in to testify after this is released? Maybe as a set up to get other former administration to show up as well?
  18. Per Wikipedia the Atlanta PD is majority African American. I wonder how many of the officers calling in sick are black vs white? Breakdown of the makeup of the rank and file of APD:[4] Male: 82% Female: 18% African American/Black: 58% Caucasian/ White: 37% Hispanic: 4% Asian: 1%
  19. From everything I read here we should see Bolton's book next week. The DOJ didn't request emergency action and Bolton has time to respond...
  20. Is lesbian hippie syrup a thing?
  21. Such a eloquent and inspirational leader...
  22. Slowly chipping away at that solid Trump base.
  23. Cleburger


    What could possibly take 100 pages to dissent? Would love to hear from a UO forum lawyer about this
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